1. my dad had a temper,he swore alot,i remember one time we played cards and my dad lost,and he through the garbage on the table,my mom told me that he could hit…..(this was when i was young)thats the kind of temper i remember. sharon mary yount

  2. The righteousness of God is not achieved by the temper of man, simply put. “Be angry but do not sin,” and “put away anger.” The wisdom that comes from above, the fruit of the spirit, and the love of the more excellent way pale anger as a human strategy for meeting supposed needs and wants.

  3. I was away from church for a while. I found myself swearing if I dropped a pencil.

    I returned to church. Later I found myself shooting myself in the thumb with a finish nail gun. I was surprised at how well an 18 gauge wire nail can hold in a thumb, but also that instead of swearing, I remember saying to myself, “This is nothing compared to what Jesus suffered for me.” After pulling out the nail it was almost as if it never happened. There was hardly any soreness at all and hardly any bleeding, and there was no swearing.

    In Proverbs, I noticed that there’s a lot about how the fool doesn’t do the word. Words like wicked, slothful, forsaketh the way, etc. can be seen. There’s fruit of sin that shows up in life.

    The fruit of righteousnes can also show up.

    If we don’t do the word, we forget about our condition.

    The best thoughts we can have sometimes are all about what a
    wretched condition we are in, but we also need to look to God because of Jesus.

  4. With some,the root of the problem with their anger is pride. Anger was one of my problems.God took most of my anger away when I got saved and gave me a loving spirit.But every once in a while,my temper would rise up.The Lord showed me it was my pride that was the problem.I prayed to God that he would make me more humble.It was at times a hard and painful process. I’m not perfect but I control my tember now,it doesn’t control me.The Lord gets all the credit. PRAISE THE LORD!

  5. There are so many things Christians deal with and strive to overcome. I wonder if those things get more manifest the closer we get to God.

    I think things got harder for Jesus the closer he got to the cross and to death.

    The apostle Paul talked about how he willingly wanted to partake of the Lord’s sufferings, almost as if he desired them.

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