1. In regard to the title question, I think that what we’re really talking about here is what are christians willing to do to get the approval of the unbelieving world. Somewhere along the way, unfortunately, some in the Body of Christ have been deceived into thinking that approval from the world will bring a bigger audience to Jesus. To a degree, I used to be deceived into thinking this way. But then the Holy Spirit convicted me. I realized that I had been so easily deceived because idolatry, love of worldly things, and dependence upon the opinions of people stood in a higher place in my heart. Praise God that He had mercy and set me free from this idolatry. I’m not perfect, but I am much more particular of what I do, watch, and partake in. I want to love God more than the world.

    I did a little Internet searching, and I think that I’ve found the pop singer that Dr Brown was speaking of — although I won’t mention her name. I believe that it is legitimate to say that her performances are not godly. However, I would encourage all of us to pray for her and her husband that they would be led away from thinking that they are representing Christ.

  2. This is an inresting topic. There is no question about it, we as believers in Yeshua have been given this gift of a new life- to have eternal life with G-d. Since we have this gift, we must be like the gift, Yeshua. Yeshua was holy, even all the sin in His days, we was 24 7 holy and Torah observant. Also His disciplines was to. They were able to save people for thier righteousness, doing miracles because of the seperation to G-d and not to the world. We a western Christians have lost the defition for Hoiliness, seperation, and obediance. Holiness is a must for all those who say they are a follower of Yeshua. Yeshua said we must hate all things to be a discipline of His. Yeshua said we can not serve two masters, whoever is a friend of the wrold is not a friend of G-d, also His Kingdom is not of this world. The lines of Christianity has been blurred or greyed. This video is not godly in any way. She does not have to be a minister to be a discipline- not to judge her, however it is wrong for her to mislead people. I wonder how G-d see’s her and her husband and others like her. We must honor Yeshua, the one who died for us. If we said we must all wear black shoes, would not we. But He says live holy, His holiness not ours. We can live in this world and still be holy. Me and my wife have made the decsion to throw away all the movies that have bad content that might taint us spriritually and dishonor Yeshua.
    I believe all believers need to prayfully and scriptually seek the truth with us. And let the truth in Yeshua lead us. I just found out the there is Christian UFC fighters. They promote the gospel by beating up another person. I see no where in the bible that this okay. Christians in Roman history were against the fighting and killing of that day, and were persuecuted for that even to death. We as believers need to remeber our lives is always under the eye of the Kingdom. We are not to be like the world, but be there to save the world because of the righteousness.

  3. Pat Mahoney being arrested for praying on a public sidewalk is just another example of our society turning farther away from God.

  4. One of the ways of the world is to avoid going to one who has been in the wrong. Often they will not take another with them if they had gone to them first in private to confront them on their sin but were not heard. (See Matt 18:12)

    If a man is found praying in a public place and he is protected by the constitution to do so and someone tells the man that he is in the wrong for praying there in that manner or at that particular time, and if there is nothing wrong in the manner in which he was praying, and nothing wrong in the time in which he was found praying,
    I think it’s best for the man to tell the one who told him he was in the wrong that it is not he who is in the wrong, but it is he himself who told him that he is wrong that is in the wrong.

    If it is a law inforcement officer, or someone in authority over that particular place, someone who is responsible for the activities there by a higher power who put the responsibility on him for watching over the conduct of persons in that place, then I suppose one should obey any directive to cease the activity whether it be right or wrong, and later take one or two others with him and speak again to the man who was in the wrong. (See Matthew 18)

    If he will not hear them, one might ask him what prevents him from hearing them. It might be that there is an oppressive power over him that is hindering him from doing what is right that needs to be addressed and again this process may need to be done.

    If none of this avails any agreement, I suppose one could go to the press or anyone else who may be interested if their constitutional rights are coming under attack by forces of darkness.

    We could talk about how those in authority are often paid by our tax dollars and how tax payers do have a vested interest in how their money is being spent.

    We could talk about how our government is to have a serious interest in not spending our tax dollars toward the enemies of our constitution.

    Certainly we can raise a fuss legaly if we can do so in Christ Jesus and if we are found to be in obedience to Christ, will we not find a confidence in him that he will hear whatsoever we ask for, if we ask according to his will?

    Or, do we suppose that the angels of God are not able to see what goes on in this earth?

    Let’s suppose that God is not willing to see his name not get the credit it deserves. Let’s suppose that when his people act in obedience to his word and call upon his name that he will not refuse to listen, but will come to their aid for his name’s sake, for the sake of the kingdom of Christ, our Lord.

    And if we suffer for the sake of righteousness, let’s suppose that he will see our suffering, just as his angels see it also.

    Let’s suppose that God will back up his word and keep his kingdom. Let’s suppose that Jesus is the Lord of it and that he will see the will of God be done on this earth as it is in heaven. Let us suppose that a lot of this is dependent upon us here on this earth and how we behave toward God and our fellow man.

    Let’s suppose that we are in covenant with God.

  5. When I saw the picture of Pat Mahoney on the sidewalk and another man in uniform who seemed to be talking with him, I was reminded of something I saw on the news recently.

    One the news program I was watching, a man was shown attempting to rob a business. The teller was a Christian and she was telling the man about Jesus.

    The would-be robber was telling he that he was also a Christian and that he really didn’t like doing this, but….(times as they are and all, you know, whatever)

    She kept telling him about Jesus and the man finally said that he couldn’t do this and walked out without going through with the robbery.

    If that man will not ever commit robbery again, I could hope that he never gets caught by the police. He was spared from evil by the witness of a child of God and by the power that’s in the name of Jesus which the man listened to.

    I suppose that’s why people pray at certain places on public sidewalks though there are other sidewalks to pray at.

    I suppose the clerk could have told someone else about Jesus, but there was a reason she was talking to who she was at the time about Jesus.

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