1. Yes, there is a bit of unintended (to put the best construction) boasting when someone says “I hold to the doctrines of grace”.

    Meaning, the rest of you lot don’t since you are non-Calvinists.

    I like to reply “The Cross is my theology” (quoting Bugenhagen, Luther’s contemporary).


  2. Dr. Brown:

    (I haven’t listened to the most recent debate but I did listen to part 1 of the debate Dr. White and you had on your show. I hope to listen to all of them soon.)
    Concerning the exegetical method…. it sounds as if you use the historical-grammatical method, no? Isn’t that the method taught at FIRE School and most conservative Arminian Protestant Bible schools? What is the name of the method that Dr. White uses? What method did John Calvin use?
    Jewish/early-Church Method – What is the traditional method used by Rabbis? Early Church Fathers?
    Eschatology – It seems that Amillenialists and Preterists use something other than a literal method of interpretation. Taking prophecy as very spiritualized and metaphorical. What is this method called? The Augustinian method? (Reading Dr. B. Horner and Dr. J. Walvrood on some of this….)
    Recently read much of your ‘What do Jews Think…’ Love it!
    Look forward to reading your commentary on Jeremiah and some day all the volumes of Objections.

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