1. Harold Camping clearly said on his website that anyone who still attends Church on May 21st 2011 is going to die on that day! I agree that he is one of the few people who needs their name called. Its so unfortunate that he will not even consider listening to any correction!

  2. Thank you for answering my question, Dr. Brown. I also have a friend who I’d recommended the “revival” series you pointed another caller to last year, and I talked with her today, and I can hear a difference in her; she told me she was touched by the simplicity of it (cutting through all the extraneous garbage and spiritual quackery). We are grateful for someone who stands up for the Love of the Lord. I am still coming around, though.

  3. Harold Camping will listen to correction when May 21st 2011 comes and goes and Jesus’s bride is still on the earth. The correction will be from the Lord.

    Lord show Him your truth and let him hear your voice and your voice only.

  4. Harold Camping also predicts on October 21st, 2011, God will completely destroy this creation.

    What he is claiming isn’t even biblical. Anyone who understands the bible knows that the Anti-Christ is going to rule and rein for 7 years on earth. How then can God destroy the world in Oct. of this year? This guy does not make sense.
    If those who are interested in what Camping says check this out.


  5. He, like many, need to find a man of God who is SOUND to submit his spirit to: “the spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets.” It is a good thing to have another sword around to be sharpened by; otherwise, we get dull.

  6. It’s not that this guy has been multiple-times divorced/remarried:
    1. His wife left him when he began following Christ (there are more details to this, but nothing immorality). Doesn’t this mean he cannot be re-married, since he would commit adultery (“anyone who leaves his wife [or vice-versa] causes her to commit adultery, and the person she marries is committing adultery with her”)

    2. He got married to the same woman that he had been counseling to be divorced, then married, then divorced, then married, then divorced… don’t know how many times… but, all based on the fact that the man was “committing spiritual adultery” by watching pornography.

    So, it wasn’t the man who was divorced and remarried 4 times in the last 4 years, but it was BY CAUSE OF HIS ADVICE. Now, he is separated from that woman, as well, and has said that if she doesn’t come back, the Lord has someone else for him.

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