1. Dear Dr. Brown,
    My wife and I regularly listen to the LoF and we’ve been so blessed by your ministry. We never saw the movie Narnia, first of all because we are not much into movies (except documentaries and true story movies) and also we don’t prefer Christian science fiction. Furthermore, we heard negative reports about occult, witchcraft and new age aspects of the story itself so we would really appreciate your take on this topic in the light of writings of Dr. Pat Holliday, who herself was delivered from the occult world and demonic influences and has a strong testimony in Jesus. She appeared once on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural and wrote an article about the dark side of Narnia ( http://www.patholliday.com/christograms/from_scribd/Dec-08/Chronicles-of-Narnia-Prince-Caspian.pdf )
    To conclude, so far we heard two opposite opinions and because we greatly value your standards of righteousness and holiness before the Lord and because we pursue the truth whatever it is, please give us your input. We don’t want to be blinded in either way and we want to make sure that we have examined all aspects before we make our final viewpoint.
    Shalom & love,

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