1. That was a very useful interview. i learned a lot I never knew before. The last minute about the love of Jesus really touched my heart.
    One question: I heard recently from a historical scholar who contacted many scholars personally over the world, and found that there is not a serious ancient history scholar who does not believe in the historical Jesus, and perhaps even in the resurrection. However, the Gospels are not just a historical account, they are the Word of God. I would have liked to hear why we can treat the gospels as the Word of God, which requires more than just a reasonable correspondence to historical truth.

  2. Dr. Brown,

    Just wanted to say thank you for having Prof. Craig Keener on the show. I found the show very helpful and interesting. I would like to read his work.

  3. Dr Brown, I listened to the show last night. Craig Keener is so refreshing to hear — a man of awe-inspiring intellect who is warm and enthusiastic, not only about the facts of ancient times, but the work of God in today’s world. He is also a great communicator, because he explains things simply with skilful use of anecdotes. This is a sign of genuine intelligence.

    But the best thing, the best thing, is the way that in the middle of all the erudite academic info, he’ll suddenly tell the most amazing story of Jesus’ love, with such quiet intensity. I love it when that happens.

  4. I’ve ordered his book and eagerly await its arrival! Someone I’d love to hear more from on your show…

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