1. Thank you for sharing about your trip and the Christians over in India. I pray for the persecuted church but your communication about what has gone on over there just brings it to heart even more. God bless you and those who’s work does not go unseen.

  2. I’m sorry, but, I could not keep from crying while listening to this broadcast. It makes all the very petty things we attend to all the more blaringly superficial! How utterly spoiled and complacent we are in America. God help us!

    Thanks for linking us up with Love-n-care, Dr. Brown!

    So profoundly sincere and humble are those serving in India. The Lord is greatly magnified through their selfless service!

  3. Listening to your broadcasts,Dr. Brown brings the realization home to what is happening to many christians around the world.
    Thank you.

  4. After listening to this show from India it confirmed who Jesus truly is. God is love. Those who are His, His sheep know His love. The Lord said in His word you will know my people by their love.

    He also said in His word in Matthew 7:6 “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then “turn and tear you to pieces”.
    I can actually say I know exactly what that scripture means. The other day in here I experienced something really bad and upsetting. When it says… “turn and tear you to pieces” … I literally felt like I got run over by a truck. I said to the Lord on my walk “Lord if you are like these people then I want nothing to do with you.” I never ever in my life said that or talked like that to the Lord before. I told my friends about what happened to me. They told me to stay away from this place. At least 3 different people told me to stay away. Anyways last night at “Mother’s Unite” we pray for the unsaved kids. Well, the Pastor’s wife came up to me” She looked me right in the eyes and said “Debbie I love you” and then gave me the biggest hug. See the Lord was showing me who He is. God is love. Last night while in bed the presence of the Lord permeated by whole being. It was beautiful. God is Love.
    Those who have a “religious spirit” and spirits that are not from God do not understand the Lord’s love. We got to beware of those who are wolves wearing sheep clothing. These people need prayer.
    The Lord healed me now. His Love won over the truck that hit me. But the Lord wanted me to experience that pain, that hurt, that attack. He wanted to show me there are people out there who will hurt you. That do not know His love. They have a form of godliness but deny His power. The power of Love.

    I wanted to share this with you all. Just in case it happened to any of you. Do not give up on the Lord if people hurt you. Because Jesus is love. He loves you.

    Dr Brown your experience to India showed the raw love and faithfulness that those Christian have for the Lord. They truly get it. I can tell by your broadcast yesterday that you were truly blessed and touch by this experience. When you have the Lord’s love in you, you just want to shout it out to the world.

    For those who hurt me in here. I forgive you. But please I would like it if you respect me by not responding to any of my post. Because I do not want strive. I want peace and love.

    I love you Lord. You are truly amazing. Continue to heal the hurt, bring Salvation to the lost in India and around the world.

    Dr. Brown it sounded like you had an awesome trip.

  5. Amazing… thank you Lord for sending us this word. I’m broken and I need for the Lord to birth more of a hunger and thirst for Him. How do we fight against this attack of luxury and comfort here in America. It’s all around us in our culture…how do we balance?

  6. Thank you Dr. Brown, for sharing about the real horrors those who are perscuted there are going through. We’re grateful in my household to know of the work being done there.

  7. Website Admin.,

    Having trouble opening up the “Support a tribal church planter in India” link. I get a “Page Not Found” response…



  8. Debbie, I am uncertain if you are referring to me as a “dog”, or a “pig”, but, if you are referring to interchange on another thread, and what you felt at the time, the Lord instructed all of us to follow a process when offense occurs. This would include among brethren and sisters in India, at any radio ministry, or on this thread, or in any mutual contact where misunderstanding or differences which became internalized interpersonal issues robbing of one’s sense of peace happened.

    Jesus stated in this world we would have trouble, and, yes, to love one another. This would not include labeling people who have other perspectives than what you state above on interchanges. Please see Matthew 18: 15-21. Please note that when issues exist believers in Jesus who “love” are instructed to first discuss issues directly, then if not heard, with a second party present, and only then to bring it before the assembly of their fellowship. This is the order of process the Lord instructed his Church. Direct communication and direct communion are encouraged by Jesus in His instruction left for us.

    As for peace and love, this is sometimes achieved by internal resolution, but may often involve the necessity of following the Lord’s process of issues resolution when more than one person is in the mix of it. Forgiveness does not seem to happen in a vacuum when even the conveyors of the Gospel in Acts have differences. Even Peter and Paul had some that they had to work through together. It is doubtful that they achieved ongoing harmony and unity without direct communication interchange of the kind Jesus instructed in Matthew.

    Wherever people meet together, there will be inevitable differences, which the instructions of Jesus, and the life He led compell us to mutually address. Working at reflective listening–to both understand and be understood–is the stuff of the process Jesus taught in Mt. 18. Even in large Christian organizations there is no escape from such necessities.

  9. Ruth,

    You can get to the link by going to icbministries.org. I had the same problem. I also googled love-n-care ministries and was able to go that route too.

  10. Dear Debbie,

    Dr. Brown gave us a “final reminder” on another thread that we need to abide by the rules of commenting. One of which is that we do not comment on each other. However, this is the only way I have of communicating with you, and my Lord wants me to tell you that I am sorry that I hurt your feelings.

    In a sense, Debbie, you were right. Anger is something I have been struggling with of late, and I have made some confessions to that on a few, earlier posts of mine. I do need prayers, and would appreciate any. I have a very stressful job, which does not allow me to sleep sufficiently, and I feel it leaves me vulnerable to that weakness.

    One of the reasons Sabbath is so important (not arguing, just explaining!) to me is because it helps to strengthen that “connection to the Head” Dr. Brown mentioned in his podcast, which is ultimately so important, more important, I think, that having one’s doctrine all figured out.

    It’s not enough, of course. That connection needs to be strengthened every morning, every evening, and certainly throughout the day! There is enough evil in every day to deal with, and the devil, being the devil, is always looking for a

    Anger, though, can be felt and still, the individual can refrain from sin. “Be angry and sin not,” we’re admonished in Ephesians 4:26. “The wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God,” also, in James 1:19-20.

    This can be a sticky wicket for people because we can often feel as though our anger is justified, as was Jesus’ in the few times he displayed it. I believe it’s important for us all to remember that we are flawed human beings, and our anger doesn’t equate with God’s.

    The only one who can “deliver us” from anything is the Lord, through our willing, submitted connection to Him.

    I felt, to be honest, that you can also react out of anger, perhaps believing that it is always righteously applied. When people have been treated badly throughout their life, especially in childhood, anger can become a problem, but it always originates first with hurt. The Lord wisely applies the healing balm of Love.

    The best way we can prove to others that God is Love is to speak and act in loving ways. I did feel that your manner toward me was accusatory, and it had happened before on earlier threads. I finally felt provoked enough to respond; however, I was also tired in that moment — very tired, in
    fact! — and it would have been far better for me to withdraw from the computer at the first rise of irritation. I didn’t. I should have! I regret that I did not. I’m pretty sure the incident which you described would not have mushroomed (by both our participation) if I had only done so. However, I hope you’ll actually consider, and reflect that you, too, can become angry and sin through it.

    Certainly, casting aspersions and innuendo in the post describing anyone who hurt you as being “dogs” or “pigs” or “wolves in “sheep’s clothing” or having a “spirit not of God,” i.e., an evil spirit — these are actually serious charges to bring against a brother or sister. Such people are to be cast into Outer Darkness, are they not? Please be careful of using “Biblish” — (Basically, Bible + English; which is a form of speaking or writing wherein uncredited quotes are lifted directly from the Bible, out of context, to bolster one’s personal point of view. Actually quite common in the Body.) Even the prophets would say, “Thus sayeth the LORD” first. I mention this in reference to the comment, “I speak the truth. Sharper then a 2 edge sword. [quoted verbatim]” Only Jesus’ words can fit that category. The Holy Spirit may convict us through the words of another, but I believe we can’t and shouldn’t claim something only the Lord can claim. His words are the words of ultimate Truth, which is, yes, sharper than a two-edged sword. If our words are sharp, perhaps it is because we have sharp tongues — actually a deficit, as James so clearly explains.

    Not everyone who disagrees with us is persecuting us. Early wounds can make us hypersensitive and in our pain, we can imagine deeper slights than intended.

    It’s important that all participants feel
    we have the space to discuss topics freely,
    without having our standing before God brought into public account. It is a hidden account, which God alone keeps. It is a rule on this forum, though, as Dr. Brown reminded us, that we aren’t to use this freedom as a platform to vaunt our own personal beliefs or teachings…

    In keeping with my desire to comply with all of the rules of commenting on The Line of Fire, I won’t be commenting on anyone personally in future, and you, Debbie, can have my word I will not respond to you in that way again.

    I AM truly sorry I hurt your feelings, and hope that instead of cursing me, you will forgive and pray for me.

    Sincerely, Ruth

  11. Ruth,
    I am truly sorry too if there was anything I said that offended you. To be completely honest with you I see nothing wrong with celebrating the Sabbath. The Lord leads each one of us differently. Like one day at church I felt led by the Lord to wear a prayer shawl. I asked the Pastor is it okay if I wear this. He said I see no problem with it as long as you don’t look down on others if they don’t wear one or expect others to wear one too. I told him I wouldn’t.

    Just now my son came downstairs and saw me while I was sitting on my couch smiling. He said, Are you smiling because Ruth wrote you and said she was sorry? (My son posts on here too.) I said, No, I just feel the presence of the Lord. Then I said… Ruth wrote me? So, here I am responding to your post. But now I am smiling because you wrote me. 🙂

    Again, Ruth I am truly sorry if I offended you at all. I guess we are all a work in progress. I mess up too. I also learned my lesson about being very careful about what I say to others. I admit I can be a “brat” sometimes. See how the Lord works?

    Anyways things are fine now with us. I have been praying for you already and pray for me too if you feel led too.


    PS. Jabez… Blessings to you and peace.

  12. I am from Ireland. At the moment, we are facing the biggest financial crisis of the states history. The gloom about the place is palpable. This story from India just gives us perspective.

    A pastor here in Ireland shared with us the stories of Christians in China and Pakistan facing the same horrendous issues. Not only do these stories make us aware of the issues facing our brethren around the world, but it also helps us in the privileged west, realise how easy we have it. Complacency and luxury are the issues we need to overcome. None moreso than my sinful self!

    Thank you Dr. Brown, for sharing this, and God bless your wonderful ministry.

  13. Oooops, that was a major typo. Dr. Brown posted the right address! I don’t know how I messed that one up so badly. (?)

  14. Dear DR. Brown we have a lot of lost souls out

    here both Jews and Gentiles I remember a church

    I went to In Deerfield, Illinois, that was ten

    percent Jewish. One of of the Church secretaries

    said how can we bring the Jewish People to

    Jesus and I said first you have to have a Rabbi

    to convert them to Judeism, then have a pastor

    convert them to Christianity. Too long a process.

    The gentiles laughed hysterically, but the Jews

    in the Church did not think it was too funny.

    Joking asside, I was sorry I could not see you

    when you were speaking at the Rock Church in

    Rockford, Illinois last year.


    Philip Schaffer (The Jewish guy who thinks he’s a

    a comic, but misses the mark)

  15. I Love you in Christ,dr.Brown…l even named my son after you,Mike is his name…l am kidding,no,my 12 yr. old sons’ name is Mike but I really only got turned on to you about 4 months ago,though I have been saved since 1984 I guess I live an isolated life. I also am a native new yorker from the Bronx and greenwich village; I am about your age as well and lived in garden city,long island for a number of years,my wife is from there. I moved to the tampa bay area in fla. in 1992.
    I must say dr. Brown in the short time since I turned my attention to you and your ministry it has made a tremendous impact on my life,my interests,my convictions,and where I want to direct my studies for the future in the next few months I guess.
    After much prayer and conviction since 1984
    and especially the last few years I believe that the Lord has me and wants me to stay in the defense of his gospel and our faith arm of his church.Specifically the defense against heresy in the pseudo-christian cult community,namely the watchtower bible and tract society (WTBTS)the
    jehovahs’ witnesses…long story short I have dedicated my life to witnessing to them,and your refutation stories concerning all your apologetic work is remarkable,and reminds me of them,especially your refutation of the oral versus written traditions of the rabbis,in your teaching ”Are the Rabbis’ right”…I will continue my witnessing to them,however since finding you on you-tube, actually, (debating Shmulley Boteach)I
    can honestly say that I want to learn as much as I can from you.I really loved Zola Levitt and he was the only messianic jew that I knew of,I always loved the way he bridged old and new test. together,I miss him very much.
    Finding you and your website has re-kindled my thirst for finding real and true answers about all the themes,customs,traditions,symbolism of the jewish people back then,relating all that to the new testament and my life in Christ.
    So,dr. I will avail myself of your expertise and knowledge,I feel blessed by finding you and want to learn so much from you and your ministry and those you authorize to teach for you…I have many,many questions that I am sure you can answer,and I feel in my spirit that your answers can be trusted.I am not sure how to get started,but I will consult your website for more info.
    This broadcast here about your trip to India
    and the stories you relate are completely inspirational…I was in tears right along with you and I am heartbroken,yet joyful,angry yet forgiving,all those contra adjectives Paul uses in describing the walk…incredible movement of God the Holy Spirit in India,Africa,China and the third world,and world wide…
    Dr. Brown you do not have to lay out a disclaimer concerning some guilt trip and wether your preaching that, not at all…the facts are clear, many american evangelical christians are at a disadvantage (the way I see it)of comfort..
    even myself absolutely financially poor yet rich(not only in Christ)but in my poverty comparatively speaking wealthy beyond measure up against those wonderful brothers & sisters you speak of.I am floored by everything you describe there in India and the other parts of your ministry.I will conclude now,as I can go on for-
    ever, I really can…
    You have my rapt attention and it is like a child having the keys to a candy or doughnut shop and cannot decide where to start,so as I say I will consult with your website and try to get started somehow. I Love you in Christ my brother,and look forward to the blessings of God
    daily and have added you and your family and your ministry to my prayers…
    God bless you

    p.s. your debate with Dr.White was outstanding
    and the both of you showed how to perform a debate with,love,understanding and respect for each other and I was impressed…not for nothing, with due respect to Dr.White,you clearly won…

    p.s.s. not dr.White for sure,but some hard-line hyper calvinists(westboro bapt. church?)remind me of the WTBTS…
    see ya

  16. Dr. Brown,

    My sentiments are almost wholly echoed from what Joseph wrote.
    I totally believe the Lord led me to Fire and your teaching and that of the pastors there have truly rekindled my awareness and set my spirit on fire for the Lord.
    Your sermon about these brothers and sisters in Christ giving their very lives for Jesus has changed my perspective on so many things and I am truly grateful.
    I used to wonder, if I share the Gospel with this person, will they reject it? Will they be nasty?
    In light of what these missionaries are enduring, rejection and nastiness are so light!
    I thank you for bringing this home to us so that we have a better understanding of the reality of the martyrs and so that we can stand with them in prayer and support and so that we are emboldened here to spread the Gospel and the Kingdom fearlessly and with passion.
    May the Lord bless, keep and protect you Dr. Brown.

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