1. Every Gospel with the exception of John’s has an extremely strong case for being before 70 AD. The Gospel of John may also be from prior to 70 AD (and certainly has a case of its own for that), though most scholars tend to want to place it at approximately 90 AD.

    In passing, the earliest extant manuscript fragment we possess is a portion of the Gospel of John known as P52 which dates to the first half of the 2nd century AD.

  2. Concerning the Septuagint. I’d heard and repeated that it was 70 scholars who translated it! Of course, that story was told to me by an Orthodox Jew, so, I “assumed” it was correct as supernatural things seemed to happen often in the Old Testament. Came to find out, I know the “whole” Bible better than he does. So, how did it really come to be translated? I’ll have to dig deeper to find out. Interesting tidbits in this show.

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