1. LOL, on a more serious note.

    I don’t know if Obama is a Muslim or not but I know that he’s not a Christian so he is not being led by God.

  2. Dr. Brown,

    I didn’t hear the show yet, but I think the serious division between Muslims and Jews (Christians too) goes back to the time when Noah said,

    “God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.” Genesis 9:27

    Abraham came from the line of Shem. Just one question for you Dr. Brown, do you think Job also came from the line of Shem? I hope that you can answer my question.


  3. In the Cairo speech, and when sworn in, he referred to his religion (Christian). He met recently with Billy and Franklin Graham. However, he seems unfamiliar with what the Bible teaches in many instances of forming and promoting contrary policy. In the Revolution Magazine section Dr. M. B. has an excellent summary of Jeremiah’s political climate and interface during the era of the chosen Nation being displaced into Babylon. Perhaps a read of that would begin to give us insight into Obama. He is primarily a political animal, serving his own mission, not the mission given all believers (Acts 238-39 equips for the testimony of Jesus).

    As the scripture indicates to another onetime political soul…”you must be born from above to enter/perceive the Kingdom of God.” Nichodemus then asked what that meant of the Messiah; it seems that Obama has not raised the question.

  4. It’s hard to say exactly, but sometimes I get the feeling he is secretly Muslim, especially how he overwhelming favors them. In Islam, it is okay to lie for the greater good, so lying about his religion would be okay since he would be able to lead this country in ways to help extremist Muslims strategize various ways to tear down this country and it’s legal system and values. I can’t confirm this, but there’s certainly many missing pieces to Obama that raises big questions.

    Dr. Brown, I notice you often point out to the listeners that criticizing Obama has nothing to do with race, which is true. I wanted to suggest that instead of referring to him as black, you might clarify that he is white and black, so that possible angered African American listeners don’t rush to racist complaints.

  5. Those who say that a “true Muslim” would obey the five pillars of Islam have obviously not met many Muslims. The religion of Islam is something many people are born into – just as some are born into being a particular Christian denomination. Having been born a Muslim is a cultural thing. So you can consider yourself a Muslim and not be a practicing… See More one. I knew a man that told me while he was being a “good Muslim” he also was drinking a half quart of Whiskey each night accompanied with his cigars and other very non-muslim type of activities. Obama was born and raised in Muslim countries, so his favorite school teacher was probably a muslim and his childhood hero was probably a muslim, etc. So his affections are definitely for Muslims-not Christians or Jews.
    The suggestion that he may be a Universalist is interesting, but I do believe that he has many, many cultural ties and personal ties to Islam. I also agree that whatever He does, it is strictly for political power and gain. His attitude towards Israel is clearly not a Christian one in any way.

  6. No, I believe he is an opportunist he will say what ever his audience needs to hear for him to gain there support…/Jhn 8:44 You are of [your] father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own [resources], for he is a liar and the father of it. //Luk 10:18 And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. STRONG’S, H-1300. baraq, baw-rawk’; H-1116. bamah, baw-maw’; Luk 10:18
    …And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. /( … He is primarily a political animal, serving his own mission, not the mission given all believers…I don’t know if Obama is a Muslim or not but I know that he’s not a Christian so he is not being led by God. [ ERIC & JABEZ H. Amen])

  7. oo, from confession one reality, from preoccupation another? It just does not seem black and white so to speak. The man’s concerns do not seem to be about power mongering, as became Muhammed’s preoccupation. Then Muhammed and successors micromanaged the details of every day life. I would say Obama is miles from that, but, that he does seem to have some belief in his position ushering in “change.” I am uncertain that would be Islamic change, more like Christian change as Jesus related what he was up to to the disciples sent from John to ask “should I look for another?”

    Recall that this was after John was imprisioned, and must have felt isolation, in addition to his past known convictions. Perhaps more relevant questions on Obama would not compare Islam to Christianity, but post modern relativism to Kingdom of God criteria: where what is alike is stated, and the differences are declared as such for our discernment. Whatever gets the attention of the heart gets the devotion of the heart. What has Obama’s attention?

    Where does what he attends line up with the prophets of Old regarding restored Israel, and where does it line up with Yeshua’s Ways differing from the religious leaders of his Nation at the time of his visitation? Where do these two agendas converge, and where do they separate? How so?

    The template of the question of this blog has to be considered in answering such questions as well. It may not really apply in understanding what gets Obama’sattention, if he were the author of the best of all possible worlds.

  8. Please forgive me for the things that I wrote down on post #3. After thinking longer about it, I remembered that Jesus said that thge greatest will be servant of all. I guess we can think about what Noah said in spiritual terms. Peace.

  9. In ezekiel 38:2, if you start with the aleph in the word Nasi (President in modern Hebrew), skip every 7th letter to spell Obama in Hebrew.

    So basically, it says, “President Obama” and after his name, the posuk continues with “Hashem is against you, Gog”

    One interested thing to note is that the true spelling of his name in Ivrit is the way it is spelled in this code and not the way his party spells it on the campaign bumper sticker. That spelling dropped the aleph after the bet to make it look more esthetically pleasing and contemporary.

    Ezekiel 38 verses 2 and 3….
    “Son of Man direct your face towards Gog of the land of Magog, the prince, leader of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy concerning him; Say: Thus said the Lord: Behold I am against you Gog, the Prince. leader of Meshech and Tubal”

    If you look at the original Hebrew and go to the 9th word of verse 2 and highlight the last letter, and then count 7 letters and highlight that one, and continue to count and highlight each 7th letter until you have 6 letters highlighted you will see the name “Obama”. You can visualize it here:

    (2) בן אדם שים פניך אל גוג ארץ המגוג נשיא ראש משך ותבל והנבא עליו
    (3) ואמרת כה אמר אדני י-ה-ו-ה הנני אליך גוג נשיא ראש משך ותבל


    But what I can also add to this is…. Obama became famous when he gave THE KEYNOTE SPEECH AT THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION launching his Career on the national stage. Nobody knew him unless they were from Chicago. The exact date of that Speech was July 27th 2004, or to be more accurate…… 9AV 5764 …… Tisha B’Av (called the “saddest day in Jewish history”)
    He became a god to so many people that day, and he was only a state senator at the time. which was very odd for such a low status person to give the KEYNOTE. I remember all the fervor it caused amongst so many people. They thought he was going to be the next big thing for this country, and the world.

  10. Oh Gog! Suggest you do homework on the linguistic origin and location. This has nothing to do with Obama, see the Revelation as well.

  11. I personally don’t think that Pres. Obama is a Muslim. I also don’t think he is a Christian, either. My impression is that he is a deeply secular person. My impression is that he goes to church for social and political reasons, but does not strongly identify with any.

    I feel he’s trying to “right” what he considers the wrongs of the Bush Admin. Unfortunately, in a sense, Pres. Bush helped create the perfect space for Pres. Obama to arise; that is, there was an overwhelming sense that everything was one-sided with Pres. Bush.

    I appreciate Dr. Brown’s mention of praying for him. This is Biblical: 1 Timothy 2:1-7 [NIV] “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men—the testimony given in its proper time.”

    I am disturbed by Pres. Obama’s stance with Israel. I was not expecting that at all because of some strongly supportive statements he made during his campaign.

    As a Christian, I don’t necessarily agree that if Israeli’s disarmed or would not fight back that they’d be toast. Or that Jews everywhere would be doomed, as well. I think God has shown us, throughout His-story in the life of the Jews as an aggregate, that He is their strength. That they stand or fall based on their relationship to Him. This is something the Bible proves as the LORD’s position; there are numerous passages which support that. If God is protecting Israel, who can stand against her?

    I hope and pray for a renewal of faith in Jewish people as well as we Gentiles.

    One thing I can attest to, as a Gentle Christian, is that the reason G. Christians love and support Israel (by and large) is because of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It’s not because of Jewish people, per se. Even though there are so many striking Jewish-born individuals who are outstanding in so many ways, who have contributed so much to culture — this is not what drives the love a G.C. feels towards Israel and the Jewish people; I’m certain. It’s because we love Him. And His desire is for Israel’s good, not harm. Our admiration, our worship and gratitude to God is the lynchpin in our relationship with Israel.

  12. Thanks once more for your comments, Ruth. To gain insight into Obama’s differences between his statements on Israel, before and after, one must look at his chief advisor on Iraq, General P., who has informed the O. administration that the irresolution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is why Americans are bombed in Iraq and in Afganistan. To not push to resolve this, according to General P., keeps our troops in grave danger, and the US disrespected in the M.E.
    Unfortunately this is what changed for Obama, who obviously has considerable advisvors for most of his policies. Basically this means that faith is not in the picture of revelance coming his way on the matter at all.

  13. And in General P’s defense, who collapsed in a Senate hearing the other day, he is under tredmendous pressure, and wears the yoke of his office indeed.

  14. Robert, I remember something about what Christian said (The Pilgrim’s Progress) about himself once.

    He said that he was a decendent of Japheth, whom
    God persuaded to dwell in the tents of Shem.

    I think that was his way of saying that he was born a Gentile but came to be covered in the house of God through the promises.

  15. Ray, I never read “The Pilgrim’s Progress” but I was thinking about that too (the part about being a descendant of Japheth). It’s funny that you mentioned it.

  16. As a committed Christian like Brother Tavis and all the Spirit-filled believers who regularly shoot up high schools and post offices, I struggle daily with the urge to go out and self-detonate. It was courageous of Brother Tavis to raise awareness of this woefully under-reported problem: when it comes to religiously driven killing sprees, Christians always get a free pass — especially in the mainstream media and from the likes of the ACLU, who should really be doing more to highlight the carnage we cause each week. I’ve lost count of the times I’d be at a big prayer meeting and things would just keep escalating from tongues to healings to RPGs and mortar rounds. …And which of us doesn’t wear a flak-jacket to church these days, eh? When the anointing comes, you know that it won’t be long before the bullets start to fly…

    I’m thinking of getting in touch with Brother Tavis to start up a support group to help sufferers like him and me — can I persuade you, Dr. Brown, to come along? I don’t wish to speak out of turn, but most folks would be a bit concerned about a hulk with a buzz-cut who calls his radio show “Line of Fire” and who does his bit for the vast military-evangelical complex with an outfit called (Ready-Aim-) Fire! School of Ministry. I’ve seen the photos of you in your fatigues roaming the streets with your Kalashnikov, and I’m sure that ain’t gonna end well…

    And back on planet Earth…

    Obama: Muslim or not? Others have pretty much said it for me: I don’t think he’s a Muslim and I’m certain he’s not a Christian. Why? Well, whilst I’m no expert on Islam, The Lord Himself told us how to discern a wolf from a sheep: is a genuine Christian likely to publicly ridicule passages of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, or vote in favour of abandoning abortion survivors to die? If one looks at his pedigree, it is that of a radical: politics comes first. Of course religion is useful politically, and politicians will pose as being devout when there are votes in it: how often have you heard Republicans invoke the Bible, yet know their worldview and lifestyle is far from Christ-centred?

    Even contemporary Marxists will affect common cause with the religious for political ends, although in such cases the natural constituency seems to be anything but Christian — unless it’s false or heretical Christianity (e.g. Universalism or Liberation Theology) — hence the overtures to Islam. The Left has far more time for Muslims and their grievances than for Christians: witness the political make-up of the “Free Gaza” flotilla. (Here in the UK, the recently defeated Socialist government at one point attempted to rebrand Islamic terrorism as “anti-Islamic” activity.) Most of the hysterical types who insist that Bible-believing Christians are the biggest threat to world peace are from the Left, and Israel’s most virulent Western critics are very heavily concentrated on the Left.

    …That’s not to say I have any hope in the other political movements, either. Like Dr. Brown, my hope’s not in politics at all.

    There’s only One Hope for the world. Can’t wait till He gets here…

  17. Yes his words tell me he’s a Muslim..”all 57 states”..”5 PILLARS” (to his economic plan)”my Muslim faith”,,etc. BUT it doesn’t matter what I “think”..
    Sharia Law says that he’s a Muslim.
    It states:”children born of a Muslim father will be considered Muslims & according to Islamic Law the door of apostacy will never be opened to them….”
    Former Muslims,who are now Christian’s have said “he’s a Muslim”.I don’t think he renounced Islam but hid in that FAUX church that celebrates Muslims like Farakan.

  18. All who claim to be Cghristian are not for they do not adhere to the practice of their faith claim; they merely claim by loosely cnnecting themselves to a denomination. I think President Hussein ID’s himself to a Muslem heritage without truly practicing its rituals leaving the door open to muslems hoping he is one or will commit.

  19. OK I spent 10 years in prison in that time you become accustom to certain behavior certain life style characteristics I became a born again Christian in 1995 but today i still have life style characteristics that pop up on occasion when i believe God is showing my falsely life we all live in and than i correct it for the glory of God.

    Now President was a follower of the Islamic religion for over 20 years and if he didn’t give his life to Jesus he is his STILL Muslim.

    And anyone who has ever read portions of the Koran than YOU would know the practices and beliefs and it’s not nice.

    Is President a Muslim YES, Does he practice publicly as a Muslim no

    I make that statement on his past behavior and life style (characteristic’s) NOT what he STATES!

    But the only thing that matters is that WE as Christians, stand up with out fear of death and proclaim the WORD with BOLDNESS knowing that are redemption draws near.

    We shall be testested in our faith and for our faith and YOU better know you are HIS!

    Now go and do the work of the LORD with joy and love. Amen

  20. The House of Representatives in the United States is supporting Iran sanctions and are defending the nation Israel. God bless you Israel. 🙂 May the God of Israel and the God of our Lord Jesus Christ be exalted. We must be very faithful today. Jesus is Lord and King and has abolished death and gave us life and immortality through the gospel. Jesus came from David, from the tribe of Judah. Like Caleb, who was from the tribe of Judah, who had a different spirit and who followed God fully, had faith in God and God spoke highly of him. May we have the same spirit and follow God fully, as God gives us the grace to overcome. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but God will deliver them from it all. God loves His people and has always made a way. Like Moses, who stood as a mediator between the Almighty and man, Jesus is or mediator and High Priest, who makes intercession by His own blood which He shed on the cross for our sins. May He be glorified now and forever.

  21. I didn’t read this interview (link attached) of Barack Obama until today, October 24th, 2010, when an internet search leading “from one thing to another” brought it up. And I don’t know why evangelist Chuck Missler, whose UFO perspective I tend to agree with, is so adamant about President Obama being a Muslim. While I can’t share Mr. Missler’s conviction about the President, I wouldn’t call Obama a committed Christian, though — not after reading this interview — because of his obvious hesitancy to firmly call certain accepted tenets of the faith true. This interview will be old information to some here, but not all. I found it very interesting and, of course, relevant to this thread on the Line of Fire, but also relevant today.


  22. Interpreting the Barack Obama Cathleen Falsani Interview and Understanding Obama-speak

    Thank you, Ruth, for the Obama interview posting. It is telling of a significant personality who attempts indeed to align his sense of obligation and values to living them in the public arena, i.e. a rare person in a real sense. It also grants the testimony of a person formed of a life story which is unique in its political focus melding with a kind of spiritual-parental development which divided the championing of truth and equality from yielding to the Bible’s God as being the unique author of the achieved balance in history of the appointed Messiah coupling truth with grace. Which story is excluded from a unique appointment of affiliation with the appointed One? Neither according to this interview.

    What is of some concern in reading the interview is Obama’s claim to the new birth, but also believing within the same commentary that all people are Children of God. He mentioned not believing that someone of another faith who is a small child would be separated from God’s ultimate economy by not having accepted Jesus Christ (implying too that that person, having never heard about Jesus at all, is in fact innocent of any obligation to Jesus in this life or the life to come.). Sin he defined as being out of alignment with “his [my] values”, not God’s word. His story of inner personal formation then is to be carefully assessed, uniquely appreciated, and accounts for acclimation to cultures known of his past associations, rather than being of a personal testimony Christian conversion experience as to its beginning associations of highest meaning.

    For spiritual formation, he definitely associates his with his community organization work, community and religious affiliations of some decades, and his Mother’s reinforcements, while embracing a political-spiritual outlook alliance formation in his story, rather than a faith alliance as such. His testimony to his religious reporter is not about a personal relationship with Jesus as many others have described it to be. It is Obama-speak, rather than Christ-speak. Though it is not said in this interview, this would effectively translate into a Purpose driven life, as his inaugural Prayer advocate, Rick Warren, has past promoted, yet without Warren’s acknowledgment of how anyone becomes a child of God being the case (and so as he was coincidentally not present as Obama’s only inaugural prayer advocate at the time of assuming the Presidency–which in regard of both of these representatives of God on the platform is telling of wanting to have a broader perspective at that event than a traditional Christian conversion and interdependency acknowledgment perspective. The other prayer advocate there defined God very differently than as being defined in prayerful terms as being Jesus Christ).

    This is interesting for our consideration here, for Barack claims to hear above all other voices a voice of conscience, an inner voice indeed claimed as heard loud and clear often, which guides his conscious choices—yet seems to differ in loyalty from most Christians’ claims of a Biblically formed and as sent Christ as the Message allied loyalty. Barack’s religious experience of God is of a well qualified religious-spiritual political alliance, rather than primarily an ongoing Jesus experience alliance. The fact that he is acting from the voice formed within over time as his conscious center of guidance so to speak, and that its loyalties are broadly about altruistic values more than the person of Jesus, and resulting values of the NT Word, is both refreshing and concerning. Refreshing, because he does not seem immobilized by the guilt and self consciousness of a holy God touchpoint being a foundation of person relationship which many believers can wrestle with to deal with clearly heard godly motivation in their daily lives. He seems thus more equipped proactively to be motivated by the Golden Rule in a political sense. It is concerning because having a clear reference to the Holy Spirit as bearing testimony of Jesus, rather than of a “truth” congruent with his altruistic values, and of the highest fairness to all being in them: such is illusive of certain loyalty by his open discussion of a related “truth’s” assumptions. His inner life then does not seem to struggle daily between self consciousness and not measuring up to a Holy God, rather than with a voice he mentions his mother reinforced about doing one’s best and doing right to others.

    Heaven and sin are primarily about measuring up to that voice in the present, rather than as to an unseen, yet to be encountered God on a throne of future and present judgment. He stated “if I’m true to myself and my faith that that is its own reward, when I’m not true to it, it’s its own punishment”. In some sense of dealing with the problem of keeping a quality of focus and motivation we all can have, he then is not at the disadvantage some Christians claim to be “under”, rather than of an advantage some Christians claim to hold to as of being “in Christ”. He claims after acknowledging his central motivating reference, to find spiritual inspiration not from an inner sense of Christ being formed in him, but of an inner obligation toward religious and other community based experience. The Civil Rights movement, he stated, had a powerful hold on him, first and foremost, over and above a loyalty to Jesus as a living personal reference. What appears as transcendental in his confession in overcoming the limits of everyday human life and self is when truth echoes within as congruent with his greater values formation than mere compelling ego fed truth or motivation. He claims to discern the difference in an ongoing manner composing personal choices.

    He states “the Civil Rights movement has a powerful hold on me. It’s a point in time where I think heaven and earth meet. Because it’s a moment in which a collective faith transforms everything. So when I read Gandhi or I read King or I read certain passages of Abraham Lincoln and I think about those times where people’s values are tested, I think those inspire me.” As a person who has contemplated how Gandhi subliminated the energy released of righteous indignation into a cultivated and open minded meditation formed of a collectively active political context–tapping into a proactive political “truth-love force” (Gandhi’s Satragraha)—so far, we can understand the openly exipressed conscience of Obama-speak. This is expressed over a patiently prayer awaited answer to each significant on time inquiry of community relevance (which he also described in terms of his own inner conscious voice). In studying Gandhi’s own formation I can understand what Obama has tapped into. It is indeed powerful, and generally is unknown by most Amercians (see Gandhi the Man by Eknath Eswaran).

    As a believer in Jesus as Messiah, and the eternal Kingdom King who will return as He left, I question his priorities of loyalty permitting a Kingdom related motive. Gandhi is an amazing person who failed to confess Jesus as savior, though he read the Sermon on the Mount often, and understood Jesus as a contemplative and proactive ally of truth. Politically too Jesus set his sights firm against traditionalism, or relativism in confronting the religious system while acting as servant Messiah. It seems that truth with equality is embraced by Obama as an ultimate human ideal, rather than truth with the necessity of a holy source for grace beyond self acknowledged as comprehended by a personal yielding to a greater voice than may be intellectually achieved as approached; this seems vital as to understanding a God beyond the self’s formed inner voice beng too an ultimate completion of prophetically determined redemptive Biblical righteousness.

    In this sense Jesus permission to have faith in Him is not in Obama’s focus as to who is the appointed Holy One, who will judge all of us, rather being seen in his own acknowledged focus as being one among some mentioned great teachers of political truth-love force in a peopled historical event-action actualization context. In the interview with Obama Heaven is not the dwelling place of the most high God, it is a personal reference within. Obama then is an actualizer of human potential, more than a trusting I-Thou proclaimer of how a redemptive truth is to come to anyone. The I Am statements of Jesus in John may not have been yet contemplated as such by Obama, in forming his inner man. Here is a touch point for prayer for those of us yet concerned for his soul, as well as finding concerns over his motivation. In the interview we have “being true to myself” [himself] as a well formed highest ideal of excellent values, contingent upon a human community linkage, and humanistic ideal. For certainly it is obvious God is about relationships, and in Obama’s theology, primarily on a horizontal plane. His is the ultimate personage encouraged of Maslow, Carl Rogers, and, indeed of M. Gandhi. History then is for the making, and its noble encouragement, not for the maker.

    “Intolerance and dogma” are by this theological admission of premise to be avoided at all costs, including what we now hear in 2010 from this voice about the “victim” outlook overcoming ideal for the young ostracized homosexual, or black child, or poor family, or whomever. His seems to be a better developed Jimmy Carter story, than a peanut farmer become politician, past nuclear sub officer getting the bigger environmental impact picture, Southern Baptist turned Political Scientist Peacemaker. Again, the subtleties of the differences between an actualized political truth-love force of Gandhi, and loving as Jesus loved with divine Agape might escape the best discerner in any of us. Upholding equality at all costs has led Jimmy Carter to be an idealist advocate for the political allied of Hamaas, as well as the poor, downtrodden, etc. here within our shores. The detachment from materialistic pursuits, political control, and power mongering indicative of an M. Gandhi or M. L. King are indeed strangers as to American values efficacy for most believing American Christians. Obama is “moved by” the power of a black church choir, of sympathetic harmony ringing within, more than by a war college battle won modeling experience, or a business plan which becomes the success story. In this sense he is a New Man of a new age for the US Presidency, as was long cast in the Commander in Chief role in its overseas outworking of power and influence to date, and as the stimulator of American Capitalism. Though he seems to be learning these roles as well.

    Is he a “Christian”, of loyalty to Jesus, or to some other realty, a follower-leader of the Way, an opportunist, a Moslem, a Hindu sympathizer, a champion of the oppressed minority (homosexual and otherwise)? A read of the interview, and the above analysis offered helps one to discern and decide how to pray for the continued formation of Barack Obama and his voice within (including for an encounter with Jesus Christ as He is).

    I recall an alike moment of spiritual leadership utterance while fasting in weakness over the violence in his community in the Gandhi movie. From his brokenness the East Indian nation’s father soul, M. Gandhi, proclaims his enlightened heart’s love equality statement as greater than division and violence among those of different religions in British India. In a moment of time present and presenting to an awed epic movie viewer, we find Gandhi the Man weak by fasting melded with his truth-love force’s advocacies, “I am a Hindu, I am a Christian, I am a Moslem,” realizing indeed that these divisions as he perceived them to be were causing tremendous negative consequences in his nation. It was a moment of noble insight and historical grasp for decisive history. The violence quelled, his fast succeeded in quelling it. British material empire India ceased to be in a moment of time. Has America been now reformed by the soul of Barack? Has Barack met the Jesus of the fullness of time? Is Barack a Christian?

  23. I believe the President has muslims ties. The muslims are going to use the President to achieve their agenda. Its already happening. Obama has unitarians beliefs. He is no way filled with the Holy Spirit. The President needs prayer for salvation like millions of others in this country/world.

    Boy, this is an old post, huh?

    I just to say… I love you Lord, you are aswesome!!

  24. I wish we can re-edit our post after we posted them. I left out a word and mispelled another, so sorry.

    Love you Lord, you are AWESOME.

  25. Certainly asserting equality for “all religions” and all “sexual preferences” indicates a lack of advocacy for Christ and his Kingdom, and Biblical standards, as to truth being truth in the hearts and minds of those convinced of Jesus Christ’s position as Lord, Creator and recreator of children of God. It is a different agenda than other professing Presidents have past permitted and not permitted, as to what has been encouraged from their achieved position of leadership.

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