Israel’s Actions Against the Flotilla Activists: Justified or Unjustified?

Critique of Biased Media Coverage (with video)

Video of Israeli Commander Briefing Troops Before Intercepting the Flotilla

Video of Israel Offering to Legally Deliver the Goods on Board, Refused by the Flotilla

Videos of the Attacks on the Israeli Soldiers

Israel’s Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Map of Israel Surrounded by Muslim Countries

  1. Soloman, The time of the 24 hour period troubles you? It should have been according to what? A published drama program? The videos seem to show variant lighting conditions.

    Do you believe that the IDF had the right to protect where the “aid” would arrive without interference as to it then being an immediate juxtaposition and potential threat to Israel?

  2. Considering that two past ships blockaded held total cargos of war equipment, why would the IDF want to conduct a raid on its own terms?

  3. Ruth,
    Two good articles, the first certainly more well founded than the second. Gog and Magog, as a future encounter, seems to come after some other conflicts and oracles of judgment. One has to look at Ezkl. and the Revl. to place the Gog and Magog wars likely after the 1000 year rule? We have other unfulfilled prophecies, likely prior, as Psalm 83, Is. 17:1, Zech 12 on, etc., Daniel’s later chapters, and other oracles of judgment.

    The etymological linguistic approach of the first reference is exactly what is upheld in my Pslam 83 responses as to locales scholarship for prophetic references, and by my own GIS Certification background inquiries of the historicity of those references on geographical topography maps.

    It is a valuable reference methodology too to use for testing some early Noah’s Ark sites proposed by this explorer or that one. This technology is how certain sites were eventually ruled out as impossible over the years by sincere international seekers (and finders).

    I do not highlight this linguistic/geography approach to ignore what someone else pointed out about other trials Jesus stated as ahead for all on the Mt. of Olives, but to place prophetic future events written of in scripture as cited, and the Gog/Magog war as ahead in the light of Daniel (who set the location timeline stage with Moshe and others for the outline of those wars and oracles yet to happen given in the pro0phets of Old). The Bible being the book of the tabernacled covenant people, those chosen for the land and the coming placement of God’s future government on earth, called the people of promise, etc. Salvation, as Yeshua noted, is of the Jews.

  4. Glad you checked those out, Jabez. Thanks for your comments. I must admit, this is all new to me, and I’m still trying to place it in context.

    Interesting that the rabbis think we are at the precipice.

    I guess the important thing is be ready. I like that Dr. Brown said (or wrote?) about when Jesus remarked that when the end comes, people will be like they were in Noah’s day — carrying on as usual, making plans for their futures. Apparently it will be a surprise for some. Hopefully, our lamps are trimmed and burning bright when He returns. Or at least that our lives were spent in anticipation and we go to our graves with the assurance that we lived as He would have us live.

  5. Raphael G.,

    Your analysis is flawed not in citations but in the thoughts on how they fit into God’s outworking which you exclusively offer as the only possibility. The remanant is already in the regathered land, will grow, and will be a significant end time, last events player. If you wish to understand how the present regathering is the last one, and it is, and how an apparent unholiness indicates something other than a last regathering, read Daniel.

    Peter stated to the Nation its future in Acts 3:21. Yeshua did in the Mt. of Olives discourse, and linearly in the final section of His Revelation to John. So, it is either what you have interpreted as such, or, it is that after the current regathering greater holiness is wrought among the people already so associated with present day Israel.

    Read other indicators of change, by God’s people in the Land today, re: holiness now affecting those so gathered. In this regard see “Revive Israel” and “Yeshua Israel” as two indicative websites of the testimonies of changes now occurring among the people already in the Land.

    Look at the order even of what you quote. 1)Persecution in the diaspora 2) regathering 3) redefining of the relationship based on what is already set in written scripture as so by HaShem. It is the third element which is now happening. In this regard I would suggest finding the program references in this Line of Fire topical blog where Dr. Brown interviews ministries in Israel, and another where he discusses the Time of Jacobs’s trouble (past, present, or future–or all of the above).

    Ministries of our Messiah today in Israel are noting a significant shift in the people of faith in the Land–as to their own separation posture and attitude for His Glory and Kingdom establishment prirority. Laregly hearts are being focused to address the future AntiChrist period and its challenges among the elect in Israel and in the whole wide world.

  6. I would not just want to leave it with my final sentence. So, an addendum: Hearts of faith are being enlarged to trust and obey the Master. For the sake of the Kingdom, one another, growth among the body of the Messiah in the Land, prayer for the purposes of the preservation of the Book, the Land, and the People who are associated with it, and, inclusive of the remnant’s ever increasing faith. Yeshua is the Lord of the Book, the Land, and the People so associated. He is the jealous One who will do His work to complete His Plan.

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