1. After i called in today, another caller said that he doesn’t think that God would choose to punish our Christian brothers and sisters in Christ who are serving the Lord in Louisiana by allowing, or causing the recent Gulf Oil spill. I was the caller who told of the vision that God gave to Wendy Alec several years ago, wherin she witnessed God lifting His protective hand off of the United States of America shortly after President George W. Bush went against God’s plan for the nation of Israel by giving land that God had given to the nation of Israel to the Palestinians who were demanding it, which resulted in Hurricane Katrina. I am in agreement with that second caller in that God is absolutely not at FAULT; however, He has made the promise to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. God cannot lie. As Christians, we should not join President Barack Obama in the blame game. President Barack Obama must consider what God has said and accept accountability for his own action of cursing Isreal. I encourage you to contact him and his administration concerning this at the White House Comment line: 202-456-1111, by mail:
    The White House
    Washington, DC 20500
    Salutation: Dear Mr. President
    by E-mail: comments@whitehouse.gov
    or by Web: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact
    but whatever you do, don’t blame God. God is holy, He is righteous and He is true. Remember that he told Adam and Eve not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or they would surely die. This is another situation where the only thing that would have happened had God gone back on his word, would have been for God to have proven Himself to be someone who He is not. God has never been a liar and God will never be a liar. The devil IS a liar, and he is the accuser of the brethren. I knew something was wrong when i watched President Barack H. Obama accuse B.P. of things equivalent to gross neglect. I am not saying B.P. is a perfect company, but they should not be blamed for Barack Obama’s bad choices and neither should God. God is a just God, and He is also a good, merciful, loving God. That is why he sent his only begotten Son, Jesus to die for our sins, whether those sins are eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or cursing the nation of Israel. Hallelujah, President Barack H. Obama has the ability to REPENT! One more thing we can do is pray for wisdom to be given to President H. Obama. Ridiculing him benefits no one. Please join me in praying “Jesus i plead Your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. God end abortion and send revival to America.”

  2. Susan,

    Thanks so much for following up with this post. It’s always good to give our listeners and readers further food for thought.

    As for your prayer at the end — yes! I have prayed it hundreds of times myself.

  3. I always wonder if it is worth the energy to discuss this issue. I disagree with the position of American Christianity on this issue. I say this knowing that there are a lot of people who will start calling me names and questioning my salvation because I think that the current nation state of Israel has only peripheral relation to the biblical nation of Israel. For some reason a dissenting view is attacked rather than considered with humility.
    My reasoning for my disagreement on this issue comes from Romans 11 and a concern that the church in the US has tied itself too closely to the principality and power that it resides in.
    We are now the children of Abraham, and while we are to pray and long for the day that the branches of the Jewish tribes are grafted back into God’s kingdom, they are outside of that kingdom now.
    My questioning and research on this issue has led me to see Israel as an oppressive force against the Palestinians. I am not saying that the Palestinian and Arab response has been justifiable, just pointing out that there are no clean hands in the current Middle-East situation. To over-simplify the issues in the Middle-East to good guys vs. bad guys is extremely unhelpful in achieving any kind of reconciliation and is grossly inaccurate.
    To refute the previous comment, isn’t there biblical precedent for God giving away pieces of Israel when the nation has been disobedient? How do we know that what happened isn’t God’s will.
    On top of this over-simplification we add the “Just World Fallacy.” This is the idea that bad things only happen to bad people and good things only happen to good people. If that is the case, please explain the book of Job and all those Psalms that ask how long will the wicked prosper while the righteous perish. Please explain why Abraham was not neither punished nor reprimanded by God for lying to Pharoah about Sarah being his sister.
    I think that we should treat all people who are not Christians exactly the way Jesus taught us to treat our enemies: love them. Yep, I am a blind idealist who doesn’t understand that the world doesn’t work that way. Actually I know the world doesn’t work that way, but God’s kingdom does.
    The hard part for all of us is to try to live out the values of God’s kingdom in a fallen world with a value system that is directly opposed to our obedience. We all compromise our faith in tiny ways every day, God forgive us. My prayer is that I will live more into my faith and live an obedient life more every day.
    Please take this in the spirit of humility in which it is offered and see the loving heart behind what I am saying.
    PS: My opinion on this is the same as my opinion on the Jesus statue in Ohio getting struck by lightning.

  4. I’ve thought of this, and Joseph prince also mentioned it I think on his speech of Israel’s 60th anniversary, but moreso he links US pressure on Israeli settlements to the US housing crisis. If the US housing crisis gets worse, I’ll believe it.

  5. Also, I tend to think that the Louisiana disasters are more so a judgement on voodoo/witchcraft.

    I think God causes these disasters to wake people up to repent of their sins.

    Revelation 16:10-11,

    “The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony
    and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.”

  6. It is interesting to look at Louisiana and wonder why faithful Christians would have been caught up in the punishment of God on the U.S. Every time Israel was conquered by another country, faithful Jews were affected. There will always be faithful people who are caught up in the punishment against the whole. God promises to see them through it, but where are we told that we will not be affected? The faithful should be in the mix proclaiming God’s goodness.

    One caller mentioned not supporting the government of Israel because they are secular. God allowed corrupt kings to rule over Israel and when the people as a whole moved away from God, God would allow another country to attack Israel. Even though this foreign country was acting as God’s agents for discipline, they were still held accountable for attacking Israel. Let’s not make the decision to not support Israel because we don’t agree with the governmental policies. Regardless of what is going on, God has set the authorities in their place.

  7. I’ve heard Michael Brown past associate weather results Biblically with both the Satan, or enemy of goodness, and God, the upholder of goodness and godliness. Would this ecological disaster be any different as to possibilities? Including a correlation of US Israel policy with such random acts of disaster?

    Of course, in Job, the Satan had to go before the throne to get permission to disrupt and destroy Job’s orderly house and lands. Here we have a regional disruption, and the area being defiled in many ways of its natural order.

    It is simply impossible to make a direct assumptive assertion that what happened in place G is because of what the larger level of government over place G made attempts to discredit Israel’s soverign choices, and, ultimately divide the Land. But, if one takes the bless and curse formula as the absolute warning of God, what then???

    As for todays Israel being associated with Biblical Israel, yes, definitely, and for the entire history of the Jews applying, including past dispersions (aka the diaspora). It simply is not a different group that has to complete certain consequences prophecied by Moshe and many other Hebrew prophets of old for prophetic fulfillments in the land (as for beginning gestation stages or more mature developments). What other group gathered there to be made a nation “in a day.” What other group resurrected an essentially dead classical language? What other group constantly recited “next year in Jerusalem”. And, what other group has been collected there as awaiting a future state of being related to a future holiness, and promised presence of the Holy Spirit in the Land, not reported so at the point of regathering?

    I’ve heard it stated this way, just because some reality begins in the mud does not mean a tree cannot grow there.

  8. Shalom Dr. Brown,

    I am a Christian Zionist deeply involved in the study of the Jewish Roots and Biblical Prophesy! The Lord God of Israel promised Abraham that He would bless those who bless and curse those who curse Israel.
    Throughout the history of the world, our mighty God has stepped into the picture pointing to His Glory! He is the author of history and He does not change!
    YES I clearly see a connection between the disasters and America’s treatment of Israel.

  9. I believe there is a strong correlation between what we say and do regarding our relationship with
    Israel for the Lord to hold us accountable to a higher standard than he would any other nation. We above any current nation have been protected until we have defiled everything that we know is right and did what we know has been despicable before the Lord……how then do we expect the Lord should respond ? If He has judged Israel who do we think we are that He will with hold His judgement over this Nation?

  10. ANTI- Israel? are you SERIOUS? What is right or wrong is independent of who does it – when a nation state that calls itself Israel- whose inhabitants call themselves Jews- are we obliged to call it a blessing when we withhold badly needed discipline?

    The modern state of Israel AS A POLITICAL BODY

  11. pardon – based on my examination – the modern state of “Israel” was created by the Rothschild Plutocracy via the United Nations that they created to bring about a counterfeit world government.

    Quite frankly, Im am FED UP with people wrongly calling legitmate criticism of the actions of the POLITICAL entitity “Anti-Semitism”- I have no quarrel with legitimate Judaism – or for that matter legitimate Islam – however – just as there are counterfeit “Christians” and counterfeit “Muslims” so there are counterfeits of “Judaism”- these are referenced in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 – let us bear in mind here that 3/4 of “Israelis” are SECULAR “Jews” according to the Anti-Zionist Jews that I have examined.

    To conjecture causality is insane – as insane as stiflingly proper and needful critism by mislabling it in a deceitful manner.

    Perhaps the Oil volcano in the gulf is the work of the Plutocracy that created the POLITICAL entity of the ZioNazi state – because with the culmentation of the Restore America Plan – their abilty to charge interst on massive amounts of fiat currency is being obliterated- we’ll see when we have a chance to ask Jesus face to face.

  12. Excuse me Mark, where are you coming from? Are you taking this out of context ? We are talking about God’s Judgement over a Nation, be it the USA or any other nation. When you play games, may they be political, social, the consequences are real. We cannot toy with God’s Word and believe that we can disregard His Word and somehow fit it into our petty ideas. We need to ask for wisdom and study the Scriptures to show ourselves approved.

  13. On the TV news the oil spill looked red in color.
    I wonder if from space it looks as if the United States is having an abortion. Maybe the spill is connected to that matter. Maybe it’s because of a lot of reasons, a lot of ways a nation has been turning away from God.

    There were times when the people of God turned away from him and his prophets asked the people how they could even enquire of the Lord about anything because of how they had been treating him.

    Maybe there’s lots of reasons why no one has been able to stop this oil leak.

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