1. Dr. Brown,

    I believe you were empowered by the Ruach hakodesh during the debate. It was a blessing to be able to see you defend the truth of G-d’s sovereignty and love for humanity. I’ve always seen free will as a manifestation of love from G-d, moreover, and as you mentioned it during the debate, It is only under free will that one can truly come to love the Lord (Even though He chose us before we were drawn to Him). Sometimes i wonder if the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had not been placed in the garden,maybe men would have never fallen, and therefore, experience the brokenness and suffering that comes from sin. Or maybe, had the enemy been judged and destroyed before he could come in contact with humans, the fall would’ve never taken place. But like you said, many things we don’t understand now. But I know G-d does everything perfect and He does not make mistakes. I believe Yeshua will one day bring everything to complete clarity. Ultimately, we know G-d has shown us His love through the death and resurrection of Yeshua. And today we can hold on to the hope that one day we will see Him come to reign and put and end to suffering. I can’t wait! Thank you for letting Adonai use you!

  2. I’m reminded of some of the things from the book of James.
    I would rather learn one verse of it and do it than to learn a lot more and leave it undone.

  3. but the question about suffereing doesnt make sense if u leave God out! thats what i understand when Ravi Zacharias said : as i understood him “as we suffer we find that there is good and evil and if there is good and evil there is moral law if there is moral law there is moral law giver but if u dont believe in moral law giver question about suffering doesnt make sense” but if you believe in God that question clears up when we look at cross and how much God suffered there!

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