1. I strongly recommend avoiding entertainment, of any sort, that is pagan or of an occult nature. Regrettably, this necessitates eliminating many movies, TV shows, video games, books, music, and more from your list of options. Those of you that love the Lord – hate evil.

    We’re so permeated with that which is wicked that we no longer have much discernment. This is an age of tremendous deception. I’m troubled by the ever-increasing snowball of syncretism that I see descending. The result is already quite bad, but it is going to get much worse unless men of God take a stand.

    I’d like to see someone with property hold a radical music, movie, game, and book burning like in Acts 19. I’d like the same fires to spread to every state in the union. In the name of Jesus let it be so Father!

  2. I understand your motivation, Greg, but book burnings tend to backfire, no pun intended.

    They conjure up images of the Nazi’s burning books, among others (Moslem fundamentalists, too)in history, and tend to equal “repression” in many people’s minds.

    Freedom of speech must not include hate speech, but paganism is protected under that proviso as well as Freedom of Religion in our Bill of Rights, as you no doubt know.

    I am aware of how subtle and deceptive neo-paganism is, having come out of it myself, and it grieves me, too, that people are drinking from that tainted pool because they are thirsty. I think it would be more productive if we answered it on its own premises instead of just denouncing it. Ultimately, people have to choose. When things are just denounced without a deeper exegesis, the mind tends to assume there must not be a valid refutation.

    But I hear your passion for God and am heartened by it.

    On another note, I hope the link will be up, soon, for this show, as I haven’t heard it.

  3. “I think it would be more productive if we answered it on its own premises instead of just denouncing it. Ultimately, people have to choose. When things are just denounced without a deeper exegesis, the mind tends to assume there must not be a valid refutation.”

    I completely agree Ruth. However, on account of unbelief, I think it would also benefit believers to witness the miracles that often follow radical acts of repentance and separation from that which is unholy – but I agree, without clear instruction, many people would fail to understand what was happening and could come to the wrong conclusions.

  4. Defilement for me personally is sexuality in movies. This is the precise reason I did not watch “Bruno”. But in terms of shoot ’em up type movies, action flicks, Jason Bourne films, I looooove those types of films. The line 4 me is that which makes one more prone to sin: sex scenes. but hands being cut off etc (i haven’t seen book of eli btw) does not make me angry or more prone to sin, or make me go out and do the same. its a movie, its a story. it’s like eating a meal. I forget it the next day. desensitised? maybe. but defiled from violence?!?

  5. Ben, thanks for the comment, which I appreciate, and again, I’m not out to be anyone’s personal judge and jury. And to be sure, I’ve seen some of the action flicks (perhaps in edited form?) without profanity or sex scenes, and I can really enjoy them too. But for me, if I do become desensitized to violence — and thus to the image of God in human begins and to God’s hatred of violence — I’ve been defiled too. Something of the consciousness of the image of God inside of me has been compromised. Does that make sense to you? Again, thanks for your comments, and for sure, we are in agreement about some very important points here.

  6. I agree that the Book of Eli doesn’t sound like appropriate Christian entertainment, but this doesn’t approach the degree of defilement that is being administered by way of many of today’s video games. I believe a good comparison would be SI swimsuit edition vs. XXX hardcore porn.

    Christians of all ages are vicariously taking on the roles of Wizards, magicians, & sorcerers, and are casting spells and destroying their virtual enemies by throwing supernatural power (etc). Many games, such as World of Warcraft, are steeped in occult practices and imagery. People are spending hours upon hours, connected (tied) with people all over the globe, entertaining themselves with what is essentially witchcraft.

    People regrettably think that because it’s only virtual, there’s no harm done. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Surely, I could cite many passages regarding God’s hatred of these types of practices (….will not enter the Kingdom…/…outside the gate are dogs and sorcerers…) Practice witchcraft in the OT and get yourself a death sentence. I could also mention passages regarding “abstaining from evil.” Additionally, during water baptism, we’re only “symbolically” buried and raised with Christ. Does this mean there’s no real spiritual consequence to water baptism – it’s just some meaningless religious exercise? It’s only virtual right…

    We need to wake up and see the clever satanic deception inherent in these types of video games. “Merely” playing the role of a wizard virtually does not protect you from serious defilement. If violence will crack the door to the adversary, the occult will throw it wide open.

    Be advised.

  7. Greg,

    Thanks for the important advisory warning. Absolutely!

    I certainly don’t believe the Book of Eli movie was exceptionally wicked; I simply talked about it because it was being highly recommended by other Christians.

    As for your warning about video games and role playing in the occult — again, agreed!

  8. I don’t understand why evangelicals change everything and rewrite history to make everything look like it was developed through an evangelical premise. Now they’re doing it with things that are in the present and totally making things up and finding illustions and allegories where there are none.
    Now as to the Book of Eli, I enjoyed it very much and found it to be very engaging. I felt the story was about a man’s faith in G-d and it reminded me of the patriarchal spirituality of the Patriarchs in the book of Genesis. It in Eli walks by faith in a world that is totally devoid of Biblical principles. Like the Patriarchs who encountered people groups galore who never even knew, like those in the apocryphal world of the film, that there is a G-d or an accountability to a Higher Power or set of absolutes of Right and wrong morally speaking Eli meets those who have no idea of the Message of the Book. Eli doesn’t allow the world around him to affect him and attempts to keep his faith through it all. The movie seemed to be about a pilgrimage or sojourning of a faithful man who is led by that Faith in a world without it.
    Now having said that, I don’t get what all the fuss is about with Christians. The film was never promoted as a Christian film, they never even showed the book of Eli to be a Bible in all the trailers of the film that I saw. I think the film was to reflect a spiritual motif and idea, but not a religious one. From all accounts, Denzel Washington is a committed Christian, who reads his Bible every day, going through it year by year and then finishing it and starting over from what I’ve read in interviews with him. But again, this film was never promoted as a Christian film. So why do people make a big deal out of it when it’s not anything to do with their group? Did they go to see American Gangster or Training Day as a Christian film?
    Now I’ve read the book of Judges and I felt that the world shown there as well as the world throughout the Torah shows a place where most have lost faith and have no knowledge of G-d. If we were to make a movie about Judges it would need to be more violent than Book of Eli. But again, and I wish Christians would get this, the film was not made, written, or done with them in mind that I know of. It was written by a guy who writes graphic novels if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure it was meant to be spiritual, but not for a religious crowd. I think that a lot of religious people are trying to make it one of their own, cause frankly the message was presented better than most badly made Christian films I’ve seen. But you mention G-d or spirituality and Christians think you are talking to them.
    Same thing they do with Star Wars. I hear Christians all the time talk about Star Wars as if it’s a theological work. George Lucas has admitted it to be spiritual, but not Christian or religiously affiliated. They did the same thing with the television show Lost, and with countless other shows, especially sci-fi shows. There’s a seeming arrogance to me when Christians try to acculturate everything in the market that uses or is associated with certain cue words, like ‘G-d,’ Higher Power, ‘prayer,’ etc. I’m just waiting for someone to write a review about the Christianity of Julia Robert’s upcoming feature “Eat,Pray,Love.” The film involves spirituality of an Eastern nature, Hinduism I believe with a heavy emphasis on meditation. But wait, someone will say the film is for Christians and those who are Christians who for good reason don’t want other believers to get wrapped up in false doctrines and philosophies will condemn them and the battle will go on and on, until everyone just leaves it alone and another film that is not made by believers and not made for believers will be analyzed on both sides, despite the fact that as I’ve said over and over again it was not made with them in mind.
    I consider myself more spiritual than religious, coming from a diverse background I just don’t find a place for myself in the church world, and I have much respect for those who preach to live holiness in everyday life and I feel bad for them when I see how many of their church members and friends and fellow church-going people get caught up in things that are meant for the world and those of us who are still outside the church world. I read the Bible and I pray and I find that the film did a great thing for those of us who are spiritual but still outside of the church. But church people should not need this film, they have community, they have a fellowship and they don’t have to navigate this world if they don’t want to. I find that so many Christians live way more worldly than I do and I find that hard to take in since I don’t really go to church anymore, but I know what the Scriptures teach. Films like Book of Eli should shock them. I like the film yet even I was shocked and had to look away at one point. The message was great for those of us who are still outside the church, but for those within it, who have found a home (church), stay there! You’ll be much better off. We prodigals still got a ways to come home, you elder brothers need to go on about you business and having nothing to do with the ‘outside’ world.
    Peace, Shalom,


  9. Chris,Why are you getting caught up in what christians think?If your not a christan why are you getting caught up in what they think.Your doing the very thing that your accusing christians of doing.We christians have a right to our opinions the same as you or anyone else.We also have an obligation to point out what is morally wrong [sin].

  10. I don’t think I’m getting caught up with what Christians think here on this sit. I enjoy listening to Dr. Brown for his insight. His is the only program I listen to. I don’t think of him as a Christian speaker. I know that most of his listeners are Gentile Christians from traditional evangelical backgrounds, I say this from all the time I’ve listened to him, and I’ve grown with understanding from his works since I was in high school. Even my seperation from the Church has alot to do with his ground-breaking ‘Our Hand are Stained with Blood,’ which showed the evil done by the very hands of the Church, Protestant and Catholic. Again, I know most listeners consider Dr. Brown to be a great Christian speaker, but he really speaks to Biblical issues and calls for the Church to live up to it’s talk. I think that his message could be the hope for many of us still outside the church not ready to come back yet, to keep striving in faith.

    As to pointing out what is morally right, go right ahead, I’m all with you. I just don’t get why some on the other side wish to acculturate things from us ‘worldly’ folks and then try and see it as Christian. I’m on your side and Dr. Brown’s side with this, don’t compromise. If you’re living a life of holiness then stick with it, don’t try and incoporate what the world has, you got the REAL THING, no need for imitations.

    Back to the Book of Eli, I kept thinking that with all they did in the film that I liked, there were places that from a completely Biblical worldview, there were compromises, and I agree with Dr. Brown that believers in the Church called and living, or trying to live, a holiness lifestyle should stay home and have the real thing, there’s no need to compromise on Message or let down your guard and sensitivity.

    For those of us who still walk the line, it might be not be the best choice to view films like the aforementioned. But, in a slew of all the nasty films and entertainment out there, pictures like Book of Eli can be real encouragement to some. To those like myself who still attempt to hold on to absoulte Truth despite being seperated from the church-world, the movie really seemed to do some good. But those who claim to be living the life of a believer shouldn’t compromise.


  11. Chris,I hope and I will be praying that you will come back to the church,back to the Lord.Only in Him will you find the answers your looking for.Only in the Lord will you find pease,contentment and joy.Bless you Chris.

  12. Man, I appreciate all the prayers I can get. I still pray, I read the Bible just about everyday, started back in Genesis again a couple weeks ago, and now I’m to 2 Kings, but church is my issue, community of believers. But appreciate the discussion of ideas and dialogue on this site. I’ve been reading this site for about a year, although I just recently posted. But I think your un-compromising stance is commendable. Church just ain’t so much an option for me right now. What I like about Line of Fire though is that Truth is presented and I enjoy it. My apologies for diverting the discussion a bit. But that’s easy to do with a good topic such as this.

    Shalom and much Love to all, and I hope that someone in the church on the borderline will see people like myself and stay within the confines of the church if it is a place of holiness, and although imperfect, if it is a place of G-dliness.

  13. I’ve noticed that when I have watched movies, I had wished I had not seen them because of the wickedness that was in them. I have left wishing I had not seen many a movie.

    I also noticed that the evil wears off and if the movie had a story to tell that contained some virtue, that tends to stay with me. (Phil 4:8)
    I believe this happens because of the grace of God.

    This might also explain why someone might encourage others to watch a movie even though they themselves left when it was over, wishing they themselves had not seen it at the time.

    I have a movie in mind that I could encourage others to watch because of the virtue of the main character in the story and a lesson or two of life that Jesus taught which were played out in the story, but I am aware that it may be better if I don’t recommend the viewing of it to others because of the corruption in it.

    Jesus came into this world even though it was corrupt. All the sin in it didn’t keep him from coming, but he didn’t do it for entertainment.

  14. One more thing I will say about entertainment, one thing that has stayed with me from the days of living a holiness life, was that I can’t go into video stores. I love a good film, but there was always something about going into various chain stores, I won’t mention their names, but you can guess. Anyway, there was always this awful feeling of being in there. For one thing so many films were this dark, independent made films, some were horror films, others were border-line pornographic, and some just where outright. It didn’t matter if I was renting a ‘wholesome’ film, just being the store would make me feel bad like there was some kind of evil or overwhelming spirit(s) there. I had to go for a long time without ever going into a video store. And I haven’t been in a while. Same thing happens if I go to movies. No matter how good the film is, there’s just something about the place. I guess its all the films that have been shown there over the years. Just a bad feeling.

  15. Christopher,

    You make a good point about the atmosphere of video stores and move theaters. There are probably spirits hanging around to influence us to compromise and worse. I will also tell you that there are some church buildings that feel about the same. With entertainment being one of the main aspects of church these days, why would we expect any different? The spirit of entertainment is compromise and fake worship. It reminds me of the passage in:

    Revelation 18
    2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
    3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
    4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
    5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.
    6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
    7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
    8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

    Entertainment, a lot of times, can be spiritual fornication. Even a church “serve us” (pun intended) can be false worship and fornication.

    The call in Revelation is to come out of the Harlot church and refrain from indulging in her sins. By so doing we will be exempted from her plagues.

    The religious social club mentality is a very insidious form of fornication/entertainment. True committed, spiritual fellowship is much different. If it is just about “us,” and what we like, it is Laodocean lukewarmness. It seems appropriate for a true believer to refrain from the modern day entertainment of church and start being set apart to YHWH. Real holiness is essential to seeing YHWH.

    YHWH/Y’Shua wants a covenant marriage commitment not a one night, or should I say, a Sunday morning stand of religious pleasure.

    Exodus 19
    21 And the LORD said to Moses, “Go down and warn the people, lest they break through to gaze at the LORD, and many of them perish.
    22 “Also let the priests who come near the LORD consecrate themselves, lest the LORD break out against them.”


  16. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who feels that way with regards to places of entertainment. I figure besides the nature of the entertainment being offered, at a place like video stores, things get passed around from people to people and are in people’s homes, cars, etc. And who knows what kind of places people take them. I don’t mean to sound sensational or to go to far with it, but I have noticed this feeling in a lot of places like spirits from different people get passed on via the places they frequent. I even feel that way when I go to large cities and visit the library some times, which I hate since I love to go to the library as well.

  17. How many people realize that church buildings are often “rented out” on the days Christians don’t go there (esp. Sunday) for other churches, some of them pagan and some blatantly into the “dark side”?

    Christopher, I can relate to all the feelings about video stores; some of the images on the boxes will sicken you, too. I don’t work for Netflix, this isn’t a sales pitch, but I’ve been really happy with them. They have a great selection of documentaries. I just watched one on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. For a low monthly fee (and you can keep the DVD indefinitely — I’ve kept some back for months because I wanted to watch them again and again) — much cheaper than renting would cost, they will send them to your mailbox. The return is so prompt — you get a notice that they received it back immediately and then they send the next one in your queue. I found the selection to be far and away superior to what cable offers or the video stores. (Video stores seem to be fading — all the ones in our town have folded. I think Netflix has given them too much competition.) Anyway — not a saleswoman, but sister to brother — check ’em out. (:

  18. Of course, the DVD’s do get around, but they do clean them and if you stick to stuff that is edifying, uplifting, you might be fine with the vibes there.

  19. Well Ruth, I wasn’t going to mention the site you did, but I feel like you that I’ve found it better to rent online films that I can watch online and I feel alot better. Also films are recommended to me based off what I watch so I don’t really have to worry about seeing something horror based or sexually graphic. Also I can search for the films I want without having to walk through a slush of profane ugly films with terrible storylines emphasizing, and I say this as a non-Calvinist, the total depravity of what humanity can think of.


  20. “…I can relate to all the feelings about video stores; some of the images on the boxes will sicken you, too.”

    I feel that way when I walk into Best Buy or other stores and see rows of games with occult (and other demonic) images and know that people of all ages will not only be watching unholy images, but also playing the roles of wizards, warlocks, and witches (etc).

    This is deeply disturbing to me. I’m quite familiar with the occult and have personally experienced the horrible consequences of occult involvement. Thus, my zeal in wanting the church to snuff it out rather than letting these “games” babysit our children.

    In my opinion, you might as well be saying, “Ok devil, please take care of my child while I go relax for an hour or two.” And this is happening in many Christian homes!

  21. The entertainment field has certainly been overtaken by every kind of evil hasn’t it?

    I might be interested in a Bible trivia group that would meet once a week or so, maybe on a week night if there was one in my neighborhood.

    People could take turns making up the questions,
    play on teams, tell ahead of time what book the questions will be from if they want, or whatever.

  22. Ray, that’s a great idea. How some of our forefathers entertained themselves before “The Tube”. Someone would have to start it up. I wish there was something like that in my neighborhood…but when there isn’t, we may have to say to ourselves, why not me? I’ll copy and paste a Bible quiz someone posted on another forum in my next post. There were some I couldn’t answer cold (without googling them). Some were like ‘on the tip of my tongue!’ (:

    But back to the discussion, yes! No wonder kids could once read Latin and Greek by eight when we didn’t have mass entertainment. I don’t think those same kids, if raised today, even with the same financial advantages of the past, could have achieved that, so tangled up are they in all the appendages of today’s techie toys. And even if everything became wireless, people would still be caught up in their invisible currents.

    When I was in summer school (around fifteen) I had a very vivid dream about a world in which there was a very large screen. And when you set foot into the auditorium where it was contained, you could feel yourself getting slowly pulled in, as if by a vacuum-like force. You could resist it at first, but the longer you stayed on the periphery, the weaker you’d feel and the more inclined you’d be to get pulled in. And if you took a seat, you could eventually remain stuck there, in a total stupor. In an allegorical sense, I think this is how so much of humanity spends its time. Being “entertained” by the world of the illusion, the image.

    And I agree, virtual is like ‘doing it.’ Jesus covered that when he said that if you even THINK of committing adultery with a woman, you have done so in your heart. [Matthew 5:27-28] Guard your thoughts. Guard your heart.

    And as parents, we want to guard the thoughts and experiences of our young. And we parents face such a fight — no, a WAR — when it comes to that. Jesus made it clear that making little ones sin carries with it a very heavy judgment. [Mark 9:42: “And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck.”] Do we need the Lord’s forgiveness for the ways in which we have failed as parents — yes, we all do! Thank God He made it available through Yeshua [Jesus]. We need His guidance hourly to teach and protect young minds in our charge.

    Greg, I SO agree about the insidious nature of the occult. When I started to really read the Bible as an adult, it was helpful to me to understand that the underlying premise of occult-thought is that we ‘are so much greater than we are taught to think we are.’ We have ‘tremendous powers.’ Some of what Jesus taught seems to fit this — for example, when He told us that we would do all these things and more [John 14:12]– and when He spoke to us about the amazing force in sheer faith. [Matthew 17:20] But Jesus was talking about a life in which He lives in us; we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. [Philippians 4:13] The occult teaches that this strength is in us already (and often tries to subsume Jesus into the mix of avatars and other holy men), but they don’t mean all of that ‘power’ in light of the sovereignty of Father God, who forbids witchcraft, sorcery, and mediumship with spirits of the dead. [Deuteronomy 18:10-12 (NIV) “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you.”] Occultists, whether they realize it or not, mean that we are ‘powerful’ in the same sense of Lucifer’s argument in the Garden. ‘Oh no, you’ll be like God, and He knows it. That’s why He forbids it.’ [Paraphrasing Genesis 3:5] You will have the ‘consciousness’ of God. That’s the central argument — well, one of them, anyway — in the occult movement today: ‘Christianity limits you. They want to keep you down. You have all this tremendous force — in fact, you ARE God.’ Very, very deceptive and for someone not grounded and rooted in Bible text, their desire for God can cause them to drink thirstily. Children have been directed straight into the Gingerbread House of the occult through the Harry Potter series.

    Christopher, you are a very sensitive soul. I’m gathering that at this time you don’t have children. I can tell you that once someone does become a parent, they generally look at the world with a heightened sensitivity to all its potential for harm. The responsibility felt is almost staggering to keep it clean for not only our children, but all of the world’s children. This is one compelling reason there is no limit to the reach of the Christian’s notice of the world’s pollution.

    As far as church attendance…my personal view is that a person can “visit” churches and still be part of the Body of Christ. I also think a person can be a part without even stepping into a church building. We don’t want to neglect the fellowship or the support of the communal church, but we can have that without bodily presence. Participation on online forums and online donations can do some of that. Of course, it also helps greatly to have the physical presence of fellowship. I realize not all my fellow believers agree (some might see church attendance as mandatory to Salvation), but we can all agree that Jesus knows His own. God knows who is listening to Him and following Him. We’ve just got to keep tuning in to Him in prayer…waiting for His voice. We know His words are Life. As Peter said, quoted in John 6:68: “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

    I appreciate all that my brothers and sisters share on this site. May we all be blessed in Him (:

  23. Here’s that quiz someone posted that I wrote I’d copy and paste. It’s called Twenty-Seven Bible Riddles:

    1. A king was I before who Paul
    The gospel preached so perfectly
    “Almost, almost to be a Christian, Paul, ”
    I told him, “thou persuades me”…

    2. A king had set me very high
    and princes bowed as I went by.
    One that I hated would not bow.
    To bring him low, that was my vow.
    I built a gallows for him to die
    But the man that hanged there was I…

    3. My life was given to the Lord,
    tho other plans I might have made;
    I found response was in my heart,
    Because of the vow my father made.

    4. We spoke against a man of God,
    “You take too much upon yourself”
    God opened the earth and swallowed up
    The three of us and all our wealth.

    5. A mighty man of wealth was I
    Field upon field of grain to reap
    A maid who later became my wife
    Gleaned in the fields for food to eat.

    6. My mother made a little coat
    And brought it to me year by year;
    My life was given unto the Lord
    Tho in her sight I was very dear.

    7. I spoke against God’s servant true
    White as snow my flesh was made
    A leper without the camp of God
    Till seven days of shame were paid..

    8. My father and mother both were dead
    But my kinsman raised me as his own
    Because I did always the things he said
    I helped my people and gained a throne.

    9. I wanted blessing of the Lord
    But also sought to curse His own
    A righteous death God will not give
    Unless a righteous life we live.

    10. My home land was the land of Uz
    Wealth and greatness belonged to me
    When tested and tried before my God
    I yet retained my integrity…

    11. I made my prayer before the Lord
    Eli, the priest, mistook my intent.
    God heard my prayer, gave me a gift
    And to the Lord the gift I lent…

    12. Along upon a lonely isle
    Apart from those that I held dear
    But God drew near to me and gave
    Seven messages, plain and clear.

    13. I thought my place was so secure
    With no one I need go and dine
    I would not come when I was bid
    And lost the crown that would have been mine.

    14. I had to leave my father’s house
    because my brother’s rage was high
    I battled with a man of God
    And bore a wound in my own thigh.

    15. In Thyatira Lydia heard
    And opened to us her heart and home
    In this same city Paul and I
    Were beaten and into prison thrown.

    16. From jail the angel delivered Peter
    And to John’s mother’s house he was brought
    I heard him knock and I knew his voice
    But for gladness I opened not..

    17. A brother have I
    Twin boys are we
    Tho he is the eldest
    He is serving me.

    18. I bore the cup unto a king
    I also helped to build a wall
    There is a book that bears my name
    Telling of deeds both great and small…

    19. Twas I who made the sacrifice
    That had been wet with water

    20. Those whom I loved, I warmly clothed
    And used my hands most willingly
    I feared the Lord and it was said
    In the gates my works bro’t praise to me…

    21. I listened to God’s servant, Paul,
    He told me many things I know,
    But I, unwilling to submit, said
    Paul, much learning hath maddened you…

    22. Lame in my feet from babyhood
    Dropped by my nurse on the run
    Yet honored by a king am I,
    Because he so loved Jonathan. ..

    23. Thrown in a den of wild beasts
    Because I felt my need and prayed;
    But God, who always will provide
    The mouth of every lion stayed…

    24. On my way to get a wife
    Bare handed a lion I slew ,
    That place of victory later brought
    Sweetness to me and others too…

    25. I stood beside the meekest man
    And under him we placed a stone,
    His brother on the other side
    We steadied him till set of sun.

    26. From Pharaoh’s court of royalty
    And all that flesh holds dear
    To the back side of the desert from home.
    Where the God of Heaven drew near…

    27. We were caused to leave our home,
    When Claudius forced the Jews from home.
    Our journey took us to Corinth
    Paul stayed and helped us making
    tents. We taught Apollos, lovingly
    The way of God more perfectly…

  24. Christopher just some insight. The bible states that “my people perish for lack of knowledge” warning for those who watch Denzel films. He claims to be christian, but as far as I know he is a doer of witchcraft. Denzel is into channeling spirits. He reports this himself in a interview with 60 minutes.

    Here is the sight
    If you have trouble type in the search engine in youtube (hollywood unmasked 2 Part 1) If you do not like what you are seeing please foward it to the interview with Denzel and 60 minutes.
    Satan is active and deceiving many people.

    God called us to be alert, watchful and praying. Let us not be ignorant of the enemy’s schemes.
    Peace and Grace to you all.

  25. We become what we behold, or devote our attention to. This is why we are warned over and over to guard our thoughts, and our eyes and ears in the NT. The greek for entertain is about parading something into our attention span. It seems the whole illusion of media works on that underlying principle of establishing another altogether different environment than that which God created, blessed, said was good, then later put under a curse of corruption which only a relationship with Jesus could change.

    We are told not to foresake fellowship gatherings, and the plan of the Ages is to address the challenges involved in false environment attachments by the “church”. It becomes vital that we are so allied and in momentum with the church, having our lamps trimmed in sync with its heartthrob to penetrate the illusion of the other parades capturing hearts and souls all around us.

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