1. If I were a Christian considering joining the military to serve my country and earn some benefits toward a higher education, I would want to think seriously about the consequences of where the military is now going concerning the gay agenda.

    As a Christian I would much rather see the military allow and encourage the things God approves of, and not allow the things that go contrary to his purposes.

    I think I would be wondering, “If I enlist in the Infantry, would I be ordered to dig a foxhole with a gay soldier in an army that considers homosexuality to be accepted as if there’s nothing wrong with it? Would I have to spend the long cold night in it with someone like that? What if he’s gay but has not yet made it known openly? Will there be a higher number of gays in the military as I might expect? What if I want to be a part of a Bible reading and prayer group? Will I be hated for my open views on homosexuality when they are in accordance with the Bible? Will I have the freedom of speech that our constituion protects? Will I be protected by it, or will part of my rights go away if I join the military? What about being under the command and control of an openly homosexual commander or sergeant? Could I always get a transer to another unit on the basis of homosexuality being in my chain of command? Will a homosexual hate a brother who is a Christian for the reason of his beliefs that homosexuality is a grievious sin? Will he be sent into harm’s way because of his beliefs? Is this the Army of one that I saw advertized during the football games on TV? Will we have the protection of God if we have lots of homosexuality in our unit? What will the regulations say about behavior that arises out of differing views about homosexuality? Can I have all this on my mind and still learn and do my duty?

    I once took part in a test. The test was to see if people would perform simple functions as well during times of distractions as well as they would during times of quiet, stillness, and peace.

    We were given some simple math problems, some reading and some questions which were at a level that we were able to perform. We did so in a quiet room with a peaceful atmosphere.

    Then we were given the same kind of work to do while someone kept turning the lights on and off, shouting at us, playing loud music, and causing other distractions. It was like a hateful environment. We did not perform well.

    Soldiers are trained to do their work in all kinds of environments, but shouldn’t the military do all it can to eliminate the enemy from within?

    Why would they want to let the enemy in? What purpose does it serve? Is it really God’s purpose to encourage such behavior? How will it affect other behavior? Is it something that opens the door to more trouble? How is that helping the military?

    Is this causing an unhealthy environment for the Christian, as well as all the military? Is it really in the best interest of the country?

    What politician do I write to?

  2. Will the military have homophobic classes that are manditory? Will a soldier have to go through such classes during inprocessing? Would he be endoctrinated by the gay agenda? Will some loose faith in God and go on their way toward hell? Will some of them go there permanantly on account of the wrong direction the military is going because of the gay agenda.

    If you are a parent, would you want your son or daughter to sign up at this time?

  3. I just heard that some men are refused by the military because they have gang related tatoos and that some branches will remove them for them.

    I heard of a Christian who was refused because of the tatoos yet it seems they want to accept openly gay homosexuals.

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