1. I think e-mail is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because it is a fast way to communicate, Get to read daily devotionals, e-mail lets you know when your bills are due. Those are helpful e-mails.

    Its a curse when you receive junk mail and also there is a chance to receive viruses which can harm your computer through e-mail.

    E-mail to me is not a big thing in my life. I think people text with cell phones is more of an active thing then e-mails.

    Sorry but this “e-mail topic” to me is kind of boring. Talk about the Lord and you’ll get me excited. 🙂

    By the way I was bless to hear the caller Dale who talked about computers/e-mail as a sign of end times. I agree that computers will be used as a tool from the anti-Christ.

    PS. another snowstorm is going to hit my town tomorrow 12-18 inches of snow. Loving it!!!

  2. Ask and you shall receive. That is what scripture tell us. That is what The Lord tells us to do, correct? Ask.

    Well my husband always wanted this huge branch cut off because it blocks the sun from hitting our garden in the summer time. He got what he asked off. The branch broke off. After 16 inches of snow so far that hit my town. The weight of the snow broke this huge branch off. The size of this branch is about 25-30 feet long. The snow looks so beautiful.

    Just wanted to share this testimony.

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