1. Would it be right for a Christian to impose their
    will to wear some certain article of jewelry or symbolism that declares their religion or faith when the company they work for has already made it known that they will have their employees dress a certain way, and when asked why they do so, they respond by quoting Romans 13:1,2?

    Would that fit? (see Luke 12:1)

    ..like an old patch on some new clothing?

    Is the higher power the federal government or the constitution? I do not believe it is, in this instance. I agree with the man who called in saying that employers have certain rights and may determine the dress code of it’s employees.

    I do not believe that employers would be right to restrict Christians from sharing the good news of Christ by a strict policy during the time of their employment while on the job, but may require the employee to use discretion, be responsible, and accountable for such actions should they be found to offend others while walking outside the will of God.

    Does God move his children to offend those that do business with their employer to the end that the people decide to not do business with that company? If he does, it seems to me that he would want his child to locate to another company or work, unless the will of God is to impose his kingdom here upon earth at such a time and manner. If so, wouldn’t we see God being in the thing for good?

  2. I live in a city where there is a high Muslim population. They are Muslims who have immigrated here from Samalia. The women walk around in full Muslim garb covered from head to toe. They work in many jobs around here dressed in full Muslim garb, including the airport. I have no problem with the way they dress, as a Christian I would rather see them wear that than what many “Christian” women around here wear.

    There is a school here where I live that has a room set aside for Muslim children to pray. They do not have to ask to leave the classroom, but at their time of prayer, they can just get up and go to the prayer room. Now I have no problem with that in and of itself (even though I do have an issue with them not allowing Christians to do the same).

    Elijah did not try to prevent the prophets of Baal from having their prayer time. He was the one that offered it to them. He even gave them more time than he allowed for himself. Why? Because he realized that he did not fight flesh and blood but demonic powers. And he also realized that God is more powerful than every demonic power. So Elijah and the prophets of Baal both had their prayer time and the power of the true Living God fell on the whole nation. I have no problem with wiccans praying and Muslims or anyone else praying. If a few teenagers get so passionately in love with Jesus and begint o reflect Him in their school the power of the Holy Spirit will show up and the Muslims will be saved. All we need is teens who know Jesus and love Him so wholeheartedly that they bring fire with them. “Allah” or any other fake god cannot overpower the fire of the true and the living God.

    God send the fire.

  3. What happens if one imposes his liberty on others but it is not a liberty that God has ordained?

    Would he then be contrary to God’s kingdom?

    I trust that he would and also that we can see examples of this in the world in which we now live. It seems to be something that happens quite often in these times in which we now live.

  4. Appreciated the well-balanced perspective offered on the show as this entire Muslim/Christian debate is just raging (!) on different blogs…

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