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What are the differences between a Jew, a Hebrew, and an Israeli? Does 1 Cor 13:8 indicate that tongues will cease in this age? And what did Jesus mean when He said one will be taken and one will be left behind? Join Dr. Brown today as he answers your questions! Listen live here from 2-4 pm EST, and call with your questions at (866) 348-7884!

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  1. Just when you think nothing can shock you that’s going on in the world,something does.Giving condoms to childern in gradeschool??!!Without parents permission??!!I can’nt get my mind around that!They have reached a new level of immorality!This from people that should be protecting our childern!

  2. After reading my commentary I realize I wrote the same thing about reaching new levels of immorality a few weeks back concerning another show that dealt with our childern in school.You would think that every parent that has a child in that school or school dist. would be there voicing thier concerns and outrage over this matter.I wonder if there is an address we could all write to and voice are opinions,concerns and outrage?

  3. Dr. Brown,
    I wasn’t sure where to post this, but here it goes. Have you thought about having Todd Friel on to debate the cessationism issue? He seems to attack the charismatic movement and the current use of spiritual gifts quite often, and what’s more, he’s always doing it with a very sarcastic, “matter-of-fact”, type of rhetoric. At the same time, he would probably be a bit more rational in his approach than Pat Donahue was. I don’t think it would be as ideal as (say) John MacArthur or Richard Gaffin, etc., but it could be productive none-the-less. If nothing else, it might change his denigrating demeanor toward those who believe the gifts are for today. Just a thought. It seems that there was a lot of interest in the cessationism debate, but the last attempt obviously didn’t make it too far 🙂 Thanks and God bless!

    Friel discussing this issue:

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