1. I truly believe the Lord is continuously cleaning out the church. Judgement starts in the house of God first. His light exposes all darkness.

    So if you work for the Lord and your living in darkness get help. Speak to someone. Do not fear what others may think of your weakness. Get straight before the Lord. Make peace with God, repent. Do not seek to get honor from man.

    I love it what Jesus said in John 5:41 I do not receive honor from men.

    Jesus’s job for the Father was to die on that cross. To tell others about the kingdom of God. He had a mission, even knowing ahead of time his own would reject him. He didn’t come to be conformed by people, but to conform them. Again He did not come to get honor by men but by His Father.

    I know it can be very hard to do at times but we need to seriously die to us and live for the Father. Like Jesus did. We need to seek the honor that comes from the only God by doing his will.

    If Bishop Eddie Long is quilty of this act then he needs to make peace with the Lord. If those boys who accused Bishop Eddie Long made it up and lied, they will need to make peace with the Lord.

    Obviously one of these parties involved in this mess is lying. I pray the Lord will give them the strenght to repent.
    Come on…We need to quit giving the devil joy.

    Jesus loves you all!!! 🙂

  2. I think we can all say, that at five years old, none of us knows what’s best for us. Where are the Psychiatrists coming from in this debate? A child of five, six, seven or so, while they might “feel different” still don’t have the capasity to sort these feelings out. It’s as much a problem with the Phd’s who are counseling these children as it is with “where” do these “feelings” the children have come from?

    I think the Phd’s counseling them need to be “counseled” themselves.

  3. In listening to Dr. Brown, I am reminded of two specific verses in the NT. One is Matthew 10:16 and the other is Luke 16:8. Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Luke 16:8 And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

    And while the following commentaries are from the 17th century, I think they are more valuable than some modern commentaries, which sound more secular than Gospel sometimes.

    One part of the commentary from Matthew 10 sums up our current situation as Christians with the same situations the Apostles faced. I hope the parts I underlined are transferred to the comment section. I know M. Henry is a bit wordy, and M. Poole is much more succinct, still, there is much worth in his legacy of teaching, not that I see the church in every guise he did, but, I began my search of the scriptures with drinking “the milk” of both of these commentators. The following is from Matthew chapter 10.

    (4.) They must expect, in the midst of these sufferings, to be branded with the most odious and ignominious names and characters that could be. Persecutors would be ashamed in this world, if they did not first dress up those in bear-skins whom they thus bait, and represent them in such colours as may serve to justify such cruelties. The blackest of all the ill characters they give them is here stated; they call them Beelzebub, the name of the prince of the devils, v. 25. They represent them as ringleaders of the interest of the kingdom of darkness, and since every one thinks he hates the devil, thus they endeavour to make them odious to all mankind. See, and be amazed to see, how this world is imposed upon: [1.] Satan’s sworn enemies are represented as his friends; the apostles, who pulled down the devil’s kingdom, were called devils. Thus men laid to their charge, not only things which they knew not, but things which they abhorred, and were directly contrary to, and the reverse of. [2.] Satan’s sworn servants would be thought to be his enemies, and they never more effectually do his work, than when they pretend to be fighting against him. Many times they who themselves are nearest akin to the devil, are most apt to father others upon him; and those that paint him on others’ clothes have him reigning in their own hearts. It is well there is a day coming, when (as it follows here, v. 26) that which is hid will be brought to light.

    I hope someone can use what I’ve included for their edification and to include it in their arsenal of armour against the children of this generation.

  4. Dr.Brown,you made comments that there would always be injustice and never be rational thinging in the world but that God and the truth will triumph in the end.I think that is something alot of us need to remember.I know I do.I get angry and caught up in the injustice going on in the world today.Especially to childern.
    Thinks for the reminder that God and truth will win out in the end.

  5. Ben,

    That’s an internal Arab-Muslim problem, since they have been provoking the violence for more than 80 years now. Think back to the Holocaust, Ben, and then consider the “justice” question beginning there, OK? Don’t be duped by Muslim propaganda!

  6. After watching the news and listening to what the young men who were accusing Eddie Long say, I do believe Eddie Long did abuse them. I noticed his congregation treats him as if he is God. He eats it up too. again… John 5:41 I do not receive honor from men (Jesus said that)

    Clean us up Lord.

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