1. For Israel to become more than a historically Zionist politically idealistic nation, the Holy Spirit is involved in his recent visitation–in making Israel the Israel of God. It was encouraging to hear of local assemlies of believers for worship, as Jesus did so, outdoors, en mass, drawing together. Eye opening too was the deliverance of “a whole village” due to a released demonized former Hamass member losing his related hatred and murderous heart. The Good News is still the power of the Ages for the Jew first and the Greek also!

    As for the Temple, perhaps when the EU advances its division of the Land recent position to insistence, Israel may look less to foreign aid and Gentile alliance approval to be authentically Israel. I am reminded of all the believers in the former Soviet Union praying for many years prior to a sudden active fulfillment of those petitions and the related spiritual warfare. It is not wishful regard to ask the Father for the fulfillments to come to pass, to bring the return nearer to current days and life. (Acts 3:21 is still in the front of realization of promises related to past and new covenants).

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