1. Hey folks,

    Just one comment for clarity. This news story about condoms in elementary schools dated back to June of this year, which is when I first talked about it on the air. However, while looking at some things online while in Israel, I saw the story listed as if it was new and failed to see the date of the story (again, it was back in June).

    So, I discussed it today as if it was new, whereas it was actually from June. This time, however, I played some audio clips that further illustrated the insanity of it all.

    In any case, sorry for any confusion in the matter!

  2. Apparently, an outcry caused the school to move the condom dispersal to begin at fifth grade:


    What I did when my son was in elementary school and I objected to something — a group of us parents (who also objected) met with the teacher — I like to think I would do the same today. The idea of ‘not being able to opt out’ is also outrageous. That’s way out of the bounds of the school to decide.

    If I was a child in elementary school and I received condoms, I’m pretty sure I would find that very disturbing! It would feel as if the school were rubberstamping the idea of sex at that age. Creepy.

    Yes, that is outrageous. With the passage of time, it appears that children are more and more being deprived of their right to their innocence.

    Know what else is outrageous? See:


  3. Titus 2:11 For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. 12 It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, 13 while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, 14 who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.

  4. Let’s everyone pray for Dr. Brown’s success in Israel and that he bears much fruit. Let’s begin at noon until 5pm, which is midnight Jerusalem time. Let’s send our prayers up together!

  5. A Prayer for Dr. Brown,

    Our beloved Father; we pray for Dr. Brown, that You strengthen his spirit and lift him up that he may touch many souls with his message of the saving Grace of Yeshua. Lord, You alone can do this thing; You who made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them; who brought forth the stars and called them by name; great is Your majesty, Lord, and You are greatly to be praised. Open the ears of many people and let them call out to You this day. Let them praise the name of the Lord from Israel and from Jerusalem, the city which You chose to place Your name there forever. Oh, Lord, hear our prayer this day and do all Your good pleasure in preparing the fields for Your harvest. Lord, we earnestly pray for You to touch the hearts of many and to give Dr. Brown power in Your name to win souls for You and Your glorious Kingdom; to fill Your Kingdom with people from one end of the earth to the other. Lord, our hearts are breaking for those who don’t yet know You and we beseech you, Lord, to magnify Your name this day and increase the joy of many in coming to You. Let them know how much You love them, Father, and replace their hearts of stone with Your overwhelming love and graciousness towards them. Father, we pray that Your Holy Spirit will move mightily in Dr. Brown, giving him the right words to speak, enabling him to bring many people to repentence and acceptance of Yeshua as their Lord and Savior. We humble ourselves before You, Father, knowing that without You we can nothing; that with You all things are possible. Oh, most merciful Father, hear our prayers this day and let your Name be magnified in Israel!


  6. Massachusetts is overwhelmed with same sex progressives where same sex marriage was legalized. Ask yourself if it is more logical to distribute condoms to elementary school children to prevent pregnancy or more logical to prevent disease. The answer should smack you in the face, and if not, CDC statistics will one day provide the smack for you. Children are not immune to diseases that provide no age discrimination. Currently the U.K. and Canadian gay activists are requesting the age of consent be lowered. If that’s successful, it also exposes younger children to disease. Would that ever happen here? Perhaps Massachusetts is in preparation for that. I’ve been following a group called Massresistance.org; Massachusetts citizens that heatedly reject the gay activism efforts that are overwhelming their State since same sex marriage was legalized. Once you review the info there, you should have a better understanding of what to expect when morality becomes an afterthought. Broken condoms used to mean possible pregnancy, today it means a possible death sentence. Please learn to use common sense when considering outrageous news in order to classify it correctly. Then consider that human behavior reproduces as easily as humans do. So really, is this news so outrageous after all?

  7. How can a first grader become pregnant? Never mind that question. Why would a 1st graded even care about having sex?

    At least that is what this topic is about. Giving condoms to 1st graders.

    Face it, its ridiculous. How can anyone justify this?

  8. SandyLee-Yes it’s more than outrageous. What gives anyone the right to think they can do anything concerning a child without the parents permission?That will make people more upset than anything I can think of.The second thing would be giving thier six year old child a condom.

  9. To Sandy Lee

    I might be mistaken, but it seems as though you are suggesting that condoms and 6-yr-olds are a good mix. (Is that the age of US first graders?)

    Anyone under the age of consent is being abused and exploited. It isn’t ‘Romeo and Juliet’ — it’s paedophilia and violence against the child. Any child who is having sex (not making love) needs protection, not a condom dished out by adults who “pass by on the other side”.

    Here in the UK the age of consent was raised to 16 during Victorian times to protect children from being exploited for prostitution. Sadly, the police here seem to have given up on enforcing it, and we have increasing numbers of sexualised children. Sometimes at night I see hollow-eyed girls, shivering in tiny skirts, as they allow themselves to be done over because adults have told them that it’s “fun”.

    When I was a school teacher, they tried this stunt at one school. None of the staff were warned. The first I knew of it was when a huge noise was in the corridor. The 13-yr-olds had given their condoms to the 11-yr-olds, who were playing with them. All over the school, desks and cupboards were defiled by the contents. I found the school nurse, who turned out to be a woman in her twenties. She had no idea what was going on. The parents had been notified — if you call a note going home, crushed at the bottom of a rucksack, proper notice.

    And people ask me if I’ll be sending our children to secondary school!

    PS The headteacher (principal) was a Christian!!!

  10. I cant believe this!! And I dont know why I am so shocked giving the days we are living in. This just breaks my heart. Why give an innocent CHILD a condom and open their innocent minds to what they are and WHY they are used? This is again the subtle sexualisation of children. THEY ARE CHILDREN! CHILDREN! This is so immoral. These ‘adults’ who are responsible for and have a legal and moral responsibility to PROTECT the young people in their care are morally abusing them, whilst labelling it as ‘education’. Children do not need to know about sex whilst they are still children. It is the resposibility of adults to protect children not abuse them by robbing their minds of innocence and purity. If someone DARED give my CHILD a condom you can be sure that you would hear me in Massachusetts all the way from here in the Uk!

    Not sure what schooling is like in the US..but here in the Uk I would demand a meeting with the Head teacher, board of Governors and teachers. Other parents if I could too. My child would be pulled from this immediately and I would be contacting local papers, radio, councillors and my MP. I would not go down quietly. This is grotesque.

    The PARENTS in this situation need to severely get on top of this.

    Lord raise up a standard against this.

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