1. Though I’m confident that the Lord will continue to usher people into His kingdom, I believe the hallmark of the latter days will be both deception and apostasy.

    I believe that apostasy is not only referring to those who have left the church, but also those that have not maintained the historical practice of faith + repentance. Pews are filled with believers that see no value in repentance; they, according to their understanding, “can have their cake and eat it too.”

    If I’m already called, justified, and glorified, why do I need to give up carnal, sinful living?

    Is it really an end-time revival if the greatest portion of new converts are living unrepentant lives?

  2. Greg,

    Thanks for your comments and perspective, but I must confess that I don’t follow your last question, where you ask, “Is it really an end-time revival if the greatest portion of new converts are living unrepentant lives?”

    Since the vast, vast majority of all converts worldwide are outside of the USA, and since many, if not most of these converts have to follow Jesus despite many social and religious obstacles, why would you assume they are living unrepentant lives?

    I’m totally with you on faith+repentance but I’m not following your last comment, unless you were speaking of modern American converts.

  3. I wonder if some of those who plant churches are expecting the Lord to reward them for their labors when they ought to be seriously considering if he will have them up before his judgment seat facing racketeering charges.

  4. Good point Dr. Brown.

    I was primarily speaking from what I perceive about the church in America and possibly Europe.

    I’m not well informed on the greater church population. I just hope we’re not exporting a gospel devoid of repentance.

  5. Greg,

    To be sure, we are exporting a poor representation of the gospel around the world, but for the most part, most of the growing Church worldwide is unaffected by the modern-day, carnal prosperity, non-repentance, what’s in it for me message. They have not been tainted by it, thank God, plus it doesn’t work well in the midst of persecution.

    This is a good read on the growing global church: http://www.amazon.com/Next-Christendom-Coming-Global-Christianity/dp/019518307X/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1281663073&sr=8-4.

  6. Dr Brown
    I’m berry confuse with the apostasy in the path of the lord, and these so many pastors of prosperity, preaching that the lord is going to bless more if they give tithes, and if they don’t ,They are stealing from the lord
    My question is , are you all about the money, ore all about what GOD said ,for grace I have given you for grace you shall give
    I enter this page and here are charges for preaches ,for the debates, so it makes me wonder in the other hand, here is line of fire, where you are letting yourself guide by the holy spirit and help answer question
    So my point is ,I pray for you and your work ,because someone who at the beginning of his relationship with GOD was learning 20 versus of the bible a day ,I know you where anointed by the holy spirit
    So I hope you are touch by the holy spirit, and start giving your knowledge to the world for free ,and I’m not talking of your books ,your work is your work that has a price so of course there is a balance, I don’t know if I’m making sense am just a gentile searching for more of GOD, and I can only do this seeking man of GOD, and I know you are a man of GOD ,I just had this in my heart so I had to let it out .
    Thank you for listening GOD bless you and your work

  7. I believe that we are living in the last days, but Jesus would have us to be busy with the affairs of the Father He comes back. Therefore, we in the Body need to get busy. I also believe that revival is coming and has come. God loves unsaved people, and many who have lived far from His ways are going to be saved and set free. I take this as a promise from God. Let’s not hide in our churches and christian subculture. Let’s go out and share Christ with those who don’t know Him. Prayer walk. Pray for those around you at work and elsewhere.

    Apostasy is out there. Yet, I think it’s important that we understand how apostasy is happening — especially with christians who come from Bible-believing backgrounds. There are common factors that I see happening.

    1- In some cases, we have christians who don’t know their Bible. Therefore, they are open to deception.

    2- There are christians who have been wounded in church. They became bitter. I have struggled with this before. Some stop going to church altogether. Some end up in churches that are either dead or compromising.

    3- There are many evangelical christians who grew up in churches that taught right knowledge and right doctrine, but they hungered and thirsted for more of God. They were never taught about the power of God and the demonstration of His power. So they are easily drawn away to beliefs and practices outside of the Lord.

    4- Some christians, of course, have found that they love the things of this world more than God.

    Apostasy is bad. There are other reasons that christians may be falling away. But these are the trends that I see happening.

    Dr Brown, I have only been listening to your show since the spring. I was wondering what your view on the emergent church movement was. I searched your archive in case you’ve touched on it before but couldn’t find any reference to it. I’d love to hear your view.

  8. I’m now 19 minutes into the program.

    I would like to encourage everyone listening to take notes. Spontaneous thoughts?, write them down. Put something on the blog.

    Here’s some things I wrote down:

    Victories and Conflicts

    Prepare for the role of the intercessor.

    You may want to note scriptures about delivering judges, justice, mercy and truth, etc.

    The future belongs to the intercessor. (I heard this years ago on TV waking up to the program)

    The last call is a call to intercession. (Sons of Thunder, by James Ryle)

    God has many last calls. (said by a prophetic musician, Don Potter.)

    Think about what intercession is. What does it mean? How will it be used? What will it look like?
    What will intercessors do?


    We have just entered a decade of those three. (recent word by Kim Clement)

    Some of this has been with me for years. It doesn’t go away.

  9. We are in the last days, coming from Europe and seeing the depravity that is taking place there and at —>the pace it is taking place.
    It is as well happening here as we know.
    America is a young country and my prayers is that this young country will ketch what is happening and we would see a revival.
    Thanking God for leaders of the church who are been faithful to preach the Word and mostly the prophecies of what is to come.

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