1. Just one thing on the argument that the quick rise of the U.S. indicating special purpose. Point of fact, the modern nation-state of Germany did not exist until 1871. In that case, Germany became a power in a multipolar world in 40 years, and a polar power in a tripolar world in 60 years. If length of existence does indicate special purpose, it does not necessarily indicate a good thing.

  2. Nations rise and fall,and I believe America is currently in a Rapid state of decline, But it is still a bastion for Chirstianity even though our popular culture is becoming increasingly hostile not only toward God’s people but toward God himself. Yet the fact is that God has used the people and wealth of the united states to spread his word like no other nation on earth.

    As for Germany Jacob, as bad as the holocuast was what came of it? The Nation State of Israel! Yes Jews were gathering in Israel before WW2 but WW2 provided the awakening needed amoung the Jewish people that produced an overwelming desire to have their own nation (which no doubt about it God has protected and has used the US to aid in this matter.)

    So, God used the hatred of the europeans toward the Jews to accoplish his purposes! Now can we blame God for the death of Six million Jews? NO! The signs were there, It was time for the Jews to Leave Europe in droves, Sadly many did not heed the warnings.

  3. Just as a clarification, Cliff. My bringing up of Germany was not to state that nation-states have a divine purpose either way, just that a fast rise to power does not indicate a divine purpose that is good for that nation. Thank God He has a way of working good out of anything.

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