1. Today’s topic is very interesting to me because I encounter that same anti-god attitude from someone that I have known for a long time. This gentleman had spent a number of years obtaining degrees and is currently completing a computer engineering degree. This is a unique situation because besides myself, this gentleman’s other very good friend is a devoted Christian, therefore there has been a few times when this gentleman has been present while me and his good Christian friend has had very good deep spiritual-filled talks about God.

    This gentleman is the kind of person who will not seek the truth of the Bible for himself, it must be brought to him, and I was trying to do that in opportune times in which he would respond with very positive comments on the beauty of the truth that he heard. After awhile he would just shut me down. He no longer wanted to listen to me and that behavior puzzled me. Was he feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit? (Don’t worry because he is still a friend that I interact with and I have faith that he will give his heart to the Lord)

    Then one day while we were busy on our computers, I looked up at him and felt compelled to ask him if he was an agnostic in which he replied, “Yes, I think I am.” Then it dawned on me that he was a perfectionist and to believe in God and the Bible would defect that goal, and I told him so.

    In other words, humans are really not that complicated. Somehow and in some way, Satan has been able to convey to intellectuals the same reasoning that he presented to Eve in the Garden of Eden ~ that she was capable on her own, without God, to improve the essence of who she was.

    Just think about it. What is the basic goal of obtaining an education? To improve one’s self. The pursue of knowledge and understanding is honorable according to the Bible, but at the same time, a Christian can still see and respect the fact that they still need a Savoir in order to be given the perfection necessary to be in the direct presence of God, and that belief requires a very humble view of one’s self.

    That’s the basic problem with intellectuals ~ they don’t want to humble themselves before an Almightily God! They want to believe that their schooling and their self-intellectual works has made them obtain a higher state of being.

    I know that many of us have read the story of the fall of Adam and Eve, and have secretly said to ourselves, that we would have never fallen for that demonic lie and disobeyed God by eating that fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

    But I got news for you all. Satan has presented that same lying reasoning in so many different forms that has beguiled some many people. In many cases the act or behavior in and of itself may not be sinful, but the belief that accompanies that act or behavior is ~ I have obtained, and I’m perfect therefore I don’t need a Savoir who live a very short poor low-class life, with powers that he didn’t use for His own benefit that was topped-off with a horrible death in which he was mocked very cruelly – yuck!


  2. Pamela, I think you’re on to something about intellectual arrogance. I know I saw so much of it when I was at University that it really turned me off to academia itself, but at the same time, it was proof, in a sense, of a relationship between the rejection of Christianity and neo-narcissism.

    It can be found, as you pointed out, in the original serpentine lie, and it also appears in the New Age version of Hinduism, popular among students, which asserts that we are all God if only we could awaken and be enlightened to that ‘reality’. Any view as long as it’s not Christian seems to be fine on campus. I still remember a professor, a self-avowed Buddhist, thumping his hand on the lectern, “It’s not real, people!” (Meaning the world according to Buddha) And the Bible professor who clearly had no faith whatsoever. I’m wondering, do we have to come to a certain “end of self” or just a more realistic view of self, to really take hold of Christianity? The very opposite, the exaltation of the self, seems to be on the rise.

  3. To the Atheist,
    or for those who question if the word of God is real and accurate.

    In the book of Genesis 3:16

    16 To the woman he said,
    “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe;
    with painful labor you will give birth to children.
    Your desire will be for your husband,
    and he will rule over you.”

    Well, when the Lord said that ALL women would go through labor pains giving birth. That fact
    and truth still holds true for today. Considering the fact that Eve disobeyed the Lord over
    thousands of years ago and this consequent is still holding true til today.

    How can science explain child birth pains? Child birth pains is the consequence for being
    disobedient to the Lord on account of Eve’s sin.

    Just goes to show you that the word of God is real and should be feared and respected.

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