1. Why should Israel worry about Iran when God, wanting to protect his integrity, will never foresake Israel?

    Let Iran etc do whatever they want, because nothing anyone can do can tarnish the name of the LORD.

  2. I don’t think we as Christians have automatic protection 24/7 to the extent that we should not be concerned about what’s happening around us.

    Certainly we don’t want to become overly concerned to the point that we become overly troubled.

    I can take great comfort knowing that God will never leave me nor forsake me, but this doesn’t mean that I could not find that I had turned from him and did not realize how far away from him I had strayed until he again got ahold of my attention in some way.

    It’s a fearful thing to fall into his hands if it’s for judgment, for what I deserve for my actions, for my correction, and for my salvation.

    We need to be careful in this life and watch. There’s a lot we need to do. The consequences of not doing what we are to do may be severe and can be of whatever form they may be without our being prepared.

    We ought not to think that we are allowed by heaven to tempt God in any way by what we say or do. We as Christians can’t well afford to be careless. We don’t know when the Lord comes for correction or blessing, but we are told to watch and how to walk.

    It seems that God requires more of those who are in covenant with him, than those who have never been.

    We often discredit God by our words and deeds, likely more often than we are willing to see. By the grace of God who saves us, he may often overlook a lot of what we have done. We owe so much to Jesus.

  3. Ben, The history of Israel in scripture tells us that watchmen, prophets, Kings, and true priests were all called to certain responsibilities which helped Israel stand or fall to foreign influences and dominance. A read of Daniel, Jeremiah, or Isaiah tell us that there is a balance of responsibility for those of faith in the land to seek and obey the Lord, not ignore, be apathetic, or disobey the Lord to receive his advocacy and blessing. With rights or divine right comes responsibility. A read of Mattew 23-25, and the Revelation of John are sobering in this regard. To any people group to whom much is given much will be expected. This does not read “go on automatic cruise control” any way you look at it, and, since the Holocaust, many leaders in Israel, of Israel, have not disregarded the necessity of being watchmen, and preparers for inevitable conflict and testing of the chosen Land and the chosen People. What has been defined in prophetic terms by modern Israel, and what is yet to be defined? What are the balances of responsibility of overseeing the land–between those regathered, and the Lord on behalf of His promises?

  4. Wonderful news to hear how Yeshua is being exalted in Israel and numbers of His faithful growing! Hallelujah!!

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