1. Our love in Him does not seem to be “perfected by obdience to [Mosaic] Torah,” but by obedience to our Lord’s stated preferences of his commandments, made in the NT. Evidence of this exists throughout church history, and for NC saints, cannonized and otherwise. We ARE adopted children of God, given rights and responsibilities, not cultic Mosaic participants in the tribal community.

  2. Matthew Janzen,

    Would you be so kind as to answer Jabez H. as He and I are always going back and forth. It seems that you might have a way of expressing yourself that might be more conducive to a productive dialogue.


  3. Hi, Jabez H.

    Just wanted to briefly comment on your last post. I agree that we should be looking to our Lord, Yeshua the Messiah, following in His teachings. If we do this we must realize that He was an avid observer of the Law of Moses, telling those He taught not to even think that He came to destroy the law (Mt. 5:17). Involved in the context of His statement He also teaches us to let OUR light shine so that others may see OUR good works that glorify the Father (Mt. 5:16). He teaches us that WHOEVER breaks even the least of the commandments and teaches others to do so will be called least in the Kingdom (Mt. 5:19). Following Yeshua means following His teachings, and He taught to keep the Torah.

    Most people have a paradigm of the Mosaic Law being bondage, a yoke, weird, outdated, cultic, archaic, primitive, etc. This paradigm does not come from a study of the Torah itself, nor from a study of what those in Israel who believed in the Torah, felt about the Torah. Psalm 19:7 has David saying the Torah is perfect and that it converts the soul. He continues on in the same Psalm by saying that the Torah is more to be desired than much fine gold and is sweeter than the honeycomb. He finishes by saying that we are warned by studying Torah – that is, it teaches us what will harm us in all walks of life. He concludes by saying that in the keeping of the Torah there is great reward.

    I believe we should look to the Scriptures to see how Yahweh’s followers felt about the Torah and not follow in the traditions of men that so many people have bought into, almost unknowingly.


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