1. I don’t think it helps to frame the choice this election as between “truth” or “Good” and “evil” as some callers did. The choices that we have are between humans, not angels.

    I can’t see a monopoly on virtue in the Republican party, even though I am now a social conservative and would find more agreement for these values there than with the Democrats. The way Republicans have treated the environmental issue (I still remember Bush Sr. saying we’d be ‘up to our necks in spotted owls’) leaves so much to be desired, however. And for Christian Republicans, where is the sense of helping the poor in this party ? It seems to espouse the same “trickle down” economic policies that have already failed for over a century: make sure money stays at the top and the overflow will help everyone else. Contempt for the poor seems to be more of the theme I’ve heard in the past, even though there are literally hundreds (I counted them once) of references to helping the poor mentioned in the whole Bible.

    I am pretty much feeling complacent this election. I regretted the last vote I cast, because I didn’t look at all the issues, only certain ones, and now I don’t want to feel responsible for any bad choices my choice might make.

    I wish our health care system was more like Europe’s, but that smacked of “communism” and “socialism” to enough people, so we’ll probably wind up with something like having to buy medical insurance the way we now have to buy auto insurance. Instead of taking the whole monetary factor out of it, and having patients and doctors concentrate only on medicine and healing, as they can in France, it will become just another capitalistic venture, all about costs.

    I generally do believe in voting, but I guess this year I don’t have much faith in the politicians. I really wish our choices were so cut and dry as to be between good and evil — instead they seem to be about exchanging certain evils for certain forms of good. As I get older, I feel more disenchanted with politics itself. And I’m not sure if I am even going to vote or not. I know I have a short period of time to make up my mind. While I can endorse certain positions by some, I can’t endorse all positions by any, and it bothers me that by voting, I’ll be getting things I don’t like, too. It makes me feel as if I have no right to complain, since I voted for that candidate or for that party, generally. I think I could get exited about democracy if we had a more direct form; where we vote, not for representatives, but for the issues as they come up. In this Information Age it should become easier and easier to do that in the future. Maybe the Millionaire’s Club that has become the Congress will be replaced by direct democracy someday. I could get excited about that.

  2. There are third party candidates that are pretty decent. I think we need a correction to the so called right in this election. The reason that Europe can have their socialist system is due to the fact that we’ve been paying for their national defense since WW2. We can’t blow defense money on Europe and provide socialist systems at home, its just not feasable. We need a correction because our politicians don’t read the bills anymore, which is insane. Pelosi said that we have to pass the health care bill before we could read it, which is also insane. Until we realize that there is an Oligarchy that selects the candidates for the senate and executive branch, we dont have much hope for change. Unless we run ourselves, nothing will change.

  3. I agree with Shaun in that our battle is a spiritual battle and not a political battle. I disagree with Shaun about his take on voting as voting is our duty as Americans to make our voice heard however righteousness cannot be legislated as righteousness begins in a heart which is made right through faith in Jesus Christ


  4. We will see a change in government when God puts godly people in office. When people in high positions are replaced by people who are part of the church.

    When I get e-mails from congressman or senators, or whoever is in a political office that speak more of what’s of God than goes in the direction of what’s of men, I will know that a change is taking place.

    When I get an e-mail or see a politician on a TV program who are talking to the press, or whoever is running the program, and he or she is saying something like, “I’d like to talk about the issue about the direction our public education needs to go to provide for an atmosphere where there will be a willingness to learn, a desire to achieve, a genuine hope for a better tomorrow, a truly brighter future, and this direction need not cost more money. First, let me talk about the matter of bullying and kids killing themselves or others either at school, on the school grounds, or when they get home from school.

    I believe there’s a need to return to what’s right. We all know that bullying is wrong no matter what and that it’s always wrong. Everyone should take a stand against bullying. Each school system should encourage teachers and students to confront a person they see bully, and confront any action which is abusive. The one oppressed by bullying could ask the “oppressor” why it is that he took a particular action against him, letting him know that such action is oppressive, and ask his “oppressor” if there is anything he or she has against him or her that might be the cause of any hostility which may be shown by the actions observed.

    He or she may let the “oppressor” know that he or she is willing to hear any matter of cause against them and is willing to show mercy toward them if he or she has wronged them in any way which might be the cause of any retaliation.

    If he or she believes or has cause to think that by such confrontation that personal injury or property damage might happen as a result of such confrontation against an evil deed, he or she should be encouraged to go to another who is willing to hear his or her case to see if in fact there has been oppression against him or her, that the action is wrong, that a deed done was indeed the cause of any present distreess, that the thing did indeed happen, (checking into this as best as they can getting the facts and having good reason to perceive that things are “adding up”, thus giving him good cause to suspect that a thing might indeed be so) being careful to not grab another by the collar too quickly {I say this in a manner of speaking, not as a literal action, for we deal in things that are not necessarily physical in nature} but neither being willing to partake of any evil by going along with it, being impartial as much as possible, doing for one party as one should do for the other party, not doing so for any particular favor of anyone, but doing so for the love of what is right, good, and true, knowing that those who seek those things do so for something that is higher than the things of any present evil purpose.

    I believe it’s a part of every educator’s purpose to encourage virtues such as patience, kindness, goodness, things that are true, just, right and good, as well as knowledge.

    I believe that students of many public schools may be old enough to elect for themselves a few who will be willing to hear matters that are the cause of any present distress, being unwilling to hear evil for the sake of evil, and to do the work of mediation if that be the call of the day.

    So many times what a student needs is not affirmation of their present situation or moral condition, but their real need is to be found on a higher plane, a level where they will find ability to overcome evil, a place where they will find true peace and righteousness, something that will not be found in themself alone.”

    I’d like to hear politicians talk about this kind of vision for public school systems, and see them go there and encourage this sort of program.

    I saw president Bush read with young school children. It was on Television. He was involved in the future of school children helping them with their education, and I’d like to see other people in government do the same kind of things if they have a good and right direction to go, a vision for a better America.

    Yes, I believe things can change in America. I believe the church can be put into office. I believe it’s possible with the favor of God. It will be up to the church to move into the possiblities God has for us.

    I do trust that bees move by the hand of God. They know their hive and they know how the sun gives them warmth. I suppose they do know how it relates to their hive, how it reminds them of their home which is warm and is the place of their rejoicing. I trust they declare the goodness of God simply by being what they are
    and that God blesses them in what they do. He brings them to their destinations, sending them out to gather what they can. He brings them back again. He teaches them how to communicate to the others in their community, how to describe the good things of God and where to find them.

  5. I had not voted in a few years.It’s hard to see what difference it would make with what we have to choose from.But I decided to vote for pro-life candidates this year.I can think of nothing more important.But if the ones voted for wins,I still don’t believe it will stop.

  6. I Will be voting, but I am very very sceptical about seeing any positive change, The caller who sated that America needs to be brought to her knees for there to be any meaningful change may if fact be correct but I would still agree that we should vote even if that Means voting for the lesser of two evils.

  7. Ruth, I agree with you, as it seems I often do.

    I’m convinced that voting has become nothing more than choosing between Scylla and Charybdis!

    As for the bees–I would love to see all the salesmen lining up and shaking their bottoms to let the others know which way to go!! 🙂

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