1. Jabez H.

    …All our energies must go toward completion of the Kingdom.

    The great commission pertains to preaching the future, coming Kingdom of God on a renewed Earth. We won;t bring this about but God, through His chosen human Son, at the appointed time. Mar. 1.14-15; Lu 4.43; Acts 1.7

  2. Chuck,

    Paul called his “[my] Gospel” preaching the life, death (“the Cross”, “Christ Crucified”), and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who had come to Israel in the “fullness of time”. This certainly includes additional information he offered in his letters on the future actions ahead to establish the world to come–but not as to the proclaimed Gospel’s primary emphasis. This was the Message which indicated that the spiritual Kingdom of God/Heaven had been ushered in with the first visitation of Jesus to His people, who both accepted and rejected Him. THe King of the Kingdom was proclaimed, yet not by might, but by service.

    Even “the Great Commission,” given as a charge to the eyewitness 11 Apostles of the resurrected Jesus, with another added by assembly choice later, and Paul so seeing and being taught of Him, involved teaching “them to obey all things I have commanded you,” (Mt. 28: 20a) which these chosen ones received from the Christ–mostly of present tense application, for, it is difficult to “obey” a future Kingdom.

    Righteousness as an applicable Kingdom term for Bible study is set by the Prophets and the Messiah for certain completions, indeed some of which later pertain to the Return (as spoken by the Prophets of Old), and some of which pertain to the details of the charge given those of the Great Commission. However, the Great Commission is defined differently than you state it to be. Baptising the receivers of the Message does complete one of several aspects of the Kingdom’s prophetic component, and creates disciples of inclusion for following the Spirit and the Way, and as to adoption. The Kingdom is indeed always teleological in perspective as to hope, and has a foundation which the Messiah declared from the getgo of His declarations. He abides with those given His immediate charge, and others, afterwards, “till the end of the Age” of the Gentiles. Yes, the Kingdom Age is ahead, no, it is not strictly ahead.

  3. I want to thank Dr. Brown for his ministry and his website and radio show I am always blessed by the way he fields the questions asked of him and his over-all patience with some who appear to have a forced and pedantic( majoring on minor or minutae)view of a phrase or even a word used by Paul or anyone…I wish I can say I was blessed by the above exchange with Chuck then came Adam…However I did learn something and to try to be respectful Let me just say at the least that what I learned is how not to behave!!Accordingly I may have just saved a semester of learning from a type of Dale Carnegie course…
    I do plenty of ministry work trying to help Jehovah’s Witnesses and the exchange with Dr. Brown on this type of insistence that the Church or Christians or the bride of Christ and even gentile believers somehow replaced Israel in the eyes of God and using Paul’s words as proof text does remind me of what witnesses do as it regards their many errors as a pseudo-christian cult…I expressly want to ask either of the two To what end and what are you trying to achieve or prove? That God changes His mind as a man does? I see no evidence that Israel is not Loved immensely by God and all the evidence that God does Love Israel and the Jew and I do not know but maybe just one of the reasons God loves them so much is because historically it is satan that hates them so much and has done everything possible to destroy them…I am not Jewish and I do not kiss anyones rear-end…Just two cents for what it is worth!!

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