1. loved the show.

    Isn’t what you said about the palestinian refugee crisis an oversimplifiaction.

    Although the arab nations may have told these people to leave, and some left out of their own volition probably, didn’t the Irgun threaten ethnic cleansing as well?

    What do you think of the so-called “New Historians” on the issue?


  2. Will a household change by dividing it into two separate rooms? Will that bring peace?

    God has given the way of peace in the scriptures.
    What will bring peace in Israel is the same thing that will bring peace anywhere in the world. It’s the same old path God has made from the beginning when he made the promises to Abraham. I believe that same old path was going on before Abraham somewhere in the world. (see Job 29) It’s how wise men behave. It’s how wise men lived. It’s what wise men did.

    God tells us of it in Jer 22:3,4.

    It’s not so easy to hate someone who will plead your case whenever anyone does evil against you and oppresses you and subdues the evil that was against you, though I suppose a few will hate no matter what you do for them. But generally speaking it’s not so easy to do, even being with our human faults.

    There will be a few people that are simply unrepentant and may leave a place where judgment and justice are done and they might continue to hate. They will not be happy and it will show on their face. All the other people around them will have some kind of glory on their faces, a glory from heaven and some of that will affect the whole

    I suppose a few won’t be able to handle the light and they will leave. But maybe they got a taste of it and left because it was too much for them to bear at that time. Maybe they will be drawn back by a heavenly power that they saw manifest.
    Maybe they will remember all that was once good
    and they will long for it. Like coming home to something they had left somewhere in their past.
    It will be like smelling the freshness of the air like they had never smelled it before, but somehow it’s like they remembered as a child, and they may come back in a somewhat better spiritual condition then they were before.

    Nothing like the smell of judgment in the morning.
    (Jer 21:12)

  3. Charles,

    Thanks for your comments. Regarding the “New Historians,” you might want to check out the fine book by Eprhaim Karsh, “Fabricating History.”

    As to the Irgun calling for “ethnic cleansing,” can you cite some solid academic sources that back that up? Also, let’s ask a simple question: For the last fifty years, who has been willing to live side by side in peace, and who has not?

    Under no circumstances do I whitewash the Israelis as if they are guiltless, but in terms of who wants peace and who doesn’t, I believe the answer is simple and clear.

    Thanks again for your comments and questions.

  4. Dr. Brown,

    I have some questions about the references to Palestine in the OT. Sometimes it’s referred to as Philistia, Palestina, and even Palestine. According to Gesenius’ hebrew lexicon, the one I own was printed in 1884, and in it he references Palestine as even referring to the land of Israel, and to the land in the general vicinity to the west of Canaan.

    Was this the name that “other” nations used to refer to the land when not under Jewish authority?

    Because I understand the land of Canaan as the land which God gave to Abraham’s descendents “forever”. This was after their (the Canaanites) wickedness had come to the full. How can I understand this contradiction in the OT references?



  5. Shelia,

    Michael Brown may get back with you on your inquiry, or he may be delayed by other commitments, or not respond due to other commitments. It is very helpful to look at maps, and as to linguistic labels establishments of peopled areas identified throughout Biblically relevant times mapping results.

    Commentators and scholarship on which group lived where, and when has improved over time–and it is wonderfully also in some instances best facilitated through older commentator’s works and reference materials as well. As A Geographical Information SCience specialist, certified in computer systems mapping, natural resource discovery, and policy influencing statistically based mapping time studies, I would ask you to do the research on the subject you raised and then get back here with further suggested conclusions on the matter from the literature, and the geopraphical reference material viewed over time specifically. It cannot be isolated too from what is written as to the peoples of reference own history.

    Ethnic linguistics study, area maps, conquests of one group by another or others over history, placements, replacements and migrations are just some factors of consideration in drawing conclusions.

    Though your subject of inquiry is pretty easy to pursue, which areas constitute a Biblicallly prophetic Gog and Magog are not as readily pursued,and identified. These become interesting inquiries in themselves. One axiom of pursuit is to never assume that simply because of alike sounding modern map indications, over old area occupations and identifications, such ID whose who and where they be indeed presently or as to prophetic futures.

    Take the search for Noah’s Ark as a case in point, as to Biblical references of where it ended up, resulting present theories, probable postuations based on location and historical research in the past 150 years, and what have you? It proves that there are many conflicting well based claims to its whereabouts now, and as many questions as answers presently. It also shows petty rivalries between those over the years who became heavily invested in the search, and outcomes (in some instances even believing apparently that their own association with the process and their own assertions of discovery determined professionally who they were! What a can of worms for the many egos involved.).

    Here is a case where I would encourage you not to “ask Dr. Brown,” but to do the research, for it will prove interesting, revealing, and fun. God himself precisely knows the beginnings and endings of most Biblical references, their present bearing on present day realities, and their future inclusion or exclusion in Biblical Prophecy.

  6. Thank you, Jabez. I’ll begin my quest immediately and I promise not to bother anyone with trivial comments ever again.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you His peace.

  7. Sheila, Only if I can spread the peace, grace, and truth around will I accept such a blessing! Thank You. PS A place can be labeled over time with different names made for the same geographical location, as once in a journey of time’s changing current status reference. Time, space, and people group movements change their locations, area correlation(s), and placements.

  8. By humility people may become one with God and when one there is no need for two state solutions.
    If there be one state or two, one city or two, one nation or two, being one in God is what matters most. In the condition of being one, is anything of another that is not shared and is anything divided? Being one leaves one in one and all adds up to one. In the beginning there was one.

    Without being one there are no real solutions are there? But it’s not something that can be forced by law and certainly not by a third party. Can people be one if they have two Gods/gods? There is only one God to us.

    In humility people look to God. When they look to God do they see anything else? O, that we all look more to God.

    I hope Israel keeps all it’s land and looks to God.

  9. Jeremiah 30’s descriptive words point to a season after the Holocaust. Jeremiah 31 to the New Covenant began for Israel through the servant Messiah with his visitation. God will watch over the “peace process,” and do what He has promised however it goes. At the moment, with settlement construction resuming, Abbas is bowing out. They who hold Jerusalem hold a cup of trembling, which will involve the whole world’s attention, energies, and concern. He who holds the future will work through what is determined on to the fruit of grace, truth, and the Atonement (Acts 2:38 &39; 3:21). A two state solution is not the redemptive outcomes Jesus holds in His unique grasp.

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