1. As I was listening to someone’s question about speaking in tonges, (Aaron?) I thought I heard “I have spoke in tongues.”

    That’s what caught my attention. I find it odd that one who has spoken in tonges would say such a thing, for usually one who has spoken in tongues will say “I do speak in tongues.”

    Though the gift of tongues comes to us when we are ready to receive it, whether because we have asked for it, sought to do it,
    or simply because God gave us something that was “on the tip of our tongue” and we spoke it, or whatever reason, it usually will come without pressure.

    However, I believe there are many people who speak in tongues because they were in a group where there was some pressure.

    Though pressure alone does not bring one to receiving from God,
    there may be a teaching gift of God and along with that gift, there may be some pressure to receive.

    I was taught about tongues and how to receive it by a man that I believe was a teacher, one that had a teaching gift of God. I believe God used the man to teach many of us about tongues and other gifts of the Spirit in order that we too might receive.

    We did receive. We did speak in tongues.

    We were taught so much on tongues that there was no more room for questions. Everything reasonable was answered. We ran out of questions. It seems that when all questions are gone
    that faith appears, or begins to move. Desire came in. Earnest desire.

    In the group I was in at the time, everyone spoke in tongues except for the people who were new to the group. If they stayed around long enough, they too would one day speak in tongues.
    That’s what it was like. That’s how I would explain it.

    So don’t be put off by a little pressure. However if there is pressue without good teaching, or pressure without much understanding, or pressure without much patience, or pressure without much kindness, or pressure without much encouragement, or pressure without much love, you might want to do as the man we heard Dr. Brown tell of, who crawled out from underneath all that pressure.

  2. Hello Dr. Brown
    I am eagerly anticipating next Friday’s radio program unless an earlier opportunity presents itself. Becuase I have many a questions concerning Arianism. Living in Indianapolis and less than a mile from IBC (oneness bible school) I have had alot of discussions with oneness pentecostals about their theology of Modalism and their understanding of the nature of God. Which, drove me to much study of the Trinity. So, I’m very familiar with their teaching, but I’m just learning of Arianism. It seems that those who hold to Arianism or a teaching very similar (JW) are a much bigger threat to Classic Orthodox Trinitarianism and more specifically the deity of Jesus Christ. From what I have seen they seemed to be much more polished in their theology and alot of it makes sense in scripture. They pose some very tough questions and I was hoping that you could answer some of them for me. I hope you take my phone call next Friday. Can’t wait until then!

  3. Wow! Check out this new banner and site interactive design opportunities! And the eagle-like continuance of the banner portrait of Michael Brown, an “eagle saint” indeed. It amazes me, the diversity of topics, on-time relevant considerations for the Body of the Messiah, and the balance between being a watchman on the walls and an open hearth ministry here.

    The mind is challenged, the heart is pulled into the fray, and the opportunities for all participants to increase our bonds is maintained. It feels like new beginnings of a tested and tried revivial tent, holding true in often brisk winds.

    Personally faith conveyance here has helped me weather some trials involving my own family, vision, and ministry. To keep on keeping on, and set our sights upon the Lord, while not giving our hearts and minds over to the shallowness of present day soundbite mentality communitcation–now that is the real deal. To utilize technology in this manner, and connections too to establish vitality of refreshment is remarkable.

    Toda Rabba, all. –the Jabez H. household and Boulder Minyan.

  4. PS, What God is doing in Jerusalem. This is not to promote any ministry, as such, but to note and compute a remarkable contribution of faithfulness in the Chosen Land. How all of us look forward with anticipation to “the Restoration of all things,” and the Return. Maranantha!

  5. Jabez and household,

    I’m glad that you appreciate the new design and layout. Thanks! As for the “eagle saint” comment — if only I (and all of us!) may rise up into God’s person and purposes and truly glorify Him in this earth! May we exemplify the “real deal” of which you speak.

  6. Ideal? The eagle saint, as you know, is embracing a process of renewing his youth, plucking out the old outward stuff, so the new inner life can grow, so as to have vitality to continue with the calling heavenward, and the trumpet sounding earthward.

    Where truth and grace become obvious, the eagle calling is II Cor 4:5 for, we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.

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