1. Hi, Dr Brown. I agree with you about using Internet filters — most particular when children are involved. However, I wanted to share with you something that I came across last year. The county library in my area uses filters for their public Internet terminals. I was using one of them and wanted to read some articles on Exodus International’s website — which, as you know, is a christian organization that helps christians come out of the homosexual lifestyle. While I could get to the site, I could not access what I wanted. A block sign came up and had labeled the page something like “Hate/Racism.” One would never set this up for their computer at home, of course. Still, it is unfortunate that a public library could use it for such a wrong reason.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about OpenDNS to block porn.

    It seems to work better than a filter, which can block words such as passage because it contains “ass” within the word.

    From test conducted, Open DNS will not block the subject of breast cancer, while filters will most likely block the word.

    It’s worth checking out. I would use it, but you must have a router to use the product.

    By the way, it’s free.

  3. Thank you Dr. Brown for touching on this subject.

    As a professional, I highly recommend OpenDns as internet filter to block adult web content. I have been using OpenDns for some years now as free family web filter. It’s easy to use and easy to configure.
    Users of Content filter software may though not be aware of the fact, that “Gay And Lesbian” as a category, is excluded from default blocking setting, so you have to select that if you like to filter that.

    I hope it is OK to put the link to OpenDns here, but I am only doing it as user of their product.


  4. the name jesus is a composit of greek, latin, and english and was NOT used by either the family of Yahshua or His apostles. good translation will convey sound equalivalent or even more important, meaning, the name ‘jesus’ does neither.

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