1. Wow, it is amazing, and a great blessing. I identify with you when you talked about if to die for Messiah wanting it to be in Jerusalem, but you are correct, the Love constrains us, to not limit what Adonai wants us to do, so it was very touching when you said, you would be willing to do it their, if it was the will of HaYah/The Lord, that shows more love on your part, and is so commendable. I am glad you really are trying to serve the Lord, sometimes I wonder about so many people that have a pulpit in organized religion if they are really trying to serve the Lord, or if many of them have mixed motives, but it really does appear you, brother Brown, really are trying to have love, and obey Messiah. I appreciate that so much. Also I am very happy that you are a physical Jew that is doing this.

  2. I just listened to the program.Inspiring and touching!Every time I have heard you talk about India it’s the same.
    I have felt convicted to pray for you Dr. Brown for the last few days more than ever before.
    May God Bless You and All the missionaries working in India as well as all the christians over there.Let us all pray for the ones being persecuted for following the Lord.

  3. Thank you Dr. Brown, I relate to you as well. Once I was in Mexico(Guerrero) and we were holding a gospel booth at a fair where people did not like asians. I was warned not to go to the fair to stand in the booth with bibles and tracts to hand out but I decided to go anyways, counting the cost of never seeing my dad again who I love dearly and am not sure if he’s saved. Thankfully nothing happened but what a priveledge to know that we do not have to fear if we are doing God’s will. Bless you and thank you!

  4. The moment by moment commitment to faith is refreshing, when on the line in places of dark reference. Yet Jesus lights each step, for the haves and the have nots, as you highlighted. The bonds of fellowship, and clarity of Spirit, the heartfelt embrace of simply being renewed by dedication to the Gospel: all, speak of the life Jesus adorns with joy.

    Thanks for the highlights of past years, reminding me of time spent years ago in Haiti in like pursuits. God is faithful.

  5. Dr. Brown,

    Is there any way we can write to those in India?

    I would like to communicate to them how deeply their sacrifice has affected me and how it breaks my heart while at the same time strengthening it, to hear of their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice to save some souls. I would also like them to know that they are not serving alone or forgotten by us; that they are in our prayers and our hearts and many nights of tears for their sufferings.

    They are magnificent Christians serving on the frontlines of the battlefield. And while I can’t go there myself, I want them to know how very brave and courageous they are and how much I love them.

  6. Sheila,

    The best way is to write through Love-N-Care Ministries at lncministries.org. But I’d suggest you wait until after the next broadcast (Monday night) where I’ll share more of what I heard and saw. Your emails will be read carefully and passed on to others if sent to Love-N-Care.


  7. How do I download this like if I want to put it on a CD?

    First is that okay to do? And how do you do it? A friend of mine wants to play these shows on India in his church and they don’t have the internet there but he can use a CD.

  8. I found out how… I downloaded on the podcast thru iTunes and I was able to drag to my desktop which allowed me to transfer the audio files…

    I hope it’s ok with Dr. Brown if these are being played at churches.

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