1. Sarah Palin assigning Mrs. Gifford’s district a cross-hair for her support of President Obama’s Health Care Reform.

    Isn’t this irresponsible? Isn’t this a suggestion to an unstable personality to take action? Where is the outrage? Why does this website defend conservative hate? Why do you have a double standard?

    Shouldn’t Conservative hate be as unacceptable as Liberal hate? You have disappointed me, I thought you would take the high ground on this matter.

  2. My Mother-in-law and I discussed that cross hair map, and “don’t retreat, re-load” statement about a year ago, or, whenever it was Ms. Palin started it. We agreed, then, that it was highly charged and negative rhetoric and that some unstable soul would take it to heart. This is one time I truly wish I’d been wrong. Remember that she was all about guns and hunting, so, it does no good to be back-peddling now. And then we saw all of the political rallies with people bringing guns, for heaven’s sake. Just because you have freedom of speech and the “right” to do something, does not make it “the right” thing to do. I think Ms. Palin is just a poor sport who is not good at loosing anything, i.e., the election.

    And I agree with Dr. Brown. Those of us with Christ on our lips are held to a higher standard as we are representing Him. I’ve experienced the “hit and run blogger” who pops in to the conversation with all sorts of vitriole and then you never hear from them again. And then, I was one who had to humble myself in shame for something I posted. Words are a powerful tool, and they can hurt and damage as well as speak peace.

  3. I wouldn’t mind seeing a page devoted to testimonials and some information about the people posting here. I try to give as much information about myself as I can so others can get a feel for who they’re talking to. While it is anonymous, it doesn’t have to be that impersonal. As a Christian blog, this one is at the top of some I’ve looked into and it’s the only one I’ve interacted on. It’s hard to hear some things posted on other Christian blogs, so, I don’t even bother to go there. I thought they must not have had a moderator at all.

    So, maybe a page devoted to testimonials and work that others are doing in Christ, or, just a little bit about them would be helpful. Or, perhaps people want to remain completely anonymous. (?)

  4. Hey Sheila I agree with you. That would be fun to hear about others testimony. Anything to give glory to the Lord is exciting. Dr Brown should have a special section called “Testimonies from the Saints”

    It is pretty sad to hear about people bashing DR Brown from “The Tyra Show”. You got to feel sorry for them. They do not realize that one day they will meet Jesus face to face. Just goes to show us this is how folks act without the Lord living in them.

    I think most people wouldn’t say half the things they say online then they would if they saw you face to face. Not talking about Christians, was talking about worldly people. I believe Christians are more aware and conscience of their actions.

    Blessings all!

  5. Transgender children… this climate is really shifting… we will see in our day things (punishments) come on us that Israel NEVER saw (in size) in theirs’.

  6. No, you misunderstood me, Debbie. I was raised in New Jersey, but, my husband and I met down South and we now live permanently here. We both have relatives here. He is from Wisconsin.

    We’re trying to help the South rise again! Just kidding. I like it because I can grow a lot of vegetables year round and lots of fruit trees and flowers here. Not that you would know it with the snow that just passed through!

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