1. If I were in the military, I’d want to know who was in the trenches with me and know that I could trust them with my life in battle. It seems like the push for passing this is the growth of the agenda so Obama can have there vote. If the HRC is aggressively pushing there agenda, who’s to stop the KKK or the Black Panthers. Even without the Biblical perspective, is an effeminate man going to die for his country in the same way a heterosexual man would, or will the US Military become cosmopolitan?

  2. Thank you, Dr. Brown, for your counter-cultural activism (I remember when being counter-cultural was being anti-establishment). I would like to describe what I have found out about same sex behavior. Iniquity is a Catholic term. You can e-mail me if you would like to understand how the term fits those who practice and promote “homosexual” behavior. All sin pains God, but the sins of self-idolatry are most egregious.

    Homosexual behavior is learned early in life through emotional longing, mental habituation and sexual experimentation. Young boys who do not “measure up” to their male peers become enamored, fearful and in awe of male counterparts. The phrase that “what is exotic becomes erotic” is true for the males. These young boys, especially at the puberty phase, become stirred by what they never became themselves: confirmed in their maleness. They are targets for older male homosexuals who introduce them to male porn, early sexual experimentation and masturbation. This behavior becomes addictive and sets up a brain pattern which is difficult to overcome, like alcoholism. When a woman is emotionally dependent because of wounds that she has sustained, she feels as though she literally cannot exist without the object of her dependency, another woman, with whom she finds the part of the female self that she never emotionally grew into. She needs constant reassurance from the other woman, consistent displays of affection, and large quantities of time with her. In short, emotional dependency is a bit like idolatry: another person, in this case a woman, has become a sort of god.

    Dependency remains a driving force in the male and female homosexual person’s personality. Why else would those who are same-sex attracted be so unrelenting in their desire to legalize and establish homosexuality in law, religion, and society. Each of the populations is so needy that they cannot love in the giving husband and wife model. They can only take from their own neediness; they seek in their partners that which did not develop in themselves. Are these realities models for parenting? Should they bring children into their disordered lifestyle? The desire for children is not coming from a complementarity of love, but from a neediness that has gone unfulfilled.

    Regardless of the gay activism which succeeded in creating support for their agenda throughout America and in fact the secular world, the science and ethics remain constant. There is no gay gene, God tells us that homogenital sex is a moral wrong, and when we sin egregiously it affects the whole person and the world. Because of the increasing acceptance of immorality by adults, our children’s future is assured of more mental, physical, emotional and spiritual disease. Are we so jaded that good, solid citizens are willing to stifle their consciences for the popular vote? God has something to say to us. Those who practice and promote homosexual behavior have sustained an iniquity and are no longer capable of discernment. These truths are unpopular because we have lost our religion; but they are the truths.

  3. Matthew 28:18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

    If our Lord and Saviour does not approve of allowing openly homosexuals serve in the US military, let God show His disapproval by allowing unusually cold weather settle and remain upon the city of Washington, DC as long as the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ stands as law.

  4. The defense of the gay agenda is that it is a civil rights issue however this is not true because lifestyle choices have nothing to do with race.

    All of our black brothers and sisters should take issue with this misrepresentation of the civil rights struggle and speak out against this lie.

    I also want to give my respects to Senator John McCain our national treasure and war hero who stood fast on principles and values and voted against the repeal of DADT.

  5. I joined the Army back in 1978, long before DADT. When I joined the Army I did not feel a need to tell everybody that I was a heterosexual. It wasn’t anyones business so why do the homosexuals have to tell everybody about their lifestyle choice and impose their agenda on us? No one should be asking and no one should be telling!

  6. One of the things that God was pleased with King Asa and King Jehosophat was cleansing the land of sodomites. But I have a question. Didn’t King Asa’s father have sexual relationship’s with his mother who was also his grandmother? One of the things that will bring judgment is the wickedness that is growing in the world. But we find hope and strength in Jesus by God’s mercy. God promised mercy to David, so in the line of David, we will find mercy. That is why God chose to dwell in Zion because of His servant David, who God poured mercy upon. Thank God for His mercy on us and on homosexuals. What drives our life? Is it sexual desires that come as an instinct or are we gonna let God drive our life? He has the keys to eternal life, so we must let Him drive.

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