1. Yes.After work one day when I got home I went into my bedroom and got down on my knees and asked God to forgive me for all the years of the awful things I had done.I could not stand to thank of them anymore.Also for the 30 years of drug and alcohol addiction.I wanted him to come into my life.I needed his help.
    God filled me and that room with His spirit and an overwhelming since of love and peace!The guilt and shame I had was gone.I got up and flushed the my drugs down the toilet.I never had any withdraws and I have not touched them since.That was over 3 years ago.
    I’ve been following Jesus ever since.That was the most real moment or time I ever had.I know that I know.
    After that night I had a strong desire to get into His word [Bible].I also started reading a lot of books.I had never raed anything but the newspaper before that.I never get tired of telling people about that night or what He has done for me since and what that has meant for my family as well.
    That was the greatest moment in my life.If the unsaved could just fill and expirence what I did that night for 10 seconds they would have no doubt and there would be alot more people following Jesus.

  2. Yes, me too. One of those was when I first spoke in tongues, also the times I needed a coverning, an atonement for my sins, the things I could in no way excuse or find a way out of.

    I went for a lot of years with seemingly little or no spiritual experiences, but as an older Christian I began to experiece some things.

    So if you’re a young Christian, or even if you’re an older one, know that such things as you have never experienced can happen and also that you are what you are no matter if you experience things or not.

  3. This is a good question. My experience was not an overwhelming revelation of God’s grace. Rather it has been bit by bit for me. The idea of how we “know what we know” strikes me as being philosophical in nature as well as spiritual. There is a branch of philosophy called epistemology which deals with the idea of how we “know what we know”. For a while it seemed tome I never knew everything which I needed to know. There seemed to be more study I could make. But at some point a person has to make a decision. If you study your whole life, and never make any conclusions your study is useless. It is just a pile of knowledge. There has to be a jumping off point. Call it a leap of faith if you like. Although I am not entirely comfortable with that description alone. I always take issue with the notion of blind faith. Faith ought not to be blind, as much as there is an unknown quality to our jumping off point. If we take the plunge it is certainly eventful, but I think we should have some idea of what we are getting our self into when we jump. We may not know everything, but we should know the the important details. It seemed to me more true after I took the plunge than before. And it seems to me each time I trust God that he seems more real.

  4. I just love talking about the Lord. Where I live here in Massachusetts, the pickings are few, very, very few for Christian fellowshipping. Its pretty sad considering I have such a hunger and thirst for the Lord.
    Ever sinced I received the Lord in 1999. I haven’t been the same. When you except Christ as your Lord. You look at life differently. I remember staring at the pineneedles on the tree. Saing Lord you made each one of these pineneedles. The lord’s creation became so alive to me. The town I live in is very, very religious. Catholics. They know rules but do not know Jesus at all. There is no fruit from them. I grew up Catholic. But since I became a Christian I had to do something about the situation my town was in. These people don’t know Jesus. How come I never was taught about Jesus growing up? Then the Lord put on my heart to do something about it.

    That is when “DRAW CLOSE TO THE LORD” was birth. (The Holy Spirit gave me that title). For 4 years I hosted, director, produced and edited a tv show on my town’s local cable station called DRAW CLOSE TO THE LORD.
    I even won an award one year for my show. The reason I submitted one of my shows to the judges of “The Alliance For Community Media Video Festival” was to plant a seed in their mind about Jesus. Just in case they didn’t know Him. I had no visions of ever winning 1st place in the Religion catagory. Praise God.

    Anyways. I stopped doing the show after doing it for 4 yrs. It was tough work for a person to do it all by themselves. Of course the Lord helped me out big time with all the teachings.

    Sadly to say, I’m at a low point in my life. I am waiting on the Lord to move and give me clear direction. I am doing nothing now. Just raising my kids. No job. Just living life. But I’m slowly dying of loniness because of bearly no Christian fellowship. Help me Lord Please.

    The Lord has revealed Himself to me in so many ways. To much to detail. Just want to say…The Lord is joyful, fun and loving and especially He is very, very faithful.

  5. I want to give 1 example of how the Lord spoke to me. 1 year at church while we were worshipping the Lord. The Lord spoke in my spirit. “I want you to publically worship me” I told that to my Pastor and he told me to get started to make this happen. So, for 2 years we went to the Franklin Town Common and we set up a band to publically worship the Lord. Sadly to say the attendance was very, very few. Even the church I attend has a small attendance. Again its the area we live in. It seems like all of the Christians around here are drying up. I do not want to fall into that catagory. I am cring out for help Lord.

  6. January 4, 2009 – I was listening to a John Piper sermon on repentance and I “came undone” in the presence of God.

  7. Hi Debbie,

    This is a good place for fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ; no need to be lonely. Sometimes we have to just step out in faith and begin anew. If you’re moving in the will of God, you’ll know. Be open to His guidance and He will direct your path.

    It’s great to hear the fire in you is burning so brightly!

  8. I was walking Home slightly worse the wear from drinking Again, and just as i was about to get Home i felt the most loving feeling and happiness i have ever felt in my before or since this was no ordinary experie, something was going on, and all i could say was “praise the Lord” and lift my hands up and grin and laugh like an idiot and say “prise the Lord” i was not particularly into the things of God i just bought a bible a few weeks earlier, i dont see the connection though, i wasnt reading it a lot at all if any. I miss this part out in my testimony as i was drunk at the time and its easy to write it off, and i would too if i wasn’t praising God which i never done before, didnt know how too. Since that time a few years later i heard the Gospel and repented and believed. But was i born agin that night ? thats what i think to myself, i dont really know the answer but i cant wait to feel that way again 🙂

  9. Yes, I was under severe demonic attack (primarily) on account my involvement in a New Age cult. Rather than giving into the despair and horror of the situation, I fervently began thanking Jesus for His goodness and rejoicing in His salvation. Suddenly, the tangible presence of the Lord was with me and I literally felt an inexpressible joy come over me. The terrible pressure and torment abruptly ended, and I began praising God. Although this didn’t end my wilderness experience, it let me know that God had not abandoned me – that He still loved me.

    Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, still lives – and He reigns on High. He’s the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe.

  10. Thank you Shelia. God bless you. After I wrote my post ealier I felt like something broke inside of me. Its funny how you said…”Sometimes we have to just step out in faith and begin anew”. I feel like a new beginning now in me. The Lord gave me psalms 17 and 37 to read after I posted my testimony.

    To me there is nothing better in life then from hearing from the Lord Jesus. He really does complete you. Also, fellowshipping with the Lord’s people is the best.

    I truly enjoy hearing others testimony on how the Lord changed their lifes too.

    I truly have a heart for those people who don’t know the Lord.

    Lord bless all on this site. Continue to Bless Dr. Brown for his hunger, thirst and truth he has for you and your word. Continue to pour out your wisdom on him. I also lift up in prayer Rabbi Shmuley. I pray Lord your truth of who Jesus is will come alive in him. I pray for revelation. That way you can use him one day to speak about the True Messiah and Savior…Jesus.

    Again thank you Shelia for your encouraging words.

    Nobunaga..I pray the Lord will strenghten you.
    Greg…your post has blessed me too as well as Larry, Ray, Doug and Bob’s.

  11. I grew up in a church thinking that i was a Christian because I acknowledged the fact that God existed, and that Jesus was His Son who died for my sins. I believed that since I acknowledged the facts, i could live however i wanted to and still go to heaven because “i believed”. 3 years ago (when i was 22), my wife started praying for me, and a series of events took place which brought me to the church i now attend. It was as if my mind was opened for the first time, and i could see myself from God’s perspective. I was filthy and I knew that i needed Jesus so I decided that day to give my life to Him, but i needed him to show up. I knew that the Bible was where i would find Him, but was never a comprehensive reader (i could never understand what i read… at that time, i had only read one book all the way through in my whole life). I prayed that God would help me understand the Bible, and started reading it every day. It was as if i was a new person, because it was so clear and precise what God was saying. I knew that God was speaking to me, and He gradually started changing me through His word, and by His Spirit. The sins i once loved i now hated. I have since then studied a lot of apologetics, and have come across some tough questions which were hard for me to answer, but i knew that i could never deny what God has done for me through Christ Jesus. I have purposed it in my heart to confront the questions and seek out the answers, but learn to live life knowing that not everything will be answered this side of heaven.

  12. I believe God speaks to us in many ways. The other day as I was driving, wondering about the weather, wondering if I should go out in it or not, to do what I was considering, there rose up a rain shower. On the side of the road was an election sign that said “McCloud” with the outline of the same kind of clouds overhead.

    It was just a fast, short rain shower.

    Sometimes a road sign is only a roadsign with little spiritual significanse, but not always.

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