1. A few months back when s.i.swimsuit edition came out Dr. Brown asked his listeners to ask our local stores to remove it from the checkout counters.I did so at two stores and the asst. managers I talked to would not give me anything definite.They were removed a week later or they were sold out.I asked people that I know and some I work with to ask also but most just did not seem to care.And so goes the morals in our country.It’s very discouraging.Yes we need an awakening.But what will it take?Maybe the Lord will bring down a great hardship on this country and maybe then the people will turn him.I don’t know but I’m sure He will do something.

  2. FYI, as with vending machines, most magazines are stocked by outside independent agencies, doing their own inventories, who maintain their own balance sheets with each store served. Going to a store on that issue likely was the wrong place to go to request change.

  3. No no no this is #1: Did you hear of the couple that are suing their doctors for not informing them that their child would have downs syndrome (they said they would have aborted had they known). Expenses and pain and suffering was what they were claiming etc.

  4. Went to the store today and I noticed the cosmopolitan magazine at the checkout line.I asked for it to be removed from the checkout counter.I will ask the church tonite at service to do the same.What about writing a letter to the editer in the local paper and asking people to do the same?

  5. 4., Sometimes, and sometimes, if chain stores, what is to be stocked is decided at a regional, statewide, or national level, hence, few local managers in a corporate reality are willing to be seen as going against the flow by raising the issue from their level.

    By the way I recently read an article giving credence to your view that our President is playing the “racial card,” as was your past concern regarding those of faith here. See

    This is not by Rush Limbaugh, but by a real Journalist.

  6. Do you recall the Focus on the Family national write in campaign for Aferchrombie and Fitch stores to stop promoting their clothing through their moral-oppositional dating sex and nudity scenario catalogues a few years back (six, I think)? That did the trick for half a decade. A&F just reverted to these kinds of catalogue/magazines again this spring. So, their moral predisposition was prepared to again await the climate where they saw they could reassert such material (which, on a subconcious and overt level then tells there youth clients to go out and do the same behavior as is scenarioed in their promo material). It then is wise and prudent to attempt to ask questions of local store managers who have objectional material displayed openly, to learn at what level to approach their organization to have policies changed. We have to bark up the right tree, so to speak, to shoot the Possum so to speak.

  7. I forgot to add that they almost went out of business since the economic crunch, and undoubtedly assoicated past success with having represented their clothing in such a way too. If they are written to again, by such a future campaign, it might be wise to not simply object, but to advance to them other suggestions on how they might sell their clothing successfully without undermining the moral fabric of an up and coming generation of young hearts and minds. This then would be proactive, not just reactive in approach.

  8. I think that this is a multi-level issue. first the bible is clear that we are to guard our hearts, to turn away from evil, to love what he loves and hate what he hates. I can’t imagine any good argument over certain movies christians see. But I think the big problem is we as christians have lost our fear and respect of God. You have the world on one side slipping it in making it appear harmless and then the church on the otherside preaching nothing but love, acceptance, that God is a God of grace and blessings. Which is true but he is much more than that he is holy and just and above all should be feared. God hates sin, it is what caused his son to die on the cross. If we feared God, if we understood who he was and that he hates sin this wouldn’t even be a topic. Yes Jesus walked among sinners, as should we, but never should we stand idoly by and watch, dare I say be entertained by the sin. I also think that as parents we are ignorant if we think we can allow our children to see and hear the things on TV, movies and radio and it not plant a seed of sin in their hearts.

  9. I have a couple of “can you believe it” items in keeping with the program that have left my jaw dragging on the floor –

    – this man has categorically stated that he and his wife are the two end-time prophets – http://www.ronaldweinland.com/

    – a website suggestion via Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill, in response to comments following his teaching series on the Song of Songs (The Peasant Princess series). I hesitate to list the website but will share the quote – “He (Driscoll) also directs visitors to a website . . . which he describes as run by “Christian women. Essentially, it is an electronic bulletin board for individuals to list and describe for others their favorite sexual positions and techniques . . . ” (http://www.bpnews.net/BPnews.asp?ID=30700. I tried to find the original blog post but it appears to have been removed.)

    I must say, I have been appalled at the magazines that are displayed at supermarket check-out lines and, even as a woman, have taken care to avoid looking at what is being promoted. But even more so, to try to wrap my mind around a site that opens the door of the bedroom for all to see, under the guise of Christian advise, given the nod from a Christian leader, is beyond what I thought I would ever see. I’ve heard it said before – you expect stuff out in the world because the world is not the believing community . . . but what do we do about the worldly stuff that comes out of the church????

    As a divorced, single woman who has struggled through to walking in purity, I have had to run from explicit “sex talks” from the pulpit on Sunday mornings. It makes me wonder – am I a prude? Or perhaps I’m just too broken and church really IS the place to open the bedroom door . . .

  10. I asked christans that I know to help with getting immoral magazines out of the the checkout in stores by just simply asking to have them removed.Some were offened That I asked them.Most did seem to thank it was a good idea,but I do not think anyone asked.I did have success with one store I went to.But after talking with some people I began to queston if I was doing the right thing.Standing up for whats moraliy right has to be right.Is it not the same as standing up for God and what He teachs?And what of protecting our childern from the that kind of immorality?

  11. This verse very appropriately fits the topic of this show…

    2 Peter 2:14
    Having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin;…

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