1. I feel I was redeemed in order to bring those of my own family and acquaintance to the Lord. I don’t feel called to be a Minister, or, to go to remote places and declare the Gospel. I believe the Lord gives to each of us our own work, and so I support those who are mightier in the Lord than myself, who have a more powerful voice to take the Word to others. It is enough that the Lord gave me a small part in Him to declare His Name and His Salvation to those near to myself. I have “traded” and not hidden my coin and have gained interest for the Glory of the Lord.

    Concerning the Prophets. When I read them, I am mostly convicted of my own sins and it brings me again to my knees and causes me to pray all the more earnestly for others who do not yet know or understand the Power of the Arm of the Lord who saved them from their sins.

    When I read the Prophets, I hear them moving ever closer to the Cross. And now that that is accomplished, I hear them moving ever closer to the coming of the Lord to save Israel and to redeem those who are His and to Judge the world in righteousness.

  2. What was it that made the message of John the Baptist so powerful? Many people followed him, so I was wondering about that. What was so attractive about his teaching?

  3. Hi, have a question (for a Friday show, possibly?) in Revelation 19:20, Scripture says that the beast is thrown into the fire ALIVE; but Daniel 7:11 says the beast’s body will be SLAIN and its body thrown into the fire. I think I just got an answer while I was asking this question, but I want your thoughts on it.

  4. Daniel,

    If you have a question for the show, it’s best to send it to the AskDrBrown website, since I don’t see most of the posts here, plus we request that all posts on this blog stay on topic. Thanks!

  5. Awe-inspiring show!…to learn that these people are really living out the kinds of persecutions the earliest Christian martyrs did was so moving…

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