1. A few years ago, I discovered a very real and very deep spiritual fact about homosexuality. As a Christian woman, I don’t have personal associations with homosexual individuals in my personal life. But for three months while I worked as a nighttime monitor for a homeless women’s shelter, I had to supervise a few lesbian women, and even had to rebuke one very sternly for her homosexual advances towards me.

    I think we, Christians who are working against homosexual activism, will always be at a disadvantage if we don’t start to address the homosexual’s inner conflict that is their strong same-sex attraction that they cannot seem to rid themselves of. The Bible even acknowledges that there is pleasure in a sinful life.

    Hebrews 11:25 …than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season;

    Behind every sin, there is a demonic tempter. That demon, which was with that lesbian making those advances towards me, tried to brother me as well. Here I am, a middle age woman who has never struggled with homosexuality, suddenly felt an intense pleasurable feeling that was timed just right. These feelings never occurred when I was not at the homeless shelter, but would come upon me right after I had interacted with that lesbian woman, or just saw her.

    I knew that these feeling were not my own. For those who are not informed, I can see how one could mistake these demonic-filled feelings as their own. Oh, I thought, how very clever of that demon to invade me at the moments that he thought that I might be having any thoughts about that lesbian woman. I felt very violated and oust that demon away in the name of Jesus!

    Since Satan and his angels have stepped up their game or been allowed to have more influence over their human subjects, we who are subjects of Christ need to be more direct in our spiritual warfare against them.

    1. There needs to be an acknowledgment of that demonic realm that is always seeking to influence us to live a wicked life.

    2. We must realize – When God created those angels that have rebelled against Him, they were created in perfection and are superior to humans; therefore we should not be surprise that we find their spirits so tantalizingly wonderful! (Doesn’t the Bible say that we should test the spirits?)

    3. Our spiritual shield – Those demonic spirits only obey commands given in the name of Jesus, so hypnosis, therapy or any other man-made method will not work against them. And the only command that we should give in the name of Jesus should be to oust them away from us.

    4. We need to ask homosexuals why would they want to be in close personal relationships with losers, fallen angels, who are destiny to be thrown in the lake of fire? In the end, the saints will win because we will have all of eternity to associate with God’s loyal angels such as Michael the Archangel and his angels whom Christ had described as “Violent”. (Matthew 11:12)

    And it’s very interesting to see how demonic realm believes in the bible more than humans do and try to use it to their advantage such as…

    Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

  2. Pamela,
    I can relate to your post. You are correct when you talk about the demonic realm. One day I was at a store a neighbor of mine worked there. He is a young guy. He is a homosexual. I went over to greet him to say hi. He is so very friendly, his shoulder rubbed up against me.

    Well, when I got home, I started thinking about gay perverted thoughts. I knew right away it was because of a demonic spirit that came from my neighbor that try to latch onto me. I rebuked it. I was then free.

    The Lord told me a few months ago if only you could see what goes on in the spiritual realm. The Lord was telling me basically the spirit of darkness is constantly at work trying to take away our peace and to turn us into ungodly people. We need to be aware of our enemy and do warfare when needed.

  3. Great post, Pamela! I have had the same exact thing happen to me.

    I am not an activist. I don’t, personally, see how much fruit can come from intellectual/rational arguments against homosexuality when the real issue is played out on a spiritual level…”for we wrestle not against flesh and blood”.

    I have come to learn, however, that just because I don’t feel called to activism(or other things) that doesn’t mean it is not valid. The Lord does things in different ways through different people.

    One thing is for sure though…unless the demonic influence is broken by God and made clear for what it really is, there will be no change on a personal level in a person. Arguments of rationale are almost, in my opinion, pointless because one person’s mind who is controlled by the Spirit of God can’t expect one’s who’s is controlled by the enemy to understand clearly what is being said. We must have the power of the Spirit to bring clarity and truth to those who are under the power of the enemy.

  4. Check out below…

    My searching eyes are beholding all my heart ever longed for
    My words are gone, and I’m undone
    How gladly would I play the fool just to pleasure my Father
    Could this be love, or is it madness?

    The passion in my heart… grows with – in me
    I am set a part… burning holy

    Oh, I am a light, the fragrance of Christ, changing the atmosphere
    Oh, come watch me burn, I am a sign and a wonder
    Oh, praise in my mouth, a powerful sound, changing the atmosphere
    Oh, come watch me burn, I am a sign and a wonder

    Your searching eyes are desiring those who dare to move closer
    Relationship, “Come up here”
    We’ll wrestle You ‘til You bless us, we are not letting go now
    The broken ones move in power

    A seed grows in the heart… of a generation
    Wholly set a part… to change a nation

    Oh, we are a light, the fragrance of Christ, changing the atmosphere
    Oh, come watch us burn, we are a sign and a wonder
    Oh, praise in our mouth, a powerful sound, changing the atmosphere
    Oh, come watch us burn, we are a sign and a wonder

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