1. I’m glad to here the school is droping it’s program of passing out condoms to childern.Praise the Lord!Thank you dr.Brown. Sounds as if this man Phil Burris is doing some good work for the Lord.Will have to remember to pray for him.I believe you mentioned us bank as a supporter as well.I will have to listen to the broadcast again because I bank with them.

  2. Shalom Dr. Brown,

    I have a few Christian associates that consider standing up to immorallity, same sex marriage and other radical agenda’s our American government is promoting, is something that we, Christians, should not be concerned with! Needless to say, I go head to head with these people. They appear to be folks with little biblical understanding. i simply state my case based upon a Biblical World View and move on!
    I am sure you have run into this group in your travels. How do you answer these folks?

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