1. Hi Dr. Brown, great broadcast. quick question. Do you think a jewish guy should date a jewish girl or a non-jewish girl? Just asking b/c a jewish friend at work asked me that question. i told him a jewish girl, and he asked why, so i told him u’ll probably have more in common then he said how, and i said you share history together. then he said what history, and i told him u know the torah. n he said he didn’t know and didn’t care about that stuff, so i told him u may not care now, but u may later, and then he said that’s true. then he just kinda changed the subject. just curious to hear your take on this subject.

    Oh one more thing, did they take down your “Think it Thru” videos?


  2. Thanks to Ryan and Dr. Brown, loved the program. I’m a Messianic Believer, not a Jew or Gentile. But coming from a mixed background of multi-ethnic heritage, including Sephardic Jewish heritage, I have come to love the hilonim (secular) Israelis as well as the haredim as my own family. I’m 23 and since I was fourteen I’ve been in a struggle trying to weigh my faith and Jewish things as well as other ethnic identities. But now that I’m putting my faith in Y’shua, I now feel that I am completed and can worship the Messiah in spirit and in truth. I feel more Jewish on the inside, I guess you could say I’m now a complete man, who really wants to celebrate the holidays, but in a Y’shua centered way instead of just traditional way. The same things with other parts of my heritage. With Y’shua I don’t need to worry about fitting in with my fellow Irish, Jews, or American Indians, because when you’re adopted into the family of HaShem, all His children are your people. I’m a completed (put Irish, Sephardi, American Indian, or Creole here) man of G-d.

    Todah for the program and for encouragement in the true faith which is completely Biblical and counter-cultural.

  3. Gilberto,

    Since you enjoyed the interview with Ryan today, I’ll ask him to respond to your question! 🙂

    As for the Think It Thru videos, we’ll have them up on our site shortly.

  4. Gilberto,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I would counsel a Jewish guy (assuming he is a believer) first and foremost to date only believers, whether they are Jewish or Gentile. The most important thing that any couple have in common is their faith in the Messiah Jesus. Does that answer your question?

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