1. The testimony of God raising the dead child back to life after the meeting sounds right to me. I didn’t hear anything strange in it.

    It seems to me that churches ought to schedule a true revial. I think it’s time we should plan on it. Shouldn’t churches put signs outside advertising revival beginning soon? What’s wrong with that?

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong in doing that unless we don’t know how to begin a revival or are unwilling to begin to revive spiritually.

    I’ve never heard of a church that’s planned a true revival. I’ve never heard of one that’s organized a real revival.

    It seems to me that once they get the work going that the word “revival” might seldom be heard because people will be so busy talking about all that God is doing, how he’s changing things, and people will see everyone coming alive and talking about everything else, so much so that they won’t even be thinking about how alive they’ve become.
    The will simply be full of life and be living it, thankful to God that they found the key to living the life that Jesus came to give them.

  2. “It seems to me that churches ought to schedule a true revival. I think it’s time we should plan on it. Shouldn’t churches put signs outside advertising revival beginning soon? What’s wrong with that?”

    I hear what you are trying to say but overall, it is God who ultimately schedules the revival. If a local church doesn’t prepare spiritually such as pray/fast for years, doesn’t hear from God, goes ahead to advertise revival and God doesn’t show up, we mislead the public.

  3. for years, huh? If a church is praying and fasting for years, most likely they’re already in revival, or renewal, or whatever you want to call it.

    Of course its requirement for God to come, but as far as I recollect from Finney’s Autobiography, he would send some intercessors ahead of him and a month or two later go himself. All with amazing results.

    It is true that there are things that require years of travail, but I think–in a lot of ways– we make revival much more difficult than it has to be.

  4. Dr. Brown, you should contact them (The Young Turks) on this issue, as I’ve observed Cenk Uygur making the same egregious error many times before.

  5. It’s true that God brings the revival not men.
    All men can do at best is position themselves spiritualy to receive whatever it is that God has promised and wait patiently for it to happen.

    If God has promised a way out of desolation and a pastor sees it, and has determined to take the path God has laid out ahead that he has seen, he may expectantly anounce that God is about to revive his church, if he in fact has something within him that has convinced him of that fact.

    Some of God’s promises are upon a condition. Savation itself depends on our participation as well as what Jesus has done and will do. God didn’t leave us out of our own salvation. He included us in it and also in the process of it even though we can by no means save ourselves without his help or grace which is found in Christ.

    Suppose we see something that we know we haven’t been doing and we know we have fallen short of what God wants us to do, and that we also understand that God has taken this matter very seriously, so much so that he has brought his people into bondage for not doing this thing in the past.

    In such a situation would it be right to simply wait on God and pray that God bring about some lifegiving renewal, work of restoration, or some other form of quickening to our souls and spirit if we were to leave it all to him alone and are not willing to participate in doing the work required that will cause us to enjoin him his way according to his directions given?

    We can’t afford to leave everything to him alone if he has left something for us to do before he goes into action on our behalf.

    We can’t afford to be waiting for someone to catch up with us if such a one is far ahead of us, waiting for us to catch up with him.

    We can’t cause revival to happen simply by making an annoucement. If we had some revelation, some sense of direction, or some kind of direction we know God wants us to go and we also see the benefits of it and some of what God is willing to do for us if we will walk in obedience to what he has already given us, then we might by expectant trust make some kind of anouncement which we will be held responsible for.

    I’ve seen some things in the scripture that cause me to seriously wonder why I haven’t seen or heard the church doing these things.

    Sometimes I think we should determine that we will begin to do some of these things and go ahead
    and plan on what we expect God will do.

    By planning on what he will do, if our plans are truly laid upon his foundation and his design, we will be able to make proper planning for producing
    some perfect projects.

    We might make mistakes and even expect that we will, but we also may realize that if the project is specified by God, that it is therefore a perfect one, one that is well worth the pursuit.

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