1. Dear Dr. Brown:
    I am an avid listener of your radio programs for about a year now, and truly say it has helped me clearly put into words a lot of issues I couldn’t get straight before. I am very delighted you are dealing with the issue of SIN.

    In my christian life, I had a lot of trouble for a very long time the definition of what “Sin” is according to the bible. It took me aproximately 5-10 years to finally pinpoint the perfect definition of sin: It is in Romans 7:7-9 “I would not have known what sin was except through the law…” There it is! What perfectly defines sin is The Law of God, (Or more exactly: “The Instruction” of God) of the first 5 Books in the Bible.

    Ok. Once I got that settled, I opened Scripture from the very beginning and went line by line through the first 5 books of Moses, Historical, Poetica, Prophets and all of New Testament, and pretty much separated the things that God said NOT to do, because these are considered sins, or things that are not in any way approved by God. Romans 2:18 “…if you know his will and approve of what is superior because you are instructed by the law;”. Then I went through scripture and figured out what The things he does approve of a person that declares him/ser self a person who fears God.

    Then, Many years later, I found out that the Jewish people teach still to this day that there are a total of 613 instructions that God gave them in Mt. Sinai, 365 of these pertain to things that the nation as a whole must abstain from doing because if they did any of these things, they would defile thmeselves (body, soul and spirit) and would also defile the Land which God would give them. (Leviticus 18:24-30, Leviticus 20:22-25). The remainder 248 instructions were acts of sanctity or Holiness that the Israelites (or a person from any nation if such person so desired) must do within the Land of Israel. Then the whole picture made perfect sense: The Instruction at Sinai was NOT given to Israel in order to save the Nation. The Instruction at Sinai was given IN ORDER TO SANCTIFY THE NATION IN THE LAND. Ahahhhh! That was the catalyst that made the whole issue make perfect sense.

    But guess what? According to general christian theology, including most evangelical denominations, teach that the LAW is done away with, that it is a curse, that Christ did away with the INSTRUCTION…..Really??? Worst of all, I was a believer that fiercely taught and preached this particular position at one time. Now I have to say I recant that position.

    I believe the definition of SIN should be perfectly clear before one can argue the reasons for not sinning, don’t you think?

    I am not a Jewish believer, but I now hold on to the conviction that the whole Word of God is eternal, and what it says since the very beginnig is also eternal Word of God, and it should be done away with, because it is the one that defines very clearly what SIN vs. HOLINESS is. (Not trying to be a legalist or dogmatist, but simply trying to get a point across).

    Thank you for you attention. Looking forward to your comments.

  2. Correction to comment above….

    “…I am not a Jewish believer, but I now hold on to the conviction that the whole Word of God is eternal, and what it says since the very beginnig is also eternal Word of God, and it should NOT be done away with, because it is the one that defines very clearly what SIN vs. HOLINESS is.

  3. Dan,

    Great post. I have been trying to get some of these points across the last few days on the “Does it matter to God if Christians keep the dietary laws?” I would like to add one scripture to help make the point about sin.

    1 John 3
    4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.
    5 And ye know that he was manifested to take away our sins; and in him is no sin.
    6 Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him.
    7 Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous.
    8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.

    Sin is the transgression of the Law. In Him is no sin so He keeps the law perfectly. The devil sinneth from the beginning, so the law has been from the beginning. We see in Genesis that there were clean and unclean animals. We also see first fruits offerings and even the feasts of YHWH if we look closely. There is much more, but I leave this amazing study for others to experience for themselves.


  4. I have questions to you Dr.Brown

    Wasn’t the term “clean” and “unclean” used to describe animals before the law of Moshe was given at Mount Sinai? If so, why was it used and what was the purpose of categorizing animals in this way in the days of old before the law?

    Didn’t God put the trees in the Garden of Eden into two groups, “you may freely eat there of” and “you may not eat there of”?

    Can we not use the well known term “clean” and “unclean” to describe these two groups to put it into context with what came later at Mount Sinai?

    Didn’t Adam and Eve eat of the tree that God had told them not to eat of and did that act of eating not have spiritual effect on them?


  5. I find I need the scriptures daily in order to know right from wrong, whether by reading from the Old Testament law, or the teachings of the New which become a rule unto me. By the things I learn from the scipture, I begin to learn a thing as to whether it is good or bad, clean or unclean.

    I don’t want to become as Satan who once knew good but fell away to evil.

    Measuring things by scripture we learn righteousness. By practicing righteousness, we learn to love it more.

  6. I don’t know why my question to Dr.Brown ended up here, it was intended to be under the the show
    “Does It Matter to God If Christians Keep the Dietary Laws?”


  7. Well said, brothers! 😀 I’m eagerly anticipating Dr. Brown’s response to Omar’s questions.
    If we are “no longer under the Law,” to what did Yeshua refer when He said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments,” and “Not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law until heaven and earth pass away” and similar verses?

  8. We are no longer under the law of sin and death that we inherited from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, if we follow Yahshua the Messiah and let Him write HIS Law on our hearts. If Yahweh gave the “law of sin and death” that would mean that Yahweh would be sinning and dying. The law of sin and death has a different origin – its origin is the serpant, NOT Yahweh!!!

    Humanity submitted voluntarily to the serpant’s law. Now it is up to us to accept the redemptive work of Messiah and “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil. 2:12).

    Christianity loves to distort Paul’s messages in extraordinary ways. We have made up a new religion – and we will not go unpunished for that. Yahweh / Yahshua is NEVER the origin of sin and death, this law comes from the adversary.

    Good the hear from you Moi Meme 🙂 ! Please also have a look at the last comment on this thread:

    http://lineoffireradio.askdrbrown.org/2010/05/12/some-interesting-news-updates-and-thoughts-on-why-the-new-testament-was-given-to-us-in-greek/#comments Thanks 🙂

  9. I thank God that the United States House of Representatives is trying to pass a law that will defend Israel from the threat of Iran. Of course, the U.S. is also promoting peace in the Middle East, a peace that I think is false, personally. But we all have our own opinions. I personally trust in the God of Israel. The who gave the Law to Moses is the same God that raised Jesus from the dead. Was it not Christ who is the ediator that held the Law in his hands when it was ordained by angels? I think that is what I read somewhere. We should have the faith of Caleb, who was a ruler and head from the tribe of Judah, who did not murmur and complain, but believed in God’s promise and followed him fully with his soul and spirit. Thank God for His dear Son. To Him be the glory and dominion, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. God bless Dr. Brown as He is travelling in Germany. He always encourages me by piercing my heart and then I cry out for mercy. Thank God for His Word and grace. He is Lord and King of those that worship God in Spirit and in truth.

  10. I am not a theologian but i seem to keep hearing people quote jesus when he says not one jot or title will pass from the law until all be fulfilled. they use this to say we keep everything in the old testament. i looked up the word fulfill and one word to describe it is end so my question is what part of the law did jesus end.

  11. 1. Sin does not satisfy
    2. sin begets sin. Yeah, you do something the first time, it’s much much easier to do it the second time.
    3. sin leads to worse sins. hmmm. kinda like the kid who falsely signed his parent’s notes at primary school and then graduated into a million dollar forger 20 years later and then went to jail for another 20 years.
    4. sin enslaves. hmm. sin is my master. i must please him. hmmm
    5. Sin degrades and eliminates….er, humiliates. a single bribe done in a moment destroys a lifetime of honest service on the bench. hmmm
    6. sin steals joy.
    7. sin steals confidence before God.
    8. wages of sin is death. [kinda like living frivolously on borrowed money…..enjoy it while it lasts folks]
    9. God will punish sinners today AND tomorrow. (but I see plenty of evil and people are more prosperous then i will ever be. i think the first part is partially incorrect. not all are punished today. otherwise nobody would sin.)
    10. Sin hurts the LOrd.
    11. Sin hurts the sinner.
    12. sin impacts others.
    13. sin brings reproach to the sinner, to the church, to God’s name.
    14. sin makes light of blood of Christ.
    15. sin is making you switch sides to satan.
    16. sin sets the sinner against the Truth.
    18. Sin wastes time.
    19. sin has ETERNAL consequences.
    20. Your sin will be broadcast to everyone.

    Time to change? or back to the vomit?

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