1. Christians definitely need to get on the offensive in this gay right agenda. I suggest that we do like they have done for years and have “The Right to Believe” parade except not just once a year, but every month since we are being assaulted in every aspect of our lives!

  2. We need to be like Lot who was found in the gate of the city, working as a delivering judge, when the two witnesses of the Lord came.

  3. In the case of a student whose professors use their position or authority to corrupt their conscience or soul, the student should go to that one first and if the student is not heard, take another with them, and if they are not heard, tell the whole matter to the educational system, as well as the whole student body.

    If nothing changes, I suppose one could take a picture of a whisk broom taking the dirt off the bottom of the shoe (with the school in the background of the picture) and label that picture #1, then take another picture of the dirt being swept into a dustpan, label that one #2, take a picture of it going into an envelope….

    And though we are told that we should not go before worldly courts with a matter against another, (I Cor 6:1) it seems to me that there are times when we should go to the law, though they are few.

    When a student invests a lot of money and time toward a degree, they should have the right to expect to not be required to accept unjust treatment to such extent as some have been subjected to by those who support the gay agenda.

    Maybe we are at the time when a prospective student has to ask the school about such policies, or where the school stands on such issues before sending the first check toward their education.

    Maybe it’s time for every prospective student to ask to meet with the professors and ask them where they stand on certain moral matters before enrollment.

    Maybe it’s time for every prospective class president to ask the school if it is allowed for the class to choose out from among it, 7 students who are of a good report, who may be called upon to hear matters whenever there is one who has anything against another, has gone to that one first and has not been heard, who are willing to hear (not evil for the sake of evil) whatever is the cause of any present distress, find out what is right, plead for mercy on behalf of any who is oppressed, which ever party that may be at the time, willing to do the same for each of the parties involved, desiring to be just toward all, without partiality or hypocrisy, willing to use a dictionary to look up words such as kindness, patience, mercy, truth, and peace, and in the yearbook they could be called “the magnificent 7”.

    Maybe that will help prepare them for college.

    Maybe they should have the support of their parents, pastor, and church.

  4. I have followed the Julea Ward from the beginning. What strikes me is the issue of who determines values in society. In reading the 48 page decision of Judge Steeh, there was an unquestioning acceptance of the code of ethics which required Ms. Ward to accept homosexuality as acceptable.
    While there were several legal theories addressed in Judge Steeh’s opinion, the following quote in equal protection analysis seems to be a good summary – “EMU has a compelling interest to design and maintain a counseling program meeting the CACREP accreditation standard, and its measure to enforce this goal is narrowly-tailored: it is not so under-inclusive that it only targets plaintiff’s religion, nor is it so over-inclusive that it substantially regulates aspects of students’ personal lives outside of their professional conduct.”

    Translation: (1) Accreditation trumps Julea Ward’s convictions. (2) You can’t prove you were a target. What happened to you was incidental, therefore you have no remedy. (3) Religion can be divided into professional and personal segments of our life. What occurred didn’t reach out into your personal life so it is acceptable. By the way, don’t think you can bring your Christianity into your professional life.

  5. Regarding Jennifer Keeton — here we have a moral young woman who is having to fight a state university for the right to hold her virtuous views — while immorality can be paraded with impunity as well as lauded! What a dangerous course our country is on!

  6. That’s a good idea, Pamela.

    While nobody wants gays to be treated wrongly, and such bad conduct does nothing for our cause, we do need to have some demonstrations of our numbers so that the world at large recognizes that we’re still very much here and we have no intentions of watering down our beliefs.

    On Facebook, there is a Wear A Christian T-Shirt Day slated for August 10th, nationwide. Someone suggested it be held monthly, which I think is a good idea. One might think, “Wearing a t-shirt? How’s that going to do any good?” Well, the gay agenda gathers momentum by seeming to be everywhere. They’ve even co-opted the rainbow as their symbol! We can also embolden each other by wearing a visible sign of our love for and allegiance to, God and His moral standards.

    I’ve decided to participate — even if I am the only one in my town.

  7. T-shirts with a Christian message can be a good witnessing tool as well as bumper stickers and the like.

    Now there are stick-on decals that can be bought that can be displayed on rear windows of our cars.

    I wonder how many people will become born again because they read something on the back of a car window while stuck in rush hour traffic.

    Justification by faith in Jesus Christ is righteous.

    Jesus died to save sinners.

    The soul of Jesus is a life giving spirit.

    Jesus commended his spirit into the hands of God and the rocks rent and the earth shook.

    There is no end to the praises of our God.

  8. #6. 6.”Our country” being on such “a course” may indeed be because each secular educational enterprise can develop into an empire erected for those empowered by working the condescending demeanor of that empire. Such espouse tacit qualifications of appropriateness and silent sanctions positioned in place of conversationally achieved community bonds. The social pyromantics that condemned Jennifer mock interminable grace, rather than consider how mercy, love, kindness, and justice bear on all of us. The kind of heart that disapproves Jennifer is the hard-edged blunt ax of despondency.

  9. “The kind of heart that disapproves Jennifer is the hard-edged blunt ax of despondency.”

    Yes, and they are depressing as well as depressed. That’s why we need to show our colors ! August 10th! Show symbols of what brings you joy! Jesus! Mercy! Goodness! Let your freedom through Christ flag fly high! Whether on your t-shirt or in front of your house, or on your car, etc. I’m Christ’s and I’m glad!

  10. Jabez,I have to admit I do not always understand everything you write but I believe I agree with most all of it and I do enjoy reading your opinons.God Bless You!

  11. “On Facebook, there is a Wear A Christian T-Shirt Day slated for August 10th, nationwide.”

    Thanks for pointing this out, Ruth–I will certainly be participating and will tell others.

    Blessings in Christ.

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