1. Hey Dr. Brown, thank you for answering my questions and yes it did help. I do not have volume 2 but I am going to continue reading over John 14, 15 and 16.

    I was leaning towards the position of the Holy Spirit being a “Who” as you say, but I just needed to hear some convincing argument like when you said we can not lie to an inanimate object, can’t sin against it, grieve it, etc. I also liked the analogy, I’ll have to write that one down.

    Thanks again, Shalom.

  2. Michael Brown,
    I am curious; with your varied history, and unique story and experience, would you say being and doing have meant as much as your particular expressions, as can be placed in a bibliography, and referenced and summarized?

    With your own history of scholarship and charismatic interactions, of waiting on God and moving for God, what three values stand out to you as vital to being of faith? All of these differences and thoughts on theology and church related constructs so aligned, what is it Jesus wants of us all?

    Why does a God who created and sustains life then, honor the prophets words and promises as if they are his own?

  3. I think of the Holy Spirit as a being rather than a person…being as God is. The Holy Spirit is alive, well, good, kind, fervent in the work of the Lord, …being as Jesus is.

  4. More than thinking of the Holy Spirit as a being, I think of the Holy Spirit as a Spirit. I don’t often think of the Holy Spirit as a being. I consider the Holy Spirit to be a Spirit, the Spirit of God, the same that Jesus lived by and sent to us that we might live unto God.

    Now this Spirit is living and full of life, being as God is and as Jesus is also.

    It seems to me that the closest thing to the Holy Spirit is the soul of Jesus.

  5. About receiving correction…There was a time when I was in the book of Job quite heavily. I saw the symptoms of the Lord’s chastening written about in the Elihu section and I asked for chastening. I received it.

    After that I felt and learned to be aware of the Lord’s hand upon me for correction. There were times when I didn’t sense it and began to think I was left as a fatherless child, and the chastening came back (lightly) for I deserved it.

    I didn’t want to go without the Lord’s correction. I still need it, just as much as ever. God is still faithful.

    I suppose most of us know this, but I want to remind us that if we ask anything according to God’s will he hears us. (I John 5:14)

    Now there’s a key verse to receiving from God isn’t it?

    Did you know that God knows our thoughts before we think them? He corrected me once in particular, and though there were many times I didn’t know for sure why, this time I Really didn’t know why, and I asked him, “What was that for?” (his hand was a bit heavier on me than times in the past) the answer was that it was for my next thought, and the thought came, and I was ashamed of it. God is so amazing. That’s when I realized and also said, “God knows my thoughts before I think them.”

    I believe you too may walk with his hand upon you. It will be an adventure, a learning adventure. I know there are many that know what I’m talking about.

    I believe in guarenteed deliverance. It depends on what we have received from the word and have asked in faith, using the keys God has given us. Did you ever ask God to judge you? Before you ask God for that, you may want to ask him to discipline you. But if you really care about where your life is going, or where you might end up, you may ask God to judge you.

    I think there are a lot of us who have done that, but if you have not, you can get some guarenteed deliverance, because God has promised, he’s faithful, and we can come to him because of Jesus.

    I think something is about to be delivered, and some people too.

    Our salvation is up to God but it seems to be also up to us in the sense that we become involved as an active participant in that Salvation.

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