1. Thanks for good show.

    This is the season to repent of our sins and to go to our neighbours and make things right. The biblical year is like the drumbeat of God. It’s time to wake up!

    Here in Iceland we have a primeminister who is openly living as a lesbian. Iceland is the only country in the world to have an openly gay head of state. Althingi, the Icelandic Parliament, passed a law this summer allowing same-sex partners to get married in a vote which met with no political resistance but with grate resistance among all Church denominations. (Talking about peer pressure in Althingi)

    This week, the prime minister was on an official vistit to the Faroe Islands whit her “wife”, but her visti was not without controversy. An MP from the Faroe Islands refused to attend a state banquet held in honour of Icelandic prime minister official visit because she was there with her lesbian partner. In the media, all hell broke loose, and he is now condemned and persecuted because of his decision.

    What is your view on this?

  2. My view, Omar, is that apparently those in public offices are now publicly held as immune to other than a sexual behavior equality standard as being society’s highest moral reference (evidenced by many such presentations of conflictual moral ideas being reinforced by approval/disapproval in the press); whereas those regarding a heavenly plumb line stemming of their own church affiliated beliefs for moral reference standards have been condemned publicly for providing an extension of that reference into publicly expressed media thoughts. It was true 100 years ago that this situation was reversed in its past publicly esteemed recognitions and assumptions, as has reversed completely in the past fifty years due to what has been acknowledged as the so-called “sexual revolution”; this revolution has included, in a real sense, a spiritual revolution as to redefining what constitutes outrage and the new morality. The outrage you outline seems to be over the moral objector of conscience, rather than the state of lesbianism among political leadership in Iceland.

    It was and is and is becoming then, as to concern and reactions, a matter of public definition rather than other related standards. Even in Norway, my wife’s nation, and of Iceland’s founding people, the new equality standard has overtaken the past morality standard. So, the question becomes, as to public policy, law, and effect, what to do about it (where those of the morality standard are apparently in the minority, as not so in past times)?

    In order to strengthen the things that remain after this polarity shift over past regarded public leadership standards and public policy, we must now pursue putting laws on the books of our nations which protect our continued right to choose other than the new public standard for our faith communities and families assertions, for, the next shift south, so to speak, may outlaw our present bases for asserting morality by the Bible’s definitions in these contexts of life and living.

    Going from one pole to the other has happened. Without Revival touching the hearts and minds of those now basing law on their shifted standard, as has over 50 years of moral decline been set in place by legislators, press, and courts, it is not likely to revert to a conservative position long upheld by past conservative family based cultures/nations of faith and religious regard (of what was once a majority population make-up).

    It becomes vital then, for our heaven based outlook and its Way of life pursuit to not be outlawed, to not permit further erosion of the freedom to assemble, express our faith, to worship without encumbrance, and to raise and correct our children and the sphere of influence in which we do daily milieu and business–as it has been–as past lived out according to our New Covenant based beliefs.

    This translates into believers making assertive actions and postures supported by the body of believers, wherever one resides, to promote proactive stances by upholding essential litigation over these basic rights of assembly, family oversight, and expression, or, they too will be removed by the drift of a non plumb lined society. Law, to be legitimate, must be correlated with morality, and with grace and truth, as is founded given to us by our Creator-sustainer. With the shift to an earth based level of relativism for cultural absolute moral reference, the entire past notion of morality equating with stability for the best interests mutual care of one another as neighbors is abandoned for the pursuit of entirely another basis for society’s permissions and disapprovals.

    I would advocate being in touch with Jay Seculow, of the American Center for Law and Justice, to see what your options are in your nation. I would also pick up a copy of the Counseling book, Boundaries (Cloud and Townsend) to understand how communication and interpersonal assertion play into the presenting problem you have shared with us.

  3. And, although I appreciate that the basis for “Line of Fire” radio is to “engage the culture”, it remains unclear if an equal commitment to provide direction or leadership toward action plans to alter the culture is a pursuit of equal regard. Opinioning, as is encouraged here, goes so far, and statements too about the condition of culture goes so far (no matter how accurate in presentation). Is there not a greater burden given through such communication equippage, to rally hearts and minds here to formulate strategies on strategic and tactical levels to move beyond mere outrage and protest? Gandhi used the energy given by indignation to formulate actions which indeed changed the status quo of injustice and nonmercy he dealt with from a supposed Christian overlord, as did Martin Luther King so act.

    Could not the airing of cultural/spiritual concerns here also include direction for formulating countercultural responses based on New Testament values and truth with grace, not simply on giving opinions for agreement or disagreement as to matters of controversy? There seems to be something missing in the present formula’s commitment to the use of its resources as to achieved outcomes.

  4. Jabez, you wrote, “And, although I appreciate that the basis for “Line of Fire” radio is to “engage the culture”, it remains unclear if an equal commitment to provide direction or leadership toward action plans to alter the culture is a pursuit of equal regard.”

    That is a point well taken, since it is always our goal to help provide direction and leadership towards plans of action. We appreciate your prayers that we will be able to lay out more systematic and tangible plans of action that will address this very need.

    On the local level, we have done a number of things with God’s blessings, and we are praying about national strategies that will make a lasting impact. And, of course, the first step is always to awaken believers to the present realities so that we get our own lives right.

    But again, thanks for airing this very valid point once more. It does not fall on deaf ears.

  5. Michael L. Brown, I, my fellowship, and my house will be praying for this direction and intention for your already appointed and timely ministry. –Jabez H. PS, It is true that your debates and local encounters of your “tree’s” other associated ministries have tested the waters beyond outrage, and are positioned well to now move toward a larger national engagement of leadership directions we crave who hear your voices. If airing my complaint helps speed this process, so be it, my brethren.

  6. Dr. Brown, please consider as a national strategy
    a movement in each local church in which the vision of intercession by mediation, delivering judges in put into practice after people have been given the vision, the training, and encouraged to be used by anyone who has any matter against another and having gone to that one first, has not been heard, men and women who will act as those that plead the cause, doing so without partiality, without hypocristy, not for the sake of money, mammon, glory of man, recogniton of men, fame or fortune, but to act as useful intercessors by the gospel of Christ to plead for mercy when mercy is due, not hearing evil for the sake of evil, but hearing of things that are the cause of a present distress, things of injustice against another, and able to find something good on any given page of scripture, say what it is that they have found, thank God for it, for they will be called upon to walk through some dark situations and will need to be able to find some light, walking with staff in hand, finding water in dry places, doing justice, and judgment in the fear of God, keeping mercy and truth together, repenting of their sins as they become known to them, encouraging others to do the same, able men and women of God, doing the work of the ministy (ministry of reconciliation) according to each one’s ability in Christ Jesus,
    for if we had been doing this work, would we find our nation in the present distress that we are in?

    Has not the church as a whole failed in this their work?

    Please consider this, and if it seems right, share the vision.

  7. Jabez H.

    Thank you for sharing your view on this and for your advice to contact Jay Seculow, of the American Center for Law and Justice, to see what option we have here in Iceland. I will also order a copy of the Counseling book, Boundaries as you suggest.

    Dr. Brown, again I will thank you for being faithful to your calling, doing the work you do. I find strength in the things you share on your websites. Even though we have never met and I stumbled upon your websites by “accident” I do what I can to pray for you and hopefully one day I will be able to do some more.

    It is sad situation the world is in now. There is no need for God any more, no need for Creator to create the world,no need for God to teach us right from wrong.
    There is no need for father and mother to raise a child and to teach moral issues. In a letter I received from the Icelandic Minister of Education, she writes. “it takes an entire community to raise a child”

    With blessings to you all.

  8. Concerning the world around us and the times we are in,

    This morning I drove by an elementary school and the sign said something like “Constitution Day- Sep. 17th” or something like that. So it seems the school children will be learning about the nation’s constitution in some way or another.

    I’m concerned as to whether the teaching about it will be corrupt or not. I wonder if they will be told that they all have the right to read their Bibles on school grounds during any free time they have, pray, or not. Will they be told they may read any kind of religious material no matter what religion, philosophy, or dicipline they are of during such times, and whatever they have should be first cleared by their parents?, that is that they should not be involved in anything their parents do not approve of. Will they be told to walk in kindness toward one another, each respecting each other’s liberty? Will the teacher tell the students that if there is any trouble on the school grounds that they should ask for mercy, and whenever there is trouble they are encouraged to report it to the teacher who may act as a peace maker, asking for mercy when it is due? Will the teacher be encouraging each student to act as peace makers, being patient and kind to one another?

    I just returned from the grocery store and as I was walking toward it, I saw pride. That’s the first thing I saw. A lady had her chin up and it seemed pride was all around. I could sense it. I could feel it. I didn’t like it. It was as if there was a cloud of it that I would be walking up to.

    There is such a thing as a chin up in the air, and then there is such a thing as eyes off in the distance, and then there is such a thing as eyes up toward heaven. This was more like eyes down to something close on earth with a chin that was up.

    I could sense that something was about to happen.

    There were words, “#^!&” kind of language, earthly and devilish. One lady stepped out of her car and began with the same kind of talk that the other two were into, so now there were 3.

    I was almost to become involved as a would be intercessor, about to get in the middle of something that was not my trouble. I was about to make it some of my trouble, but I did not.

    I wonder if I should have. I think now that I should have stepped right in, pleading for mercy.

    I think I should have said, “Please, Please, have mercy.” “Have mercy, please.” And I would have to remember the cross. I might have even had to say, “Please remember the cross, Jesus bore for us.” and be an example of it, but I did not.

    Should I have become involved?

    Next time, I think. I think I might have another chance some time. That’s what it looked like to this would be intercessor.

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