1. I remember being inprocessed at my first permanant duty station after basic training when I was in the military.

    During this time we were talked to about racism and it seemed to me that they treated it as a very serious matter, one of near zero tolerance.

    In the meeting we not only listened to some orientation about how that branch of the service and this particular duty station in particular did not tolerate racism, but we also listened to soldiers of our group of diverse races tell of how they preferred to be mentioned in reference to their race.

    One of a particular race prefered to be called one thing and another of the same race took offence to that term and prefered another term.

    So we learned that it was a sensitive matter, one that we would have to be sensitive about, or one that would require some discrimination on our part.

    On the bus ride back to our assembly area, there was a group of soldiers of one particular race
    that gathered in the back of the bus. They began laughing, joking, and carrying on. It was then that some of us smelled the smell of marijuana.

    It was coming from the back of the bus, but nobody
    said anything, though this military installation also had what seemed to me to be a zero tolerance policy of this particular contraband in addition to what we also learned about in the meeting.

    The bus driver was wearing civilian clothing. I assumed him to be one of the non-military personell.

    I remember how I expected some of the higher ranking soldiers to say or do something, but I heard nothing.

    I later learned how to keep a pen and paper and how a pen is also used against the enemy. I had a lot to learn.

    To this day I wonder if there were soldiers working under cover that were behind all this, but it still shouldn’t have happened that way.

  2. In response to your thought provoking topic on “INTOLERANT OR TOLERANT” I believe “times have a changed” as the world is much more crowded than it was in the Archie Bunker era and people are rubbing elbows and have embarked upon ethnocentric beliefs viewing their race as more superior to other races. With the advent of PETA came PEEP(People exasperated by the existence of other people)it’s sad to see what has become of our society as I am a 50 something former hipster of the seventies and I remember a time of tolerance. WOW! holy cow!!!!!! I just heard to say N*****,holy cow! You have chutzpah! God bless your bravery! You actually said it out loud, on the radio. I hope no one gives you any grief over using the N-word as you were using it in the context of an example,the same way Ms. Schlesinger did only because she was making a point about the N-word being slung around by Blacks using the word “affectionately” at other Blacks and how the Black race should not have a license to use such an offensive word merely by virtue of their race. God bless you Dr. Brown! WOW! I will be praying that the P.C. forces don’t come down on you. I know your heart is right and so does 99.9% of the rest of your audience.

    God Bless You

  3. Suppose a Christian visits a church and meets a Trinitarian pastor who says that Jesus is God and it’s not even worth discussing. Is that tolerant or intolerant?

    Suppose a Christian who has not given himself over to the Trinitarian discipline, frequents a Trinitarian church which is known for it’s apologetics in defending the doctrine of the Trinity, and requires all of it’s members to partake of those apologetics in it’s new member’s class in order to be allowed to participate in ministry activites. Tolerant or Intolerant?

    Suppose a Christian attends a new members class
    and the minister goes on and on about the Trinity,
    and doesn’t allow the Christian to share his views to see if they are in alignment with the scriptures. Tolerant or Intolerant?

    Suppose a Christian confesses the things he finds in scripture about Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit, but does not worship using the word Trinity when refering to God, and is for that reason not treated as the rest of the group. Tolerant or Intolerant?

    Suppose a Christian is against those who would require others to speak of Jesus only as the Son of God and strive to correct others if ever they would speak of Jesus in other terms, such as being a triune person for example. Tolerant or Intolerant?

    Suppose a Christian is against those who seek to require all others to see and speak of Jesus as the Son of God only, even though he himself has not given himself over to the Trinity doctrine, to be a promoter, encourager, or teacher of it.
    Tolerant or Intolerant?

    Suppose a church preaches the gospel in a Trinitarian format and requires all of it’s members to of necessity agree with all that it teaches in order for them to be accepted as a member of the Church.
    Tolerant or Intolerant?

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