1. Please fix the link – we only get the first 9 minutes of the show!

    Also… about those FaceBook pages. Anyone who cares to can go to those pages, and somewhere on the left toward the bottom of the page is a link to report the page. The box that comes up has a number of reasons to report it. You can select “Racist or Hate Speech”, or “Direct call to Violence” as applicable.

  2. A friend sent me a link to the history of this region. I’ll admit that formerly (coincidentally [??] before being saved) I wasn’t deeply interested in the Middle East. My perspective was simply “Why can’t we all just get along?” This was before I understood the roots of anti-Semitism and why it won’t go away any time soon. In this history, I also began to see the Israeli perspective. Muslims have done a pretty good PR job in the U.S. in the last few years, presenting themselves as the real victims. At one point, I was also buying into this. DemocracyNow! tends to focus on this perspective, and I thought I was getting “alternative news,” but it is in its own way, just as slanted as mainstream media. When I realized how much land mass Muslims do have and what a tiny country Israel is, and how Arabs have voting rights in Israel, yet there is no democracy in fundamentalist Arab states, and when I began to examine (and I’m still examining!) their “theocratic” laws, I can see why Israel needs our continued protection. I would never want to live under Muslim law. Their system clearly dominates whatever region it becomes ensconced in, and we cannot afford to be naive about their intentions, not only for Israel, but the world.

  3. Ruth,your right [not only for Israel,but the world].The United States would be making a big mistake by not keeping Israel as a close alley.This administration worries me.

  4. The link still only plays the first 9 minutes 52 seconds. Can you please fix this? Sounds like it was an interesting show!

  5. Thank you Dr. Brown for bringing this to our attention. Of course the rules are always different for Israel. Thank you for the link to the video on Aish – I have sent it to my friends.

    Mike, Hi 🙂 I listened to the whole show by downloading the podcast through iTunes. Give it a go…

    The above link to the Video from Aish works and you should watch it and please sign the petition to stop this. Incitement to hate Israel is just as wrong as incitement to hate the US or anywhere else.


    Michael F.

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