1. Wow, amazing.. How does a religious Jew respond normally to this? I wonder if you could post links to quotes of those rabbi’s or did you say that they were in your books answering Jewish objections?

    Thanks, God bless!

  2. Great program.Eye opening.Jewish people can be saved with that information.I sure did learn alot from it.You have a great ministry.I’ll be praying.God Bless You.

  3. DR Brown,

    Do you think that there is any connection between the words of Caiaphas, John 11:50 HCSB “You’re not considering that it is to your advantage that one man should die for the people rather than the whole nation perish.” with this rabbinical understanding of the atoning death of the righteous or is it just fear of loosing their nation to Rome because of Jesus teaching and growing following among the people (John 11:48)?

    I have always understood it as the latter as the commentaries I’ve checked do as well.


    Bob B

  4. Great week of programming DB. The show is honestly getting better and better. (of course it’s starting point was many DJ’s finish line. 🙂 I appreciate the information on Isaac’s role in Jewish tradition. I’ve been carrying a song around for a few years now that I wrote after graduation. The Lord showing me that a part of Isaac did die on the altar and when he walked away from that experience he was a changed man. How we need to lay our lives on the altar and trust whatever is of him he will “hold back the knife” to preserve. Thank you again for staying true to yourself and convictions. I pray my generation hears the broadcast and learns to die… so they might truly live.

  5. I was going through a teaching on sacrifice and this point was part 2 of the entire program. It is good to know that the bible contains these nuggets of truth! It validates my earnest study of scripture.

  6. Hey folks,

    I would exercise extreme caution in trying to study Zohar (Kabbalah) unless you have years of serious study of rabbinic literature in the original languages. The type of Kabbalah that folks like Madonna are into bears virtually no resemblance to the real thing, which is really quite esoteric. We won’t be getting into an extensive discussion of Kabbalah on this thread, but if you need a basic introduction for the uninitiated, you can always read something like http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Idiots-Guide-Kabbalah/dp/1592575420/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1270568538&sr=8-2 or this: http://www.amazon.com/Kabbalah-Dummies-Arthur-Kurzweil/dp/0471915904/ref=pd_bxgy_b_text_b.

  7. Thank you for “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Kabbalah” and “Kabbalah For Dummies” ….

    I’ll take your advise though and study some rabbinic literature first. I am assuming your series of answering Jewish objections covers a lot of that.

  8. Dr. Brown do you ever bring up this point about the atoning power of the death of the righteous in Jewish tradition in debates with rabbi’s?

    Personally I think it’s very persuasive and would definitely plant seeds in the Jewish audience.

  9. Ok great, I will have to check that out, I am listening to your dialog/debate with Rabbi Singer on Sid Roth’s radio show, it is great.

  10. 1.The fact that issac agreed to give up his life was only because there was a direct commandment by g-d to Abraham to sacrifice his son. In any other instance it is absolutely forbidden for one to give himself up as a sacrifice.

    2.The verse that tells us that the death of the high priest atoned for the murder should be the GREATEST proof that the death of the righteous atone for unintentional sins ONLY.

    3. what good does it do for you that the rabinic traditions believe in the death of the righteous when you scoff at their teachings?They didn’t even believe in Jesus! So why in the world would a christian get excited that a jew partially agrees with them? Iv’e never seen a jew get excited when a christian comlpletely agrees with them. It’s like Sam Harris provinf evolution from the Talmud.

  11. Zvi,

    You really need to listen and understand before you comment. It would save you so much trouble! As I stated on the program and in vol. 2 of my series (which you have, since we sent it to you as a gift).

    This is a redemptive analogy and such analogies can be placed there by God even in pagan religions. How much more in Judaism!

    Anyway, you never asked my question, despite my asking you numerous times and inviting you to write to me privately. So, here we go again: Since we sent you all the books as promised, I would think that you could be enough of a mensch to answer directly: How old are you? It’s helpful for me to know if I’m dealing with yeshiva guy or with an older family man with many more years of life experience.

  12. Hey folks,

    Just a word of introduction for our friend Zvi. He is an Orthodox Jew (who refuses, however, to disclose his age) who is totally hostile to faith in Jesus (specifically for Jews) and comes into this forum only with the purpose of trying to disprove our beliefs. To date, despite multiplied hundreds of posts, he shows no desire to hear the truth at all but rather only to argue his points.

    We still welcome him hear, as long as he abides by the rules, but I encourage you not to waste too much time interacting with him but rather to pray for his salvation. God has turned the hearts of many others like Zvi through the years, and I’m confident God can do it again!

    Just FYI!

  13. Thx for the note Dr. Brown, on the topic of Jewish people coming to Jesus, have you heard of Rabbi Simcha Pearlmutter? He was a Orthodox Rabbi who taught in Israel, still lives in Israel and now a believer in Jesus.

    If you have not heard of him, he has videos on YouTube. Interestingly on his first video, on the side where it gives you recommended videos or similar videos there is a video of you that is titled “A Jew exposes the Truth about Jesus Christ”.

  14. Dr. Brown,

    Iv’e sent you a private email a long while back regarding my age! Besides what difference does it make does my age affect the arguments about? And whats all this about learning the truth? A debate is a discussion between 2 parties who are trying to reach the truth. Why do you always begin with “I have the truth”?I’t’s very nice that you believe so,but with regards to a debate it has no meaning for that is the very issue we are trying to figure out. And I stated to you very clearly that I’m not here to reconsile the answers to my arguments, with jesus but rather to work it out with the truth. You believe the truth is something else, thats fine but there are others who disagree. I also questioned you based on your book as I cited page numbers with direct challenges, and your reponse was “You are here to argue,not to learn”. Imagine a lawyer responding to his opponent by saying ” You are only here to argue”!You kept saying read my book……so I did! The result….. no response just attacks.

  15. If for some odd reason it will help you respond to my direct challenges, my age is 30 years old, married with children.

  16. Zvi,

    Sorry, but I never received the email. Thanks for posting the information here, and yes, it is helpful.

    As for my responses to your posts, just remember the purpose of this forum and note that I don’t respond to the vast majority of people posting, because of time constraints. And it’s only right for me to let folks here know why you are posting. Again, when I do have time to open up the Real Messiah site for debates, when your challenges will be perfectly appropriate there.

    Lastly, when you raise an objection as if you didn’t read my books — meaning, you can differ with my position, but at least you understand it, but in your case, you raise an objection as if you didn’t understand my point — then we’re just going around in circles, with no possible progress, hence my replies.

    May God’s love and truth touch you!

  17. Zvi,

    One more thing for you to think about. Let’s see there was an online forum for the local yeshivah where you were discussing Shas or Shulchan Arukh, and I came on to prove that your traditions were false and that Yeshua was our Messiah. Would I even be allowed to post there? And would the rosh yeshivah get personally involved to answer all my challenges and charges?

    WeHaMaskil yavin.

  18. One thing that I want to point out is that this show is constantly debating different viewpoints and denominations including those of the jewish faith,whereas in the yeshivah we are way passed that point we only debate the laws of the talmud and so forth,so naturally we dont welcome other faiths to join the torah discussion.

  19. Zvi, way passed that point? Refusing to debate other subjects is being way passed debating them? I would hope that you’re not serious, but I realize you are. Again, a sad testimony.

  20. I never said “we refuse to debate” you’re putting words in my mouth,all I said was that the function of a yeshiva is to study talmud and the likes therefore religion is not the topic of discussion since the torah tells us to study it in depth. There are plenty of orthodox jews that have no problem debating religion(like Tovia singer). My point was, that the yeshiva analogy was off mark since this program entails this kind of talk and debates, whereas a yeshiva deals with an entirely different area.

  21. So Zvi, you are here to prove that Yahshua is not the Messiah – that in itself absolutley goes beyond the scope of this forum. You are the only one doing this here! The right address for you to do this would be http://realmessiah.askdrbrown.org/ – you know its kind of ridiculous to even reply to your postings here. Why Dr. Brown still lets you do this in this kind of setting I don’t know – I guess he has a lot of patience… You are not interested in dialogue obviously. I guess you still have not read the New Testament, an absolutely Jewish book, because some Rabbi has told you not to read it – well, here is the right answer for you:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3eRHcImDr0 Shalom!

  22. I only came here to post a comment, but I got distracted by the discourse between Zvi and Dr. Brown. I don’t have much to add, but I wanted to comment on Zvi’s question:

    “So why in the world would a christian get excited that a jew partially agrees with them?”

    I can only speak for myself, of course. It’s obvious that I’m not a Jew. It is often obvious when someone is Jewish. They write differently. They understand God in ways I just can’t. I listen intently to them. I pray for them and Israel. Why? Well, my Lord was Jewish. They are His people. He loves them and I know it pleases Him when I do.

    I live in Canada, but I was raised with many Italian traditions. When someone outside my family uses the same dialect I do, I am fascinated. There’s a connection between us that is deeper than an ‘outsider’ could ever understand.

    In Revelation 19:16, there’s a reference to the name “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS” being written on His thigh. I’ve heard that this is similar(?) to a Jewish tradition. That fascinates me all the more. This is my King, whom I adore… and I am the outsider. I can’t help but be enthralled by Judaism.

  23. Zvi,

    Thanks for your clarification. Obviously, the fact that you claimed that the yeshivah was “way passed” those debates was confusing. So then, what did you mean by that statement?

    Also, for the sake of other readers, I am not excited when “a jew partially agrees with” me. I simply point to Jewish thought that is in harmony with God’s revelation in Yeshua to help a Jewish person see the truth.

  24. Ah, no… it saddens me greatly when a Jew doesn’t believe Jesus is the Messiah. It does ‘wow’ me, though, to learn of Jewish traditions/beliefs that are in keeping with who He is and what He’s done.

  25. Dr. Brown,

    when I say that we are “way passed”, I mean that since we jews have a tradition from father to son all the way back up to sinaii,there are even jews that can trace their lineage all the way to adam,and the Oral law is part of it,therefore we dont question it. Besides,the primary obligation of our faith is to study,not to debate. although there are Yeshivot that are designed for those who are still unsure as to where they are headed as far as religion is concerned. The same way be all believe in the written law,we also believe in the oral law.

  26. Just for clarification on my part: I had long discussions with Zvi before here on the Line of Fire – hence my rathere harsh comment above. No Zvi, I don’t want to convert you to anything – I just think that you are not serious – that’s it.

    To Marcella: I don’t think it is correct that you feel you are “outside” – nor did Yeshua ever come to make some people feel that they are “an outsider”.

    In Revelation 22:16 Yeshua says:

    “I am THE ROOT and the offspring of David; the Bright and Morning Star.”

    In Romans 11:17-24 Paul / Shaul compares the followers of Yeshua to THE BRANCHES of the Olive Tree – natural ones and grafted ones.

    Now if we have the same root, we CANNOT be outsiders!! There is only ONE Root and ONE Tree, not two roots and two trees!!

    So why do Christians still feel that they are outsiders and not part of Yeshua’s real identity? Because they follow Constantine’s teachings and not Yeshua’s teachings!

    Constantine’s doctrine makes people outsiders of the “Commonwealth of Israel” (see Ephesians 2:12!).

    Yeshua abolishes the hostility of our flesh against His Law (Ephesians 2:15) and writes it into our hearts (see Jeremiah 31:33 – the Renewed Covenant)

    So it is really time to ask ourselves: Whom do we want to follow:
    Constantine OR Yeshua?? Who is our Real Root?

    Why are you intrigued by the Hebrew Roots of your faith, Marcella? Because Yeshua wants you to become FULL part of Him – not only in some cases, but truly in everything! That’s why Yeshua explains in John 6:51-58 that we are to eat His flesh and drink His blood. We should “BE” Him – be transformed into His image (2. Corinthians 3:18) with our whole being and identity!!!

  27. Erika,

    Thanks for the references. I don’t think I do feel like an outsider exactly, but I know there are customs I can’t relate to. Ultimately, I don’t think traditions are all that important, but I know that shared traditions can make two people who are otherwise strangers, somewhat familiar. But then, shared traditions wouldn’t make me feel closer to another Canadian. Perhaps that’s TOO familiar to notice. I dunno. Maybe I stand alone in my earlier comment to Zvi. 😐

  28. Hi Marcella, no, I don’t think that you stand alone with your earlier comment to Zvi. I think you are one of millions of other Christians who are exactly were you are right now.

    This situation is like standing in the middle of nowhere! Yeshua wants you to become a fuller part of Him – but your traditions tell you something else. They don’t agree with this calling.

    In this kind of situation it is ABSOLUTELY essential to turn the corner and finally seperate Constantine & Co form Yeshua!!! If that will not happen, you could possibly decide sometime in the future to just convert to Judaism – and if your calling is strong enough, you will finally deny Yeshua – the very one that has put this desire within you to come closer to Him – the Real Root!!

    It is very irresponsible from Christians, Jews and Messianic Jews to drive people like you and myself in this direction!

  29. Erika, I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. For a very long time, I’ve refused to associate myself with any denomination. My faith is in Jesus Christ. Through Him, I know the Father. Religion is man-made and bound to be flawed. Of course, I make mistakes as well, and I look to God for correction.

  30. Marcella, maybe the time will come when you will understand my posts. I just tried to explain my first sentence to you. Do you agree that in reality there is only ONE body of Messiah? If yes, then you should not feel to be outside of it!!

    Do you understand what I meant with the “Two Tree Theory”? You said: “This is my King, whom I adore… and I am the outsider. I can’t help but be enthralled by Judaism.”

    This is the “Two Tree Theory”, and it is rooted in Constantine, Marcion & Co. Have you begun to differentiate between Constantine and Yeshua? Today Constantine’s teachings are touted to us as Yeshua’s teachings. Are you aware of that??

    If you are not aware of that, you will either be satisfied with being an outsider, or you will make the switch to Judaism. Both ways are VERY dangerous.

  31. Marcella, not that it is wrong to be enthralled by Judaism – you just need to understand that Yeshua today still IS a Jew – and He is the reason for your feelings. So if you are a part of Him, you are NOT outside!!

    But if you still feel to be outside, it is because you have ingested Constantine instead of Yeshua 🙂 even without knowing it, since Constantine’s teachings are touted to us as Yeshua’s teachings today. Well, actually this is not so much smiley, but I hope it helps 🙂

  32. Have I begun to differentiate between Constantine and Yeshua? Hmmm… I think so. I only say I think because I’ve never really questioned it. I was raised Catholic and I still come across beliefs/sayings that I am just realising aren’t Scriptural at all, but it doesn’t affect me terribly because, although I am very familiar with certain traditions, I don’t live by any of them. I only strive to live by God’s Word. Do I know we are one in Christ? Yes. I’ve not heard the term ‘Two Tree Theory’ before, but I don’t consider myself separate from Christ at all. I am separate from those who don’t believe He is God.

  33. That is good. So continue to believe that Yeshua is YHWH, and also don’t forget that there is only ONE Tree – ONE Body of Messiah – and that its Root is NOT Constantine 🙂

    If you believe this, you will begin to face a lot of problems from all different sides – but never give up, just endure 🙂

    There is this movement that is called by some “The Two House Movement”, and they are actually working for the reconciliation of the two torn apart pieces of this ONE Tree according to Ezekiel 37:19

  34. I have been intrigued by this subject for some time now. Is this in book form? If so how can I obtain a copy?



  35. What do you mean by URLs, Jabez, and what is a post of reference? Sorry, but English is not my mother’s language. If you want me to link you to materials, then please be clear on what topic, please. Thank you.

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