1. regarding the final comment about cain and abel. I listened to an excellent teaching that deals with this by andrew wommack. http://www.awmi.net under the 5 part teaching “the true nature of God” you can find it in the free mp3 download section. Andrew explains why Cain got mercy, but under Moses there was no mercy, he also deals with issues like why Jesus forgave the women in adultery when Moses Law said to stone her, and why Elijah called down fire, then Jesus rebuked his disciples for wanting to do the same, He shows the harmony in all these Scripturs and helds us understand why God did it and who God really is. Blessings

  2. I heard a man call in about how his tongue has seemed to become limited according to the sounds
    over the years and became concerned about the apparent limitations, wondering if there was something he should do about it.

    One thing we can do is see if God is willing to help us expand our gift of tongues if it seems we have allowed ourselves to take some of the same well worn paths.

    How about attempting to start a line of sounds
    with a certain letter of the alphabet and doing the same with each letter of the alphabet and see if God is with you in the speaking of the sounds?

  3. Dr. Brown;

    I have a question regarding Ezekiel 39. While Israel has been surrounded and attacked, this was not accompanied by earthquakes etc. So presumably this is still a future event.

    My question is with regards to the sections that refer to horses in battle, horses that will be eaten by birds, and the burning of sheilds and spears for fuel. While the prediction is for the future, it seems unlikely that horses will be ridden into battle and that spears and sheilds will be used again.

    Now I realize that swords and even horses may be representative of weapons that could not be put into words at the time. However, if there were a war tomorrow with Israel, it seems the tanks and metal guns and weapons would not be useful as a fuel substitute. How do we make sense of this prophecy in light of modern society in which this prophecy will occur?

  4. It seems to me that though Cain showed no repentance for killing his brother, (without cause)
    God by setting his mark on him (divine protection)
    gave Cain time for repentance.

  5. For anyone who thinks there is no such thing as speaking in tongues, I will tell you that it is indeed real, a real gift of God, a real manifestation of the holy spirit which Jesus sent.

    Many years ago (20) I began attending meetings with some Christians my age group and they all were speaking in tongues. At each of the meetings
    the leader of the meeting would usually call on someone to speak in tongues and interpret.

    They gave the sounds of an unknown language and then an interpretation in English, the language we all understood. The message was praise to God speaking of his wonderful works and built us up in our knowledge of him and his care for us.

    So I heard the various languages of their tongues, each being different, each unknown language having it’s own particular sounds and manners.

    I remember how I became so interested in speaking in tongues, wanting to do the same. I remember how I would try to imagine what to say and how to say it, thinking I could simply assemble some constanants and vowels together and simply do it.

    But tongues is a gift and a sign that God is real
    and that it is supernatural, an interacting of the spirit of God with us.

    I began speaking in tongues one night when I was determined to receive it. I remember the dealing in my heart that I went through with God, a dealing through faith, a wrestling, and then an attempt or two at speaking in tongues, and then a receiving of tongues, a language that began to flow supernaturally, a giving of what to say by the spirit of God which came as fast as I was speaking what had come to me to say. It flowed and would not stop until I stopped speaking.

    God stopped giving me what to say when I stopped speaking. As long as I was receiving, he kept giving. As long as I kept giving, I kept receiving.

    I found that I could read a book and speak in tongues silently and not be much distracted. I could keep my mind on what I was reading and continue to speak in tongues to God.

    I found that I could listen to people and speak in tongues silently.

    What I couldn’t do is speak in tongues as I speak my known language.

    Tongues is very real. If you are a Christian and you don’t yet speak in tongues. You will.

  6. Yes, Tongues are real and tongues are for here and for now just as they were for Pentecost. I first received tongues at the age of 15 while praying for the gift of tongues and suddenly the Holy Spirit took control my tongue and I spoke uncontrollably for several minutes by the power of the Holy Ghost. Please remember that the Bible says tongues do us know good “and I am speaking to myself as well” If we do not have love. Just a reminder to all of us who seek the gifts of the spirit that love is the greatest gift!

  7. So it seems God made the heavens a shield to divide the waters from the waters, those above from those below, a separation for protection,
    the waters above being reserved for either his land, his mercy, or his judgment.

    The heavens are his shield. The righteous will pass through it to be received by him through his spirit because of Jesus.

  8. When I looked up the word shield in my dictionary
    I saw that it had a picture of a shield and on the shield a cross.

    Everyone in heaven is accepted and protected by it.

  9. Hello,

    I am brand new at this, so, this is my first time reading these entries on Dr. Brown’s site, as well as my first time responding.

    Ray wrote: “It seems to me that though Cain showed no repentance for killing his brother, (without cause)
    God by setting his mark on him (divine protection)
    gave Cain time for repentance.”

    I’ve thought long and hard on this mark of Cain, and that God said anyone who kills Cain will receive seven times retribution. I think perhaps the Lord made Cain simple-minded, you know, somewhat mad, as, even to this day, especially in the Middle East, simple-minded persons are afforded protection and not condemnation. Just a thought.

    Your sister in Yeshua,


  10. If tongues is considered relevant to this forum thread I would offer some thoughts on the matter and gift.

  11. As for firmament, and separating the waters from the waters, etc.,Genesis describes understandings we cannot instantly grasp, yet, undoubtedly, are very accurate in description and as to the outworkings of our Creator God and what he created. Some would say He has been silent on the matter since Genesis, and they would be in error.

    We also await the Return, and its outworking, in time, of the Restoration of All Things spoken of Old in Genesis to a prefallen state of existence.

  12. So if the firmament is indeed a shield as a word may imply, I wonder how and what it so shields. (there are so many ways and things, I suppose)

    It seems almost to me as if God would say, something like…that he made space in it’s vastness to cause men to know that they by their own understanding can not find out God. For his ways are higher than ours.

    It’s as if (if I may so say) God were saying or were to say, “I will be known as a God of order by the universe, even though men will not be able to figure me out on their own. The day is coming and will come when they will know me by my spirit…” etc.

  13. Dear Dr. Brown, a point of interest to consider.
    A firmament is the resolve to this dispute, regardless of ‘how’ the universe became; whether it evolved or whether a God created it; Either way, it only evolved as far as a formless and void mass of rock, suspended in space, covered entirely in water and furthermore in a state or condition that was impossible to sustain life as we know it here to date, therefore rendering our history nonexistent… Let’s consider that implication;

    Our planet, ‘He called earth’ was in a formless and void state with water all over it when the documented record of the account takes place, which we hold to be the words of God, the foundation of our faith, it is also the lone source of the entire dispute vs. the world.

    The true question is; what do we believe God to have made? If it is the universe, then the planet is still formless and void under water and thus our history never became, for there was no dry. Nor is there any account documented to testify anything prior to that void condition…

    So question, what are we as man believing ‘God’ to have made? Vs. What the testament of God’s word says He made… His word proclaims He ‘made’ a firmament to divide the waters,,, which in turn, created a space between now two waters, above and under, then called the space between the two ‘heaven’ and now also subsequent to this divide God made,,, waters on the planet can be gathered together into one place, and the ‘dry’ can appear He called earth and furthermore this divide allows for everything else to occur chronologically in the account… The firmament declares His creation of the world. The origin of the universe does not…

    Now, other than being diverted into the vast abysmal darkness of confusion and speculation of the universe to defend that truth would not be the author of. The crux of our subsequent dilemma is that we are left with a blind spot enabling us to clearly see the visible verification of the creation account as testified by that very God’s word…

    What if man could see His verified truth? Is where my hope lies.

    Our blind spot is the opening vision of our planet, not known by name as of yet, with water all over it… Now if you can see the planet covered in water suspended in space, and that’s all we have? When God divides the waters from the waters we are left with only one scenario of what that could look like. See the planet covered in water, as God divides half of the waters or so above the planet, and the waters on the planet gather together to one place, where ever that might be, then at some point all the water above floods back to the planet, would that not recover the planet back to its original void state? Or the divided waters above the firmament remain above the waters under it, then our current alleged mystery is where are the waters above, that being understood should be clearly seen but are clearly not? We have no identified location for the displacement of the waters, on the earth or above it…

    Our blind spot is in this question; when we see the planet in space covered in water, other than the water, what does the planet have in common with any other planet we know of?

    Your only answer should be; it’s round… It’s round or spherical, with water all over it… What form would you say then, any planet we know of, is in? Again, its form is round…

    Well, according to the documented testament of ‘God’s’ account, this planet was without form, covered entirely with H2o… I wonder what that might look like.

    I pray your wonderment is sparked. To clearly see the resolve of the firmament in truth and in more specific detail that will clear up all inquiry to this proclamation, I ask that you go to; firmament-theresolve.com and if you find it to be revealing which I pray you will, you might share it with your peers… Just take your time and it will reveal itself to you, for only ‘truth’ can…


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