1. So this describes me knowing a lot of doctrine and theology but not having a close walk with God i have prayed for this but it doesnt seem to come. Can anything be done ?

  2. Chuck, I think our teaching/theology/doctrine would striaghten themselves out if we would realize that the Revolution Starts with us as indiviuals. As in doing so what we are doing is allowing the Holy Spirit to take control and If the Holy Spirit is in control, we are promised that He will guide us into all truth.

  3. “If the world hates you, remember that the world hated me
    first. If you belonged to the world, then the world would
    love you like it loves its own people. But I have chosen you
    out of the world. So you don’t belong to the world. That is
    why the world hates you. Remember the lesson I told you: A
    servant is not greater than his master. If people did wrong
    to me, then they will do wrong to you too. And if people
    obeyed my teaching, then they will obey yours too.”

    — John 15:18-20 (ERV)

  4. I haven’t heard this yet, but it seems to me that revolution in the church can begin when the name of God (Ex 34:6, Gal 5:22) is lived out (John 8:3-11) in us who have believed in Jesus.

    Jesus interceeded for the woman caught in adultery and moved the kingdom of God forward. Walking in the name of God and in the fruit of the spirit, they found no law contrary to Jesus.

    So what might happen when Jesus raises up an army of intercessors in the church who walk in the name of God and in the fruit of the spirit by Jesus Christ?

  5. Let’s suppose it’s an orientation day at a new college for a freshman and he’s exposed to the gay agenda while the school system still maintains that it is firmly standing upon it’s foundation of old.

    Something doesn’t add up. I hope he isn’t there getting an accounting degree.

    So let’s suppose he goes back to the dorm and says to his room mate, something like “Can you believe that? I feel like I’ve been cheated, for what we saw today doesn’t fit what the brochure advertised of this place. It said it have Christian roots and a solid Christian heritage.
    I wonder laid the axe to the root of the tree and when did it happen? The whole root system must have died or something. Look at the fruit. It’s now corrupt. The leaves are not green and lively. They’ve turned all kinds of colors and are drying up.”

    His room mate might say something like this: “Take it easy man. Don’t you see this whole place is a joke? I’m only here because my parents wanted me to go to school here and are paying me through with the help of some government grants and loans. I’ll have as much fun as I can get here and who knows? I might even graduate and get a good job. It could happen….Still, I do see your point. It does kind o’ stink doesn’t it, like a fly in the ointment. (he wonders where that came from – see Proverbs 10:1) So are you glad now that you chose this college?”

    “I feel I’ve been ripped off, cheated.”

    “Well, are you going to the people in charge about this?”

    “I suppose I should.”

    “If they don’t hear you, let me know. Tell me what happens. This could be interesting.”

    “Well, if they don’t hear me, will you go with me on this?”

    “If your case is good and you handled yourself well?…I suppose I could.”

    I wonder what might happen next.

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