1. If we have a loved one that has passed away from this life to be with the Lord, we will grieve. We will morn because of our loss and they will be missed.

    If we find ourselves with some burden of the heart because of something we did to them, or something we should have done for them and we did not, if we have some unresolved matter with that one who has passed away, some unfinished business, we may take that to God in prayer.

    If they were here upon this earth we could go to that one, but now that they are gone we find that we can not.

    We can ask God if he will tell someone this or that, whatever the burden of the heart is. If we ask according to his will we can trust that he hears us.

    In the scripture God teaches us to go to someone at times. At times that is according to his will.

    I have had some burdens of the heart concerning a loved one that had gone on to be with the Lord, and they were lifted after I did this, asking God to tell such a one, this or that, whatever it is
    that was the concerning the cause of my trouble.

    Yes, God really does both bear our burdens and load us with benefits.

    Imagine a baby getting a message from God that came all the way from this earth because a mother
    who had an abortion, asked God to tell such a one that what she did was wrong and is in need of their forgiveness.

    Would that be so bad?

    Now are there foolish things people could do by asking God things? Certainly sometimes we do foolish things and will be help accountable to God for them. We should take prayer seriously.

    God also can hear prayers for lost pets. Sometimes we suffer because of them too. God loves to heal troubled souls. It’s good to cast your burdens upon the Lord. (Psalm 55:22)

    If we keep this in the perspective of real burdens of the heart, I trust that God is able to keep us on the right path on this matter.

    I know nothing from the scripture that prevents us from doing this.

    If you know you did somebody wrong and they passed away, are you going to wait till you see them in heaven to tell them something? That’s up to you. Some people may want to do that while others people knowing they can not communicate with them will take the thing to God in prayer and they might ask God if he will tell that one this or that, whatever it may be that is a burden upon their heart at the time.

    And what if God lifts the burden in this manner?
    What does that teach us? It should teach us a few things about God. I believe God heals us through prayer lots of times. I believe God has no limits in what he can do as long as the thing is true, right, just, and according to his will. He will judge sinners.

  2. Questions about suffering and divine intervention
    are deep questions. Like Job I don’t like it if people want to cut into me and don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t think I would want a doctor to do that.

    It’s not always easy to properly respond to that kind of treatment.

    And isn’t it something how the same people can also be the ones who will do nothing if they do see your sins? That doesn’t help a man either.

    God has his work and we have ours. There are some lines we don’t want to cross. There are questions I shouldn’t ask, just as there are answers I might not be able to bear.

    Proverbs 3:5 comes to mind…the next few verse also. It seems like this whole chapter of Proverbs came up in the book of Job.

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